Unemployed and Feeling Depressed? DON’T LOSE HOPE (DEPRESSION STORYTIME)

losing your job can be devastating and
can it can trip you up and spiral you into depression extremely fast so today
I’m gonna be talking about how I lost my job and my goal is to provide you with
some hope that this thing is gonna get better
so stay tuned what’s up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we
talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you haven’t figured it
out yet the job I lost was actually a long time ago I’m still working at a
drug and alcohol treatment center sorry for the clickbait action but this is a
very very important message and story that I have to share with all of you who
are unemployed and dealing with depression this is actually a video I’ve
been meaning to make for a long time now but it was actually inspired by a good
friend of mine who recently lost her job so I figured mom would be the right time
to talk about it because I know a lot of you out there are struggling because
you’re out of work so I’m about to share a little story with you so kick back
relax get yourself a cup of joe or some tea or whatever it is that you drink but
anyways relax and I’m going to share this little
story with you so back in 2012 I got clean and sober and I was out of work I
was completely unemployed for a very long time it was over 15 months at least
because that’s when I moved back to Las Vegas this was extremely difficult for
me because I’m a workaholic when I’m not working like I get very anxious and like
I need to do something I need to be productive but I’m very grateful that I
didn’t have to work for that first year because I was able to focus on myself
and that’s where a lot of the improvement of my mental health actually
happened because it was an entire year where I could focus on me and thanks to
my wonderful mother she was helping to support me well I really got my act
together and got on my feet so after 15 months of being in California away from
my son I decided to move back to Las Vegas be a
father to my son get on my feet start working again you know be a normal adult
right and it was rough I came back to Las Vegas with 200 dollars in my pocket
no idea what I was gonna do I could barely afford a bus pass to get
places and nothing was working out I was applying for stuff I I was willing to
take any job – and nothing was panning out then one day I was with my friend at
lunch we bumped into another friend and he starts talking to me he’s like hey
what’s up man way to get back into town I’m like hey you know and I explained to
him I was looking for work he’s like hey remember that dude from high school I’m
like yeah he’s like dude he owns a computer repair shop and my for those of
you who don’t know I’m a big computer nerd I’ve been building computers since
I was like this big in case you can’t see this way down there so I was like
dude like give me his info let’s talk and I ended up talking to my old buddy
from high school and within like a week I had a job at his computer repair shop
I’m like oh my god you know this is working out like everything’s falling
into place and this is amazing and like by the way that’s not where this story
ends this isn’t the hope I meant to give you because and within about two months
within about two months I lost that job I got fired I got fired by my friend
from high school who got me the freakin job and it was over some bull stuff
gotta keep a family friendly but anyways let me tell you a little bit about this
job – first off I hated it I absolutely hated it okay one reason I hated it I
had to stand up on my feet all day if you haven’t noticed I’m kind of a
heavyset dude and being on my feet all day is not good but the biggest problem
I had with the job was the main computer technician like every day at lunch I was
like calling my friends and I’m like please talk me out of beating the living
hell out of this guy like I just loathe this dude and I had to work with him
every single day and I just absolutely despised him but I ended up losing that
job and it sucked it absolutely sucked like there’s nothing worse than
everything starting to work out and then it just comes crashing down and during
that time that two months I was working at the place I had just signed a lease
on an apartment got the power turned on all the utilities and everything like
that and I lose this job and I’m like dude how am I going to afford this place
and I started looking for a job and I couldn’t find one and it just got really
depressing because when you have depression and anxiety like I do like
there’s the depression of being unemployed and then the anxiety of like
how am I gonna pay my bills and things like that and my depression was getting
worse like even though I was over a year sober and back in Las Vegas me and my
son’s mom’s relationship was still not good and she still didn’t fully trust me
to be around our son so not only was I depressed about that but even if I could
see my son I couldn’t do anything with him like I could barely feed myself you
know and like one of the one of the worst parts about losing your job is
like we we begin to feel useless like there’s so much weight that we put on
being employed right and we feel useless especially if you’re like any type of
parent or breadwinner you know but it’s terrible for all of us and I got to a
point where I was so depressed I was so depressed this is the first and only
time in my recovery where I was this close to a relapse this close and if any
of you have been following my channel and first on my story like I got sober
with a 10% chance of living so I think it’s important to recognize that if I’m
thinking about relapsing I’m thinking about suicide like it’s not just a
relapse for me if I drink or use again I will die and I was at the point where
that was about to happen I was gonna take the last you know 20 bucks in my
pocket walk across the street and go get a drink and it’s crazy too it’s crazy
because I know a lot of you struggle with this too but I was extremely
depressed about a job that I lost that I hated like when I put it into words like
that like can you see how that’s a little bit strange we get so upset about
this job that we didn’t even want right and in case you didn’t realize it like I
didn’t relapse I ended up talking to some people they talked me off the ledge
and what I ended up doing and this is my pro tip for everybody out there like you
need to make your job finding a job okay I started hustling I was sending out
