UK’s Scariest Debt Collector (Part 2/2)

here for a very good friend of mine who trains at gym
called Chaddy. So we just want to chase him
down today and see if we can get him, because he’s
a bit of a rat. Well, he’s a fucking cockroach,
isn’t he? See this is what does your
fucking head in. You spend half your day
ringing around people. CHADDY: Yeah, what exactly
happened was this chap who owed me the debt was
originally a partner with my daughter. They were going to
get married. They bought a property. They were getting a property
together, et cetera. We thought he was smashing. But unbeknownst to us, he was
not nice to our daughter. We don’t like people who profess
to be something and they’re not. They’re something else. We don’t want people to be nice
to us or to members of our family, and then they’re
not nice behind our backs. What that is, it’s
called bullying. I’m not a nasty person. I’m not 6’3″ and bulletproof. But when I found out what
he’d done, I felt like smashing him to pieces. He slapped my daughter. He hit her. And if I could have got
hold of him, I’d have strangled him. But I’m glad I didn’t. And I’m glad that there was
somebody like Shaun who sat me down and said to me, Phil, never
do anything in anger. You’ve got to do everything
legal and above board. SHAUN SMITH: Well, we’ve just
found him on a site on the internet with a picture
of him. So we’re going to take a
picture of that just so we’ve got him. Named and shamed. He’ll be getting a
call tomorrow. MALE SPEAKER 1: Later. NAT TAYLOR: Yeah. First one in a couple of months I’ve not worn a balaclava. SHAUN SMITH: This guy we’re
going to see now has no idea. He’s owed this debt
from last year. But Nat and Tony know him. It’s come out. They know him fairly well. So I’m initially going to go in
and speak to him and tell him how it is, what he’s going
to pay, why I’m here. Don’t fuck with me. You don’t need to. You know, I don’t want this
lad to lose his job, even though he’s a fucking rat
as far as I’m concerned. But you know, I’m not a cunt. I’m going to pull him, tell him
how it is and that it’s got to be paid. You can just tell them
I’m a friend. It’s a good day for me. It’s a bad day for you. You know Nat and Tony,
don’t you? I’m a debt collector. I collect debts. Chaddy’s a good friend
of mine. MALE SPEAKER 1: OK. SHAUN SMITH: You’ve said
you’ll honor that. You’ve said you’ll pay it. MALE SPEAKER 1: Right. SHAUN SMITH: And you haven’t. So basically, come on,
you’re taking a piss. And Chaddy’s a fucking
top fella. As long as we come to
an agreement today. MALE SPEAKER 1: Right. SHAUN SMITH: That
it gets paid. It gets paid. MALE SPEAKER 1: OK. SHAUN SMITH: If it’s
not, I fuck off. And them two speak to you. MALE SPEAKER 1: Right, OK. SHAUN SMITH: If you want to
know who I am, go and fucking Google me. MALE SPEAKER 1: No,
no it’s OK. NAT TAYLOR: I don’t
know a ginger lad could go even whiter. SHAUN SMITH: Mate,
he shook my hand, fucking sweating buckets. So it’s a good day. One, he’ll pay. Two, he’s going to pay us
a drink for coming down. So it’s happy. Chaddy just walks round with
a grin on his face. To me, it’s another job. I’m dead happy for him. But there’s loads of people
like that everywhere. And people need to just stand
up to people like these. Because there’s people
like me everywhere. It’s not just me. There will always be
a debt collector. Someone will always
help someone. People go to courts. Courts are like debt collectors,
aren’t they? Get divorced. I want that kitchen suite. I want the car. I want this. Before people do that,
they come to us. We’re cheaper and we’ll
probably get the job done quicker. Basically, what’s happened
today, an employee who I have, and who I’ve only had for a
couple of months, I gave him a job on a trial. He’s done well. He’s not a bad kid. He is a good kid actually. I’ve heard rumors he’s been
selling juice in the gym, which we just don’t abide by. There’s lads in here that do use
steroids, but they use it in their house. And what they do behind closed
doors is none of my business. I’m not into that crap. It’s nothing to do with me. Now, there’s another
lad in here with a tattoo on his head. Not Tony upstairs, it’s
a different lad. I’ve looked after this kid
for four to five months. He can either have a dig,
or they can admit what they’ve done. Pay me a bit of profit
back, I’ll still take them in the gym. But if they deny it,
