Video: Once a month migraine treatment

more than 36 million Americans suffer from migraines and more than 11 million say the pain causes them moderate to severe disability in Texas researchers are coming up with a breakthrough medication that may prevent migraines with a simple treatment once a month Ursula Perry reports 71 year-old Karen mazi has suffered severe migraines for 50 years she takes a wide assortment of daily and rescue medications to deal with them and take a beta-blocker I take two seizure drugs and I take an antidepressant when migraines are especially bad she can inject herself with a muscle relaxer some benadryl or take a steroid Plus nausea medicine these medications do make her feel drowsy she hopes to replace most of these drugs with just one administered once a month in a pin like device someday this will be my my single medication as opposed to having to tap all these on hand this drug aim oven and two others recently approved by the FDA are called C GRP monoclonal antibodies they block the pathology that causes migraines it’s helping to reduce Karen’s severe migraines from 16 down to four per month we have not had a migrant specific drug in several years so definitely this is like the most exciting phase in the headache world right now dr. Chaudhary has been treating Karen for years even getting her to keep a headache diary I remember your pages being fulfilled in 3 or 4 and this looks great for Karen and her husband life has changed dramatically for the better she doesn’t feel the side-effects of so many drugs I think she’s enjoying life a lot more ursula Perry case at 12 News

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