about 50 resumes a day through crisis just going nuts on that thing all right
and I ended up getting so many job interviews that
I didn’t even have enough plus money to get to all the job interviews
all right like I was just hustling like crazy one of the things that I always
tell my clients when they’re looking for work I’m like don’t stop looking for a
job until you are signing paperwork for the job because I see far too many
people get like an interview or a second interview and they put every single egg
in that basket and they sit around and watch Netflix all day like yeah I pretty
much got this job and then they don’t get it and they get even more depressed
and when you do that you’re setting yourself up for failure but anyways
anyways after a little while of looking for jobs and getting all these different
job offers I ended up getting a job offer for this company called text
broker okay and I hated what I was doing in the past
and then this new job that I got like man like it was perfect first off I was
making more money than I was at the previous job second off I got to sit
down all day on a computer next there was no dress code at all I can come in
there wearing pretty much anything and I get to sit at a computer listen to music
all day like it was a dream job like it didn’t pay me a ton of money but like it
was so much better than the job I lost and I remember just sitting there
thinking like oh my god like I almost ruined everything I had just because I
was so impatient you know because I didn’t see that I could potentially get
this other job that I would absolutely love you know and something I’ll throw
out there for all of you if you are unemployed and depressed and watching
this video if you are even a half-decent writer like writing like if you have a
high school level of writing check out text broker calm okay this isn’t a
sponsored deal or anything like that I don’t even know if I can get in trouble
for advertising them but whatever anyways they’re a website where they
link up writers and companies together and you can write you can freelance you
could write from home and make money there are ton of different ways to make
money from home like in 2018 like you should never be worried about not
working there are so many ways to make money from home if any of you watching
this need ideas on how to make money working from
home like please leave comments down below and I’m not talking about these
like fly-by-night kind of crazy things I know dozens and dozens and dozens of
people making a living working from home anyways I worked for this place called
Tex broker and I was an Account Manager alright so I manage different accounts I
managed these big projects that we would do like website designs and all sorts of
stuff right and I ended up managing a project for a place called American
addiction centers and those of you who don’t know me you don’t know why that’s
a big deal so I start working on a project for this place called American
addiction centers and I work my butt off and the person who was my contact at
American addiction centers loved me she loved me she loved my communication she
loved how hard I work she loved my customer service she loved how I made
sure the project went well she loved all that stuff right and one week she was
gone and she says hey I’m gonna be able to
tell him to be in Las Vegas I’m like I’m in Las Vegas so when she got back in
town I was like hey what were you doing in Las Vegas and she’s like oh we have a
drug-and-alcohol treatment center out there and I’m like really so what I did
and I hope nobody from text brokers watching this I started emailing her on
the side I’m like yo I’m a drug addict an alcoholic in recovery and like I
would love to work in that industry and to shorten that story up a few months
later a job position opened up and I ended up getting a job for American
addiction centers and that’s the job I currently have I’ve been here for about
two and a half years and it’s the best job I’ve ever had I’ve never had a job
where everyday when I wake up I’m excited to go to work I’m excited to go
in and help people help people who are struggling with mental illness
struggling with drug addiction with alcoholism I get to go in there every
single day and do something that I absolutely love hell I love it so much
that I come home and make youtube videos about stuff I do at work all day that’s
how much I love it but the moral of this story is okay
I don’t I don’t care if you’re religious or spiritual or you believe in karma but
think about that for a second I lost that job that’s
I’ll be down into depression but what if what if I never lost that job what if I
was still working there today I would have never had the opportunity to work
at the amazing job that I love so much today so I know I understand if you’re
if you’re in a dark place right now if you lost your job if you’re unemployed
and everything seems hopeless I get it I’ve been there but I just beg of you
like clinging on to hope clinging on to hope like just do your best to be
optimistic okay maybe maybe there’s some bigger reason that you don’t even know
of yet of why you are no longer working at the place there maybe there’s a
reason why you didn’t get a job at other places like there’s so much that we
don’t know and don’t understand but I’ve learned to just develop this blind faith
that things are gonna work out and it has not failed me sense as long as I do
the footwork and just continue to do my best things work out right like this is
something that just keeps me in a good mood every single day no matter what
happens to me I’m like you know what maybe that happened for a reason if I
can just keep that in my head like maybe that happened for a reason you know
so I hope I hope if it nothing else I hope this story inspired you a little
bit I hope I motivated you a little bit I hope it got you a little bit out of
that funk just keep reminding yourself maybe this is for a reason and maybe
it’s setting you up for something amazing
it happened to me and I’m nobody special it can happen to you too alright there
anyways if you know somebody who is unemployed right now and they’re going
through a struggle do me a favor share this video with them okay you got to
promise me you got to promise me right now share this video with somebody you
know who was unemployed alright but anyways if you like this video please
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this is Chris from the rewired soul and I will see you next time