the two of them are going to get a crack. And that’s it. A couple things I want
to bring up. Right, I’m not fucking about. I’m fucking dead, dead
serious here, right. Really fucking dead serious. You know me, I don’t
give shit. I don’t take shit. Here’s how serious
I’m going to be. How can you sell fucking
gear in my fucking gym you cheeky twat? STU: I’m not, Shaun. SHAUN SMITH: Don’t fucking
lie to me. You have been giving him gear. I’m shocked at you for
selling fucking gear. DAVEY FALLON: I’ve not sold
anything since you said– SHAUN SMITH: Since what? Since yesterday? DAVEY FALLON: Since she said– SHAUN SMITH: Oh,
since she said. You’ve been selling it from
the fucking house. Now, you’ve been selling
it from here. I said I’ll back you up, Stu. STU: Yeah, you did Shaun. SHAUN SMITH: I said I’d back
you up in that gym. Fucking forget about
the camera. This is business mate. This is fucking business. It’s only that I know Chaddy. And he’s related to Chaddy. I could fucking flatten you
mate and put you on floor. But I know you’re going to need
me to work with you with that prick. Normally, they get it
off you, don’t they? So from my point of view,
he’s buying off you. You’re giving it to him. You sell it in my gym. What do I do? Might as well bend over
and go, here you are. Have a go with that. It’s not business, is it? STU: No, I understand
that, Shaun. SHAUN SMITH: Hey, it’s
not busines. You’ve made money. You’ve made money. I’ve earned fuck all. So here’s what we’re
going to do. I’m going to tax you a grand. You can give me a grand
to keep your job, stay in the gym. You don’t want to give me a
grand by the end of the day, I’ll smash your head in. And I’ll smash your head in. What do you want to d? Simple as that. Ay, ay, hold your head up. We’re sorted. I’ll get a cup of
tea with you. That just had to be done. It’s just a little bitch slap. It is only a bitch slap. But they’ve money
in my business. TONY: They made money
in his gym. SHAUN SMITH: So I want it. I’ve got bills here. I owe rent. I owe electricity. I owe everything else. I’m not a fucking millionaire. Business is business. But it’s worked. And that’s the way we do work. He’s my right hand man. Everything goes through him. And he’s told me because
he’s my right hand man. He’s not a fucking snitch. If I see something going on
in the gym, I tell him. But I don’t know about this. He’s my best mate. It’s called loyalty. TONY: He’s like my dad. SHAUN SMITH: You can’t buy it. We’re fucking loyal as fuck. That’s the way it goes. DAVEY FALLON: Nothing
wrong has happened. Like, nothing was done wrong. It was just a lack of
communication, really. Shaun is, he’ll help you out. He’ll go to the end
of earth for you. But the minute that you think
that you cross him, bad move. I don’t really want to, because
I know who he is. I’d rather now work with
him than against him. I have to now pay him
about 500 pound. It’s only fair really. It is his gym. You can’t argue with
that, really. Everything goes through
Shaun, basically. NARRATOR: The lads know they
got off lightly with the telling off, because a slap
is nothing compared to the extremist tendencies Shaun was
capable of in the past. SHAUN SMITH: What’s the worst
torture I’ve inflicted? I can’t fucking tell you that. I’ll get locked up. I’ve been locked up. I’d be an idiot to tell
you what I’ve done. But what I’ve done to people,
in my eyes, they deserved it for the amount they’ve
fucking done to me. Of course it affects you. I don’t sleep. I’m on 50 millileters of
Seretin, 80 milligram of Propranolol, 7.5 milligram
of Zoplicone. I have Barretts esophagus,
which is a pre-cancerous disease in my throat. I have a tumor on my liver. I’m waiting to have an op on my
stomach to remove polyps. I’m a vegetarian. Don’t eat meat. Self harming, that’s because of
all the problems I’ve had, depression, anxiety,
panic attack. I would just love to
be a normal person. I think I am normal. I think my life is normal. But sometimes, I like to just
come in the gym, open the gym, just talk to one or two lads
in the gym, just a normal conversation. And then you’ll get that one
who will go, oh aren’t you Shaun, blah blah,
from Liverpool. And you think, ugh. NARRATOR: Shaun Smith was an
extremist who specialized in spreading terror for
no rational gain. But the hidden costs of
this guerrilla war haunts him to this day. SHAUN SMITH: I’ve had these
