Treatment of headache caused by wind and cold in Chinese Medicine

Treatment of headache caused by wind and cold We can push our Yintang From Yintang to Shang Xin point Then push from Jinzhu Point to Taiyang Point Our approach The object of its clinical application is often caused by wind and cold. The vertigo caused has certain effect. If the patient has cervical spondylosis himself We can rub our palms hot. The palms were rubbed hot. Our palms,Laogong Point Aiming at Dazhui Point This Dazhui Point is right in our back. Thoracic spine is immovable. You can touch this vertebral body and call it the thoracic vertebral acupoint if you can’t hold it. Otherwise it is called cervical vertebra Dazhui point is just between the seventh cervical vertebra and the first thoracic vertebra. Dazhui acupoint Then press it with your palm. Your vertigo can be alleviated This is our method of external treatment. Of course, if you want to use traditional Chinese medicine If you feel the cold, you can use Jiuweiqianghuo pill. This finished medicine is more effective. Eat one-half of it at a time, not all of it. What’s another way? Apply ginger to some of our acupoints After slicing ginger, stick it on the temple Stick on Fengchi and Fengfu Points In the countryside, some people put ginger on acupoints. Then put a towel around your forehead. That makes sense. You know it’s the vertigo caused by the wind and cold That’s inside our bodies. Vertigo caused by age, insufficient blood and insufficient blood to support our head So this disease is a medical disease. if lightly We can eat Tianma pills or Zhengtian pills These can be alleviated. But if it’s serious you have to go to the hospital to find internal reasons. If it’s a cervical spine problem we need to find a way to treat the cervical spine. If it is caused by ischemia traditional Chinese medicine can use Diguipi Pill. This method of nourishing blood can be done with Qiju Dihuang pill. Because Chinese medicine says that all wind and dizziness belong to the liver. For nourishing liver and kidney Qiju Dihuang Pill is a very good method. So if the combination of internal and external use the effect is also very good. If it is caused by internal injury can it be treated? That’s how we treat it. You can use 15 grams of Evodia rutaecarpa After beating it into flour add sesame oil and mix it into mud. Yongquan Point at Our Foot Where is Yongquan Point? It’s not one-half of the sole of our feet but one-half of the transverse lines of the thumb of the sole of our feet. Yongquan point The vertigo caused by internal injury can be treated by applying the medicine mud on this acupoint. Of course, Western medicine has a disease called Meniel’s syndrome. At this time, it is necessary to go to the Department of five senses to make a definite diagnosis. It’s inside the ear. There’s a problem in the internal auditory nerve. So you have to check it out. Meniere’s syndrome can’t be described as vertigo. If it’s Meniel’s syndrome Chinese medicine has a prescription for treatment. In traditional Chinese medicine you can use Schisandra chinensis Angelica sinensis Longyan Gastrodia elata and Uncaria uncaria. These simple medicines boil up It’s also very effective for Meniere’s syndrome. Of course, in such cases we should also protect our bodies. Be sure to go to bed early and get up late in winter Because it’s cold in the morning. Now, of course, we have to go to work. That’s another matter. Protect our bodies in the morning and go to bed early in the evening. Don’t stay up late, it will hurt the Yin. Once staying up late and hurting yin it is easy to cause vertigo.

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