Using NLP to Remove A Headache

Hello there. Today we are gonna get a bit
woo-woo I would say. The process I’m about to tell you about, explain for you to use,
I have no idea why it works, other than the power to believe in the power of suggestion.
But I know that it does work because, whereas I’ve never used it with clients, nobody
has ever phoned me and said: “Tim, are you a life coach?”, “Yeah”, “Well, I’ve
got a headache, so I need to hire you”, it doesn’t really happen like that. But
I’ve done it, let’s say, with family and friends and it’s been incredibly successful
in the home. So, this is what it is. Next time you’ve got a family member or
friend who’s got a banging headache ask him questions like this: “So, tell me what
the headache is, and whereabouts in your head”. All right so you get a sense of it, maybe
in the temple, or the top, or the back or anywhere, it really doesn’t matter. And
then, ask him to close his eyes, and tell you what the headache looks like. I told you
it’s going to be weird. So what’s it look like, what color is it,
how dense is it, what’s the exterior of the headache like, is it smooth or is it narled,
or is it jaggedy, or any other description, or any of this, OK. Is that headache, how
does it feel, is it heavy, or is it light. Get as much details as you can about this
person, about how they think about this. Now, as I said, this sounds weird, but when you
start asking people, they’ll answer these questions. Hardly can ever remember someone
saying: You know, I have no idea what you are talking about, you’re a lunatic. But
then you think that’s exactly what they would say. When you’ve got as much details
as possible, we are going to go even more woo woo. You’re gonna say: “I want you
to give me that headache”. With their eyes closed, I’m gonna take that offer and you’re
gonna confirm what they said: Yeah, it is heavy, it is smooth or it is narlked, or it
is purple, or black, or whatever, and when I move this away form you, as I move this
away form you, you can feel it loosing its power, I mean, can’t you. This is where
the suggestion comes in. You can feel that, can’t you.? Embedded
command, presupposition etc. And you move it further away, you can notice that I move
further and further away with your headache, how it looses its power on you. And you can
feel it dissipate. And what I’m gonna do with this headache now, I’m gonna take it
outside, I’m gonna take it and deliver it to other end of the yard, or I’m gonna go
and put it in the mailbox, or whatever, I’m gonna get rid of it. And that’s it Now you’re
probably looking at this thinking: I always suspected this guy was mental, but now I know
he is. I have done that dozens of time with people, and one of the last times I did it
when I was back in the UK. With this son of a friend who was eight and he had headache
all day. You know, adults maybe can pretend: Yeah well, let’s humor Tim, you know, tell
him my headache’s gone even though my head feels like it’s gonna explode. Kids don’t
do that kind of thing. You can see the difference in the light, his headache just disappeared.
So give it a go. It’s a bit of fun, you know. You’re not gonna kill anybody, nobody’s
really gonna rip the brain out the head and give it to you. If they do, tell them to stop
being so stupid and put it back in again, you just want to help them cure their headache.
And, if it works for you, let me know in the comments, if you do it and it doesn’t work,
not really interested in that, it’s only a bit of fun, you don’t need to start giving
me a hard time and say this is load of bollocks because maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But
thanks for watching. Cheers. Bye.

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  1. Loving this idea Tim – I can see it'll work too.

    I now can't wait for someone to tell me they've got a headache to try it out…

  2. Lol. I had a headache before I started watching this video. I followed the steps and the headache is gone. Fantastic!

  3. that's funny, my headache was jagged, black and spongy.
    then i imagined how it would look like and imagined it digging it.
    and it was gone.
    thanks for helping me.

  4. i had a really bad headache i done this and then it was gone thank you so much!.
    i've subbed and liked πŸ™‚

  5. No, this has made each headache worse: larger, more painful, and longer-lasting. Also, after I used the technique, my headaches stopped responding to conventional painkillers either. So, now I’m worse off than before. Please help.

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