for 20 odd years. To a lot of people, they
don’t mean nothing. But to me, they do mean a lot. I’m the greatest, King Kong. No you’re not. Fucking I am. There’s me there in a suit. I’m not the greatest. But I’m superstitious
like that. You know what I mean? To me, it it’s a ritual I have
every day, just little things. Right hand for paying out,
left hand for receiving. So I want that left hand
itching all the time to receive money. I have a lot of bills. INTERVIEWER: Are
you religious? SHAUN SMITH: No. There are people
laughing here. No. No. I don’t believe in God
and all that, no. Although, I do the sign
of the cross. And that’s just respect for
people who have passed away. And probably a few people
I’ve put away myself. I know it’s nothing
to laugh about. But that’s just the life
people are born into. I’ve just lost a friend
of mine, John Walsh. British champion kickboxer,
world champion kickboxer. And to go from such a powerful
man, we watched him fade away and die last week. And I was tearful. I had to walk out. I get a bit choked up now. Just let that moment pass. But you know, it happens
to the best of people. I have been scared of
dying in the past. But I think because I’ve
had four or five attempts on my life. I got kidnapped and locked
in a container. And they were shooting
at the container and ramming a car into it. I honestly thought I was
going to die that time. I pissed myself. I thought, I’m going to
fucking die here. And then you pass that fear,
because they’re firing the gun at the steel container. They’re ramming the car. And they’re pouring petrol and
they’re saying they’re going to light it. You have this feeling where you
think, no, if I’m going to die, I’ll go out fucking
fighting or I’ll go out roaring. I’m not going out and cowering
in the corner. Do you know what the
lads did with him? He’s actually on YouTube. MALE SPEAKER 2: Want
to show them? SHAUN SMITH: They put a gas
canister on his wheelchair. MALE SPEAKER 2: I’ll
show them. SHAUN SMITH: And let the gas go,
fired his wheelchair along like a rocket, didn’t they? MALE SPEAKER 2: But one ran
out of gas because the guy wouldn’t sell us new
fire extinguishers. He only sold the secondhand
ones. And he made us scratch
his company logo off in case I died. I just thought, fuck it. If I die, I die. NAT TAYLOR: Since you last
interviewed me and you see me with the cut that was on
my stomach, I got out. Just carried on with
the drugs. I was sat in a bath, had enough,
slashed my face. But I hit the artery on
my forehead, on the side of my head here. And the blood was just
squirting out. Good job my dad was
in the house. I was sat in the bath. The bath was just covered
in blood. Last night was a good
thing for me, because I got diagnosed. They know what the problem is
with my mental health now and everything. It’s emotional unstable
personality disorder triggered by the child abuse. I feel a lot more positive and
more confident that I’m going to nail it this time, that I’m
going to beat my demons. Alright, I’ve had demons
for 20 years. But, I’ve gone to battle
with them. And I’ve lost. Now, I’ve declared
war on them. And I might have lost
some battles, but I ain’t losing the war. Fuck that. I ain’t carrying these war
scars for nothing. Luke, the boss now, he’s
my older brother. He didn’t speak to me for
a couple of months. And he gave me one
last chance. It’s a good way of keeping me
off all the gear and shit. I’m surrounding myself with
positive people, with a positive sport, rather than
negative dickheads and dickhead drugs. SHAUN SMITH: Here we go. “Don’t refuse a proposition you
will be made next week.” I’ll get a nice big debt
in here tomorrow. NAT TAYLOR: “You will be taking
on fresh vitality during the next few weeks.” SHAUN SMITH: That’s
good, that mate. Getting ready for your fight. A bit of vitality, getting
ready, getting refreshed. Hungry. Win the belt. We’ll get a fresh bit
of gear then. NAT TAYLOR: Snorting
it off the belt. STU: “Your lucky number two will
keep your future fine.” Fuck off, bollocks. SHAUN SMITH: Right, what I’m
going to show you here is, remember from last time in the
office, when we had the little incident over the steroids
with the two lads. Tony, the lad who was like, oh
I’d do anything for Shaun. If you remember, jumped up in
the office and started to hit one of the lads with a pathetic
