UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Full Length)

[MUSIC PLAYING] -10 years ago, Shaun Smith was
fighting a war against a rival drug gang. To win, he introduced urban
terrorism to the British underworld. Victims were firebombed with
homemade napalm, attacked with grenades, and sprayed up
with machine guns. In retaliation, his enemies
tried to blow Shaun up with a car bomb, the biggest explosion
on mainland Britain between the fall of
the IRA in ’77. Shaun Smith was known
as an enforcer. Today, after five years in
prison, he is trying to modify those skills by working as a
debt collector in the straight [INAUDIBLE] economy. -I only do it with
a fucking smile. -Often Shaun’s debts fall into
the gray area between the legitimate economy and the
underworld, a lucrative market potentially worth 150
billion in Britian. This is a typical debt for
Shaun, a dispute between a businessman and a gangster
over 300,000 pounds. To recover the debt, Shaun has
brought backup and a dog unit. But just in case things gets
out of control, off camera there is a notorious gangster
with a history of firearms and extreme violence. -Sexual abuse is an unspeakable
taboo in the underworld. However, male rape is commonly
used as a weapon by gangsters to enforce a debt. This is a less well known form
of underworld violence, which acts as a powerful propaganda
tool, over and above the physical and mental suffering
it causes. -The lads know they’ve got off
lightly with a telling off, because a slap is nothing
compared to the extremist tendencies Shaun was capable
of in the past. -Shaun Smith was an extremist
who specialized in spreading terror for no rational gain. But the hidden costs of
this guerrilla war haunts him to this day. -Since filming this, Shaun hit
the jackpot, landing the biggest deal of his career,
a one million pound debt in Portugal. Payoff was a much needed
all-expenses holiday in the sun. After all, going straight hadn’t
turned out to be the quiet life he’d once
dreamt of. Nat is still working
with his brother. He’s clean, and no longer
self-harming. He’s also busy training for his
pro boxing comeback, his last shot at the title. Tony is still on the run. His family fears if he comes
back, he may go on the missing list forever. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Im sorry, I’m somewhat retarded. I don’t understand what’s happening or why it’s happening. Can someone explain please?

  2. These people are a definition of 'human waste'.

    Hired by another representatives of 'human waste', to collect from 'human waste'.

    If they really had any officially issued permission to perform debt collection, idiot who signed it, should be put in jail instantly.

  3. Good job on the gun control uk you really fixed that problem!!! Now the bad guys have all the guns and innocent people have no way to protect themselves

  4. Hey Shaun. Just get a job like every fucker else. You aint a man no matter how hard you are. Your a fucking looser that took the easy path to money. End of.

  5. Pure sociopath. Doesn’t care, manipulative, fearless, no remorse controlling, greedy, arrogant.

    Dangerous person to be around.

  6. So! photographers using cameras or video recording equipment are being challenged, detained and maybe arrested for exercising the right to record from any public
    space, but a convicted criminal can become a debt collector!!!, what a sad and sorry place Britain has become……I saw what was happening in the 50's and early 60's
    and I left to live in Australia…I also was a licensed debt collector…Security agent…Private inquiry agent here in Australia and in all of my dealings as a debt collector
    I never came on as a heavy or make threats of any kind whatsoever, and I only ever had one case referred to the local court, all other debts were re-negotiated and
    cleared to the satisfaction of both parties.

  7. Damn one of those bodybuilding guys fell to his death

  8. I’m sorry but he’s just a thug. There’s fuck all scary about this guy. Let Buakaw shout at you and hold pads for him.. that shit is scary. This guy is just a plank.

  9. 19:42 this is how you know how badass this guy is. He slap that huge dude in the face and he’s scared shitless. Damn

  10. Theres sociopaths like Shaun in every city, in every country if you're in and around this stuff. Not the debt collecting part, but the part where some older dude with connections and past glory just run things, thats respected or feared by the younger generations who grew up hearing about them.

  11. I see a lot of troubled men here. Sensitivity is it own strength. No amount of muscles can make you strong enough to face your own emotions.

  12. With all the times ive seen this video suggested to me over the years, im shocked theyve not shaken Vice down for a piece given its views.

  13. This two oldmen really funny acting tough haha bullshit fucking oldmen n his right handside oldmen i want to slap both of u

  14. His days are numbered up and coming pups will seek revenge and order a hit not on him but the ones he loves…dumb fuck never learned lesson number one…..

  15. 20:35 is the epitome of a hypocrite a fucked up bitch. He betrayed the trust. This guy us a loser, the right hand man is a dog a disloyal dog

  16. How'd you like Shaun turning up with a hole in his chest and a thousand yard stare? I'd pay the debt even if it was someone else's lol


  18. When he dies and faces God his punishment will far exceed anything he has done. People are so Godless and sinful that hey don't realise there are wages' all humans receive after death. The wages of sin is death and since you can never die it means eternal separation from God who is life. Hell is real and forever. Forget the macho shortcomings of this life. Repent and receive Christs salvation before it is too late.

  19. You can tell this was made by some anti-Britain cuckboy. Like it’s any better in Africa or the Middle East bruv


  21. Fucking guys a prick debt collector guy get run out of Salford if he turn up at my house knifes out guns out fucking intimidating people pussy hole tripping if ya think I’d be scared of this pussy I’m MMA fighter 13 years I’d punch fuck of out him

  22. I've met this guy in bare knuckle fights in Coventry and he's the nicest guy you could ever meet. Just don't fuck with people it's that simple. Don't get me wrong he's not the toughest of guys but he'd be the first too say that, he's a humble guy. He's only human and can be shot dead at anytime but he will pick his enemies wisely he's not stupid. What I don't like is when he calls someone a bully when you can't get too where he's got without being a bully it goes hand in hand. I would love too spar with this guy I'd whoop his arse. I think the guys staunch though it's just my honest opinion. I respect him saying too that guy his boxing skills are great when he knows he's a bag of shit. He's just being a gentleman.

  23. Glasgow here. I dont know how those guys could double cross this guy cos he was a decent up front bloke. Id have played the game.

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