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  1. Leave a comment if you need suggestions on how to make some income while being unemployed. Sometimes it just takes an outsider's point of view to spark some ideas!

  2. Unemployed with a college degree (human resources, undergrad)
    Deal with chronic pain, can't work full time.
    Thanks for this video, really gave me a boost.

  3. Thank you for that lovely video. I needed to hear this.. god bless you and congratulations to you for finding your path x

  4. I've never been Unemployed for twenty seven years. I still work with this World Wide Courier Company and I started to work with this Company as a Package Handler and a Trailer Loader. Now , I work as a Part Time Driver and a Truck Shifter. But I still live at home in a Town House with my Parents , They are now in their mid and late seventies. I don't have a wife and I don't have any Children. I did suffer from from depression and anxiety since the summer of 2017 which I couldn't explain why. I lost fifteen pounds of weight . I'm from Vancouver BC Canada.

  5. out of college for 4 years, got a bachelors degree in marketing, here is everything I have been though:

    1st job: HATED THE MOTHERF**KER OUT OF IT!!! door to door sales selling Verizon (company goes out of business…was there for a little less than 2 months)
    1st unemployment period = 2 1/2 months
    2nd job: ehh, not the best, but not the worst, retail sales (got fired for some, as you said, "bull stuff"…was there for 1 1/2 months)
    2nd unemployment period = 8 1/2 months
    3rd job: COULD NOT STAND!!! even though I got to work from home, it still sucked, commercial loan officer (resigned due to a company wide pay scale change to straight commission and there was no way in hell I would do that AGAIN…was there for 5 1/2 months)
    3rd unemployment period = 9 months
    4th job: literally, the best job I ever had and easiest work I ever did, qa analyst reviewing documents to send loans forward, got this one through a staffing company (still kills me to say how it ended, me and four of my other team members were laid off due to budget cuts, and my manager fed us all false promises including the amount of time she would give us if we needed to look for work, not sure when plenty of time became TWO DAYS, but whatever…was there for 1 year and a little over 1 month)
    4th unemployment period = approaching 5 months and counting (currently unemployed)

    all of my friends tell me that I am the only person they know who has been through as much as I have since graduating from college, cant stand being unemployed, its awful, thanx for the video by the way

  6. You have to keep looking regardless of if you have interviews, I just came across your video and you’re giving really good advice thanks. I’ve been going to so many interviews and nothing although I came close to getting a couple just sucks!

  7. I just came up on this…it was inspiring..!! Anxiety and depression are what I suffer from as well but for years (since i was 4) I didn't even take it serious or thought it was just me and that it would eventually go away.. I liked your last words " always think that something will work out" # blindfaith
    I'm in the similar situation. Hated the job but when I had it no more I felt depressed.
    I wish the world had more open people. Thanks

  8. this is so inspiring
    I've spent months looking for a job and still couldn't get an offer
    feeling so useless and depressed
    and after learning what you've been through
    i'm feeling so much better
    so thanks for sharing your stories and i'm glad you're doing something you love right now

  9. Hey, I know you made this video a while ago, but do you have resources for working from home? You mentioned you knew a bunch of places where you can find remote work. Thank you for anything..

  10. Help! Just went on an interview. Stuck in the smaller town because of my wife's work. Had an HR career and now I'm on the other side. Already rejected but losing hope. What did you find about o line? Trying to hustle but starting g to lose steam.

  11. I've been unemployed for two months. No place Is hiring me at all. I'm a high school graduate with no work experience or skills. Due to this no one is willing to give me a chance at working. I'm 19 and I've tried really hard. I'd rather have a job I hate than nothing at all. Right now I'm so broke I can't afford bus passes, I barely have clothes and I barely have any money. I'm not begging for help it's just no job.

