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  1. 3rd wave feminism and the left are systematically destroying the nuclear family…men no longer have a long term goal to provide for their families, so they either go mgtow or r driven into poverty which often results in them being more violent or suicidal…it's that plain and simple

  2. America has forgotten the God that blessed them , all of the blessings and cursings are stated in the bible ,for those that keep Gods commandments or those that abhor Gods commandments , and America is a house divided ,and Christ said a house divided will not stand .

  3. There are oppressed woman around the world for sure but feminist dont do much about that they want to castrate American man instead.

  4. Hopefully feminism brings equality, then they can commit suicide, die at wok and in battle at same rate, lets do it girls, glorious!

  5. The only responsibility a American male taxpayer has to society is his taxable income and whatever charitable organizations he chooses to contribute to,under the Constitution,the problem is the Constitution is a abstract concept,a piece of paper that is easily ignored.I spent the best years of my working life extricating myself from a government. program that I never wanted to be in ,in the first place,and by law,am not obligated to serve in.Yes the program was very productive and excellent,except one thing was left out,no compensation for services rendered and the fact that it violated at least two of my Constitutional amendment rights,but isn't that the point? To get people to work for free?

  6. Tucker I used to like you but a mens right activist who is a woman was interviewed by you and brought up all these negative stats you dismissed her and said these men need to man up! That attitude is the problem. The world today, work place and education are against men and instead likes to lie about how bad women have it. It's the other way round for fucks sake. The fact your wife can have kids by another man the take you to the cleaners in court and make you pay for kids that aren't yours is disgusting and the fact that governments and courts in the western world dont address it is a real travesty.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful insight. I have felt this of which you speak for a long time. I knew it wasn't me alone and I'm so happy that I now have proof I'm not crazy.

  8. Hey Tucker …why don't you start looking at and investigating all the estrogen compounds Big Pharma is putting in our food.
    Then start looking at the effects of Estrogen Compound BIRTH CONTROL PILLS on male fetuses in the womb.
    You may also find these things are one of the root causes for gender confusion in our country today.

  9. Believe it or not,as some of the same rebellion against godliness & virtue which brought total devastation to nations & civilizations,is still producing the causes for the failing hearts of males! First,JESUS laid it all out clearly in Luke 21:26; fulfilling what was planning expressed in Jeremiah 51:29(in a time of earthquakes!),when & where there is RUSHING CONFUSION; 30= mighty men of BABYLON…,their might has failed;they BECAME AS WOMEN-not holding & honoring THE CREATOR-again as written in Romans 1:21,25,28- they did not like to retain GOD in their knowledge,THE ONE to Whom we belong-our Source-Support,gave them over,gave them up to to foolish ignoring hearts,changing The Truth into a lie,dishonoring their own bodies leaving the natural use without natural affection,haters of GOD,lovers of pleasures more,lovers of their own selves,heady,high-minded,poisoned with PRIDE-which allways falls,fails! Yet,there is hope still- Think again differently,be saved-freed from this untoward generation,be converted as little children! HalleluYah!
    All thankfulness to THE LORDGOD of equality;Holy,Just,righteous & true!!!

  10. Men have move the creator out of their lives and allow Eve and Jesibel to take over!
    Man is the head of the woman not the other way around.

  11. The wage gap exists in specific professions because in many instances, some women (not all) will negotiate lower contracts for higher positions underbidding male competition to gain status. It is a really intelligent tactic toward climbing the economic ladder. People have been doing it for years, sometimes males will gain the position off of their higher bids by expressing higher qualifications for business potential, but that is rapidly declining as many women are gaining more of these qualifications through educational accesses, as the college drop out rates and expulsion rates for males increases more and more. It is a grey matter, some women do a really intelligent thing in underbidding competition to gain status faster, and men have yet to tit-for-tat this strategy in order to do so, and it would not work all of the time because affirmative action places women as a protective class, saying that even if a male underbids her for position, if she is equally qualified, to give the male job is by the legal sense, an act of discrimination, and for her being equally qualified, if the company falls under affirmative action policies, it is illegal to give a male a job that an equally qualified woman is also aiming for, meaning under that policy, they can now finally ask for more and not be underbid except by others with protect class dominance in certain work force areas, such as government agencies.