punch, the little cockroach was already selling
steroids in and around the gym, unaware to me. And then lo and behold, we come
in on a Friday morning, he’s not here. The lads have booted
the door down. A couple of lads have gone up. They’re kicking the door in. He’s not there. So we check our cameras. And here he is now, leaving. Look, here’s the little
cockroach. Now, look at him. Fucking boils my blood,
look at that. He’s left his bird, left
all his kids, and as long as he’s alright. He took no one else’s
stuff, only his own. Look at him, with his head in
his hands, he’s like ugh. Have you seen him on it? That is tooting barbs. We know his contact who
he buys them off. So we’re waiting for him to
ring up and buy some more. And then he’s going to have a
bit of an accident, because it’s not going. I really helped that kid. I really did help him. And he’s just shit
on me big time. Not having it. This is where Tony lived when
he ran the gym for me. This room hasn’t been
cleaned out yet. You know, look at that. It’s fucking disgusting. He’s a personal trainer. He trains people and he’s
writing people diets. How the fucking hell can
you live like this? There were like 87 bags of beak
scattered allover the couch, all over here. All this stuff is his. What we’ve binned is
just fucking junk. Was it all just a big
fucking front? But that’s what drugs
do to you. This is Tony’s paraphernalia
that we found upstairs. Obviously, he’s taken stegs. Well, I think it’s stegs. He’s a juice head anyway. It could be heroin
for all I know. I haven’t had a good look
through it, to be honest. That’s a coke bag, been used. That looks like a beak bag. And what the– Look, I don’t even know
what they are. But they’re going in the bin. That’s going in the
fucking bin. That’s tooting barb shit. He just got up and left,
you know what I mean? He’s left crappy watches. Bin. Bin. Fucking ring going in the bin. I hope he sees this. Bin. And all that fucking juice that
he’s paid for, that can go in the fucking bin as well. But you know what? I wouldn’t give him back a
fucking bottle of fresh air. It can go in the fucking
bin, where it is. That’s where he’ll be going. Cockroach. I’ll be back in a minute. Oh god. No, I’m not just a bit
stressed out, mate. I’m proper wound up to death. Because my mate up there has
been had off on 300 grand. Tony’s had me off for
3,500 pounds, which is a lot of money. Some people might think, well,
he’s got a drug problem. Give him a hand. Well, I gave him a hand. That’s why he was
there with me. Everything was there for him. And to get shit on– And it’s just– Everything’s negative,
you know. It just affects me in
every little way. I think, you fucking
little maggot. And you think, is ti
fucking worth it? Is it all worth it? And sometimes I think, I look
myself in the mirror and go, what the fuck are you doing? Why are you taking on other
people’s headaches? You do feel responsible. And you shouldn’t do, because
it’s not my problem. I never created this problem. I’m just there to tray and
sort it out for you. And I’ll do it the best I can. But I feel– I don’t know whether
I should say this. There’s no one here to
sort my problems out. I have no one. It’s so fucking hard, mate. Because people look up to you
and expect you to be there. Oh, a shoulder cry on. Well, hang on. I get fucking fed up
as well, you know. My little things is like, I
would love to have my daughter on camera and seeing a
different side of me. But I don’t trust people
out there. I don’t want them seeing
my daughter. I don’t want my wife
on it either. Everyone loves their kids and
everyone’s got the best kid. But she’s just an
adorable kid. We have five daughters. I’d love to show you me being,
yeah, I let them draw on my face and put bows
in your hair. They’re kids. I look stupid. Hey, I’m just a dad. NARRATOR: Since filming this,
Shaun hit the jackpot, landing the biggest deal of his career,
a 1 million pound debt in Portugal. Payoff was a much needed
all expenses paid holiday in the sun. After all, going straight hadn’t
turned out to be the quiet life he’d once
dreamt of. Nat is still working
with his brother. He’s clean and no longer
self harming. He’s also busy training for his
pro boxing comeback, his last shot at the title. Tony is still on the run. His family fears if he comes
back, he may go on the missing list forever.

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