    So, after months of working hard I found ways to get paid online. Right now I barely have money and I rarely leave the house due to not having money and it's horrible…. Before I was chronically unemployed and I had no online job, I was making no money at all. I was regularly applying even for jobs in Vegas but still nothing. Right now It's still very difficult to find a job…

  12. I am unemployed for over a year, sober for 15 days (53 yrs old and in a country called Turkey).
    Living with depression for more than 6 months. No medication, I dont want to replace a chemical
    with another chemical.
    Thank you, your talk, gave me some hope and inspiration..
    I am 100% agree, ewerything happens for a reason. We can not see the big picture. I think the key is
    TRUST, not impatience..
    Good luck to all..

  13. I was fired which amounted to “unfair dismissal”. I took the company to the employment court and it cost them $40,000 in reparations. The look on my former manager’s face was priceless 😂

  14. I honestly can relate, I am currently going through most of the things u mentioned in your video, I felt this video of advise was really a breath of fresh air.

  15. how can i make looking 4 a job a full time job when i have completely lost motivation? its like ppl dont understand the pain and lack of even trying to wake up in the morning. basically the depression is killing me

  16. and it is so stupid bc im a nurse.. a registered nurse and these hospitals do not respond for weeks or months

  17. I love you testimony man it hits close to home ive been clean for over a year from a killer opiate addiction , I just got things squared away with my family got a good job with a boss that was not understanding of my recovery , and was let go.

  18. Hey Chris – Thank you for making this video. want to tell you so much, but many need to understand that anxiety and depression can be so bad that sometimes legal medication is a way to get above water.

  19. Thank you so much for this video, I lost my job a few weeks ago and it feels like it's been a year. I'm so devastated but I"m hopeful that things will improve. Maybe this is a sign from the Universe that it's time to get my Masters

  20. I was wondering if you could offer some insight on getting a job in a treatment center as an addiction counselor, mentor or something like that. This is an avenue I'm highly familiar with and I think this will be a great chance to give back so I can share my story of self-recovery ( no rehab woohoo) and growth. Any links or tips?

  21. I'm a full time college student with only the job experiences of two short time jobs, both within 2-4 months of working at each. Resigned from my most recent job due to severe harassment from a manager. I loved the job and the other workers there, but HR and the other managers weren't helping. I feel useless because I'm still expected to have a job despite focusing on earning my degree (psychology major). Now I start thinking about how my degree might not even land me anywhere despite it being my dream and passion. It's all a cycle of toxic thoughts for me and I'm only 19. Seeing my friends being promoted to managers of their jobs, I definitely show them that I'm happy for them, and I tend not to be a jealous person because it brings negativity to me and ignites my envy and depression once more, but it still fucks me up like it would any other person. I'm hoping some light comes my way and everyone else watching this. Thank you for this video, it helped me a lot.

  22. I currently live in Vegas and have health with and am still dealing with the same situations. I appreciate your story and video.

  23. Thanks you soooo much for this video, you have no idea how much you have helped me, this was incredibly motivating and exactly what I needed right now, feeling so depressed but I totally believe what you said about things happening for a reason, I have also experienced this many times, but its really nice to have a reminder, things can and do work out if you have hope and keep trying. Bless you friend xx

  24. Thank you for this! I am about to be unemployed I am on a PIP at work and it really hard to get pass because it’s set you up for failure. Plus I been applying for jobs for months going on interview for months and still no new job. I’m about to give up. This really helped. You make so much since why be mad about a job you hate because I hate this job. Thank you again.

  25. thank you for your story…i have lost 2 jobs within a year and it has been 3 months with no job offer – i m so depressed and lost…but your story cheered me up – will keep my hope

  26. Unemployed with no college degree (yeah, I dropped out of college because of my social anxiety and depression). I’m struggling to find a job because I’m “too old” to find one. They don’t hire me because of my age. In addition the first question they ask me is always “How old are you?”, and the second one is “Are you married? Do you have any kid?”… I don’t understand why they always ask these questions. I feel so lost… sometimes I want to end my life

  27. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I know your intention is to help others and that did help me to get out of bed.

  28. mann jan18 2019 till now.. Had one offer but couldn't expect it due to pay rate being so low. 30% lower
    Now back in market its April 2019

  29. "What's up, everybody? This is Chris from The Rewired Soul"…
    Me: Uh, more like Vin Diesel's long-lost twin with his voice!