  12. "The spirit of Man has awakened. The soul of Man has drawn forth.

    Grant us the wisdom and the vision to comprehend the greatness of Man's spirit, that suffers and endures so hugely for a goal beyond his own brief span.

    We are all of us, children of Earth. Grant us that simple knowledge.

    If our brothers are oppressed, then we are oppressed. If they hunger, we hunger.

    If their freedom is taken away, our freedom is not secure.

    Grant us a common faith, that man shall know bread and peace.

    That he shall know justice and righteousness, freedom and security, an equal opportunity and an equal chance to do his best, not only in our own lands but throughout the world.

    And in that faith, let us march, march toward the clean world, our hands can make. Amen." —

    Prayer broadcasted by U.S. President FDR during the early entry into WW2

  13. This is crazy to me b/c I never thought about it….Im transferring to another college but I'm still in school. I do have my own studio apt & job…. none of my male cousins can hold down a job including two out of five of my brothers and only 2 out of 5 of my brothers have their own place……I didn't even look at it like that until now.

  14. 6:14 "And yet the media ignore that story"

    6:30 "we did find a study on pubic hair grooming prevalence and motivation among women in the U.S."

    True to form!

  15. Well one thing for sure hasn't changed over the decades…99% of women are still whores!
    They definitely hold that title!

  16. Maybe those men are tired of being told by men like you to man up and take responsibility for sumbitch. Maybe that's part of it.

  17. Truly amazing video. Thank you Tucker for being so bold and for speaking the truth in the face of popular culture that is going to hell in a hand basket.

  18. I was really hoping that I would be dead by the time the world got to this. I would never have thought of how it could happen so swiftly.

  19. Well, most guys have just let it happen. I've been watching this happen for many years, and it sickens me.  I see male comics using the "happy wife, happy life" mantra, I also see this played out in movies, and everyday life.  It confuses me how so many people can be surprised by this.

  20. Men were allowed and did man things. It was a fight to be the best. Men tried their hardest to keep up. Men had to be physical and being physical makes more testosterone. Men are not allowed to be men anymore and many have lost their purpose. The old saying ‘use it or loose it’ is exactly what is happening. Anything in nature, that has no purpose will just die off and this includes men being men. The end.

  21. its the fluoride and vaccines too much soy and the lack iodine in our food …notice all these affect males not females? …females seem to be immune …seems this is by design …you dont suppose its part of their plan?

  22. Yah it is… It's the Illegal immigrants steeling all our opportunities and our Government has done nothing!
    Trump is our only hope!

  23. New World Order and their leftest puppets are killing men with covert electronic harassment technology. Most people don’t know what it is and don’t know it’s being done to them. NWO’s process for population reduction.

  24. It's a self correcting problem. There will be horrific acts of violence and destruction in the near future. Already prisons are being shuttered not for lack of business, but for costs. There will be an accounting one day soon.

  25. Boys have been de-boyed since the 80s. And 'feminism' has long, LONG gone beyond just talking about being equal to actually downgrading and denigrating men. Boys are told they must suppress their 'boy' feelings of aggression. Aggression is NOT a bad thing. The hyperactivity and such would not be so prevalent if boys were still allowed to release their NATURAL AGGRESSION through play and YES, sometimes some fistfights. This does not mean that teachers and parents should not keep proper eyes on boys, but ALL KIDS, actually, have natural aggression that needs to be 'played' out…but boys, in particular, have been deliberately squelched. This is mental abuse. Get used to it…more young men going off the rails, if we don't return to a more balanced view of boys.

  26. I think it's great news for other countries. Women will talk and argue but when it comes to fight they will surrender. Men from other countries will eat up America. No wonder they are blocking people in immigration. Because deep down they know they are now not Great America fearless of any immigrants.

  27. I was in my twenties when the rot of feminism took hold in the Western nations. Men with balls (not the simping, mangina, spineless fucks, or feminist Men) back then were telling women there'd come a day when Men would no longer see them as valued and worthwhile companions, or worthy life pursuits, and they all laughed and waived it off. Today, we are there, and whether you are MGTOW or not, if you are a Man, you no longer look at women with rose colored glasses. You look at them as toxic, dangerous, treasonous, angry, bitter, selfish, and hateful, and someone who can ruin your life on an emotional whim. Women won't change, but Men ARE changing…to only serve themselves.

  28. There are two rolls, a mans roll and a women’s roll. Since women took the mans roll. A man has no place in this society. And if men fight to keep that roll the women leave, collect child support and tell you to go to hell
    Divorce should be illegal unless you can prove abuse. Kids lives are destroyed because of this feminist movement. If a women disagrees in the feminist movement she is rare and is rediculed my the majority.
    The most important job on this earth is being a mother. Since that mentality is gone we are doomed and destined to fail.

  29. You can’t ignore the fact that video games are affecting these kids. They have completely lost the sense of reality.

  30. This is really simple to correct…get our lives back to serving and loving the Creator of ALL THINGS…our Nations God (Jehovah) and stop thinking “we” are what we are not…smarter than He is…DUGH!

  31. Welcome to a feminist America. We will become MEXICO in 40 years. I hope the females enjoy the crap world they are creating.

  32. men of production. put down your tools. walk away from your boarders. let them give their little girls for their freedom. no more should we protect this parasites. turn of the lights. stop the oil flow. remove the plumbing. stop all construction. leave it all to them. and make anew in another country. no more.. stop giving them our lives.

  33. Let's raise taxes over 90%….. Why aren't people working?

    Let's drive men off campus….. Why don't more men get a degree?

    Let's call every male a rapist….. Why won't you date me?

    Let's put all the fathers in jail……. Why won't you pay child support?

    Let's take 50% of a mans assets…… Why wont you marry me?

    Let's blame men for everything…… Why won't men do anything???

  34. One way on how to fix it, is to move out to a third world country. This so called develop world,starting with feminism has mess Men up big time…and maybe to late now.

  35. Thanks Tucker

    I don't feel I've failed but I sure see a lot this is not fair. Just look at the new hires in healthcare where I work I started putting all the new hire emails into a folder in the last 12 months there were 33 new hires, doctors PA's etc. Professional level hires only one was a white male. The rest we immigrants from India and or women. 7 were male out of 33. Two girls that were dieticians were given special schooling and are now PA (physician Assistant). Another lady I knew was a house keeper and was helped into a program for pharmacy technician. Not one of these training programs has been offered to a male in the 20 years I have worked there. Mangers and supervisor are about 90 percent women. It is very sad and when men don't get ahead their wives leave them and take the kids. Everyone of these women think the guy has to make 5 times what they do, their money is their money and his money is their money too. House are always decorated to the females taste. I have even seen where the women want to organize and or decorate the garage. The guy can't even have one space. I really can see why suicide rates are so high. We can't act like men, or we will be accused of being abusive. We can't say we are hurting or we will be accused of being a baby or a wimp. We can't make any attempts at securing our own happiness or we will be threatened with divorce. I will shut up now, I hope people like Tucker keep talking about this and help men.

  36. So…..why do WE MEN continually hear about the disadvantages of being a female ? Hmmmm ! Perhaphs this is why so many boys today want to become girls tomorrow.

  37. Ok, so 37k likes, 2.4k dislikes? Is this a fair representation of the feminazis out there? 6% of the populus. Interesting.

  38. We get blamed for everything and still expected to clean up everyone else's mess. Of course men in this country are depressed, but the Liberals only care about votes not statistics or facts.

  39. America cannot last. It's a dead country. And the Left killed it.

    And now they are doing the same to our President. In slow motion.

  40. You would almost think that it has somehow been orchestrated by some people who have some kind of agenda. I was looking through mens cloths in a nice department store and almost 80 or 90 percent was leaning toward feminine style and color

  41. Whatever he covered in this video. there is just one main reason for this crisis, and it is a crisis.
    America NEEDS to know what the reason is, and has even MORE need to SOLVE the problem.
    But we won't.
    I'm tired of saying why this crisis exists. No one listens. And the reason no one knows what is wrong with men is the very same that no one listens to those who still have brains in their heads and know the reason why.
    Also the reason this crisis will exacerbate without check to the point that ALL of humanity, BOTH genders, will despair.

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