  30. Thank you for this video bro I needed it at this point in my life, you’re doing a great thing on this channel and making a genuine difference 🙏

  31. 42 years old with B.A, never married, just lost my job. now have no idea where to go. now I pretend I am depressed just to get pain killer from doc.

  32. I just hope that when I get a job, I can maintain it. I come from a very troubled and violent background, and I've learned to cope with my problems with alcohol and drugs. However, I've been unemployed for so long, I feel like a piece of shit. And despite the consequences of what may happen (being homeless because of my addictions) I want to do what is right.

  33. Alright, I'll ask. Got any specifics on how to go about making money from home? I just lost a job in retail that was barely keeping me going, and am awaiting unemployment.

  34. God bless this man. I would give you a hug. This really helped my feelings for me because I'm in a similar situation. My story is I've been unemployed for 5 years, of course there's been many different jobs in that timespan, everything from 1 week contract to many months but nothing permanent that sticked.

    Now I get money from the government and can finally relax a bit and get better mentally and physically. It was really nice hearing your side of this story. It's just amazing that living where I do, with the education I got, and just no opertunities. But recently I've been very optimistic that something can work out in the future. I almost committed suicide in the past because of how I felt, but now I can see the light a bit more. In the end of the day I just want to live a normal life and be productive like everyone else.

  35. Hey, I'm dealing with chronic pain and have had people endlessly lie to me about full time work when they only needed cover (I am a teacher in Vietnam) I love this video, you are a real and genuine guy, so many motivation videos are so tedious. But your story is authentic and for once made me feel a bit more hopeful

  36. I’m an unemployed IT professional. What ways can I work from home? Thank you for sharing your story. It is very encouraging.

  37. Kudos to you man. Much respect.
    I've worked as a Civil eng, sales exec, customer service, business development, Acc Mang and even radio presenter. Currently unemployed and depressed but trying to get voice over work (which by the way I think you should do as well) from home as well as full time job with no luck in months.

    Any ideas as to what you think I could do also from home to earn income would be welcome. Maybe I should step up my game of marketing myself and try getting more motivated but its tough as you know.

  38. I love this. I actually left my job, almost two months ago due to a coworker who was a threat to my life, and my managers weren’t doing anything about it. Didn’t have a new job lined up but I had some money saved up and I thought I’d be fine. And now I’m almost out of all my money and I still have bills, and I’m about to go into debt here very soon if I can’t find a job. I’m regretting leaving my job. Even though my coworker could’ve harmed me by now, I regret not staying because now I’m depressed and had suicidal thoughts. I literally feel I have lost everything and am ruining my life. This video did inspire me however, and I’m hoping the next job I can tackle will be good

  39. I graduated in September 2016 with a Master's degree in business management. Still haven't found a job. I feel like a parasite to my parents.

  40. Awwwh thanks for this. It was different for me because I LOVED my job, I mean loved it, I used to wake up every day and be thankful to be working there. I was a support worker (in quite a specific kind of support) and I loved the team I worked with, our little office, and the feeling of being able to help someone live their life every day. But I got preyed on by an abusive older man. Who was friends with managers. They took his side and just like that I had to go 🙁 I miss my job so much but the thought of being back round that guy was too much. I too was in therapy, treatment, for a job finally and was happy, then that happened. I’m taking my “recovery” year now! I just hope I can be happy again because it feels like it’s impossible now. That was my dream job.

  41. Thanks man. This helps me today like a lot. I’ve been unemployed for over 4 months and you couldn’t say it better… I’m still clinging onto that hope though, hope it’ll all work out in the end.

  42. I needed this video caise im a 20 year old from Hawaii currently working at a 7/11 and there was alot of Complications during work to the point I "might" lose my job I actually enjoy and I don't wanna go to that dark place of losing a job again amd not gonna lie nor sugar coat nothin but being an adult sucks and I worry that I may not be able to survive on my own if the friends and family that supports me and help me are gone I don't know what to do … But at least this video gave me a little motivation and I hope I dosent stay like this forever

  43. I lost my job last year still looking for a new job also broke up recently and got theft, just plain depressed looking for a way out of this mess, I'm a pharma graduate if u can help me pls do so

  44. Thank you for this video🤗 I lost my job 4 months ago due to mobbing . I’m starting to feel very depress and this video has given me hope. Only God knows why.. ..

  45. Im quiting. My job is unbearable. I cant think and I can barely breath when im there shit i hope something comes up. Want to be old lol.

  46. Thx for the information. I’m
    The same like you productive and like to do something everyday. Without it’s hard for me not to feel productive

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