VideoCast #25: Soulish or Demonic Depression – How Can You Tell?

This is Deliverance Ministry.FM Video cast
number 25. Hello again everybody and welcome to this
episode of Deliverance Ministry.FM where we give you proven insights about the demonic
realm and deliverance ministry so you can wage spiritual warfare more effectively. Hello, this Dr Don Ibbitson and here with
my co host and colleague Dr Phyllis Tarbox. Good to be here. And we’re looking forward to this session
and, uh, because it’s, it’s about a topic that we encounter quite a lot in the counseling
center and we’re going to examine the realm of, if you like or the topic of depression. It’s a very common reflection that we, the
people coming to, to, to meet with us, that it’s a car seems to be a common thing in their
life and, and part of the issue. And it’s very important to get to the root
cause of the depression. Absolutely. It’s pervasive in this country. The, uh, the fact that so many people are
having depression, it’s research. Recent research has found that anywhere between
five to 90 percent of adult women and two to three percent of adult men in the United
States suffer from what is called major depression in any time. And we’ll talk about those different clinical
diagnoses on different things about, um, uh, depression and how big is diagnosed and how
the medical profession looks at that. But we want to talk about that in more depth
than just look at the example or look at the realm of the field rather of depression. And let’s begin by saying before we get into
the main topic that depression isn’t emotion, right? That’s part of our, it’s part of our soulless
realm are personas and we’ll see it in a. We talked about that in different podcasts
about our body, soul and spirit. And uh, that we have a soul that’s not born
again, but it is an emotion that we have in different times. We feel sad. But the question we want to explore is in
this topic is, is it possible that there’s demonic tournament at work? And how can you tell if it’s, if it’s a, just
an emotion of sadness that you’re experiencing or whether it’s true or depression, if you
like, from a demonic strongholds standpoint. That’s what we want to focus. I think sadness is fleeting and I mean it
comes with events or things that are happening to us. Ah, depression comes when you’ve been meditating
on that last for a long period of time and you can’t get the victory over it. It’s something that just keeps you stumbling
and you enter that depressive state and it becomes a basically what overtakes you as
far as your mood. You know, you walk around and I call it your
state, you know, sad, lonely, depressed, that sort of thing. It’s, but it’s much greater than just a temporary
sadness from an event. It is. And once again, as counselors and deliverance
ministers, wanna look at it from a spiritual standpoint. Well, that’s what we’re focusing on here too,
is to understand and we see that the Bible is full of, um, what we would say, people
who seem to suffer or tormented by depression. We know when there’s account. Of course, one of the most comprehensive books
in the Bible in terms of somebody who just had a major depression because of things in
our life was the book of job. Alrighty. Lost everything. So yeah, that would bring it in. Children, family, his whole household was
gone and all of his livestock and so great loss was encouraged by him and I’m sure that
he. You could tell by what he was meditating on
and what he was saying. There was something there. Right, exactly what you. Absolutely. Elijah as well. He hit, he hit him the cave. He hit him from until the food source or ran
out and of course, you know, the question was, why are you here? Why are you still hiding in the cave? And you know, he had to really grab himself
up probably from a real sinking, defeated I didn’t when I didn’t finish what I was supposed
to do and get up and start moving. And it took. It took the prompting of God to get them going
again. Absolutely. And we also see the encounter in First Samuel
Sixteen, verses 14 through 23. It’s about saul and it talks about in, starts
off with saying that because you don’t be the David had been anointed, king was to be
King of Israel and it’s said that the, that the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul
and an evil spirit, tormented him in verse 16, and then look at it. Let’s get somebody to come for you and to
come to your brother who can play the harp and then they will play the play for you. When the evil spirit comes upon you and you’re
going to feel better. That’s how David really got in the mix and
we see David did come and, and play and saw, liked him very much, but that the, the, the
point I want to focus on in the areas that you know, they’re, they’re seeing the word
use. He was a spirit tormented him and it’s very
likely and doesn’t say explicitly that maybe that was a spirit of depression. He was about to lose the kingdom, right? The Lord had departed from him. Spirit of the Lord had departed from him,
so I’m sure. Sure. He knew that his days were numbered and he
wasn’t going to be moving with that favor any longer. So I’m sure he was sad and depressed. Yeah, I was. So, once again, that’s where we really see
the really explicitly use the term of a spirit of some kind, some kind of spiritual spirited,
demonic spirit. That was, that was tormenting saul. So I guess the question that’s worth asking,
you’re going to as we start out here is um, what is, if you like normal depression or
what, what is, what is normal soulless realm when we, when we talk about depression, because
when we talked about in other podcasts about the whole body, soul and spirit model, we
get born again, we get saved, we don’t get a new body, we don’t get a new soul. And in our soulless realm where our, where
our mind is, there’s a lot of mind battles at Guan there. And so what is, you know, what don’t we want
to share with the folks in terms of out of a definition of depression that might be helpful
for them though I looked it up, I looked it up on wikipedia
so I will read it to you and what it says, all sorts of great quality wikipedia. It’s a state of low mood and aversion to activity
that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings, and sense of well-being. People with the depressed mood can feel sad,
anxious, empty, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty. Why? There’s a lot to this one, Huh? Irritable, angry, ashamed or restless. They may even lose interest in activities
that were once pleasurable. Experience, loss of appetite or over eating,
have problems concentrating, remembering details are making decisions, experience, relationship
difficulties, and may contemplate or attempt suicide, insomnia, excessive sleeping, fatigue,
aches, pains, digestive problems or reduced energy may also be present. While I think that just about covered most
of our strongholds, so depression, so people are probably listening to say yes, that’s
me right there. There’s a lot that feeds into depression,
so depression actually could be the end result of many of these things combined combining
themselves. And then that’s where the depression comes
in, especially with sickness and loss. Well, it is, and there’s a lot of things that
happen. I mean, you talked about sadness. I mean, things happen, you know, we can people,
it can be, you know, people can be sad. There’s things happening or soon to be as
trivial as their hockey team or football team loses or older dog dies and you know, there’s
sadness it happens in those depression and, and things that can happen in that realm. But it’s usually fleeting, right? I think that’s the main thing. And we see a lot of people here who are just
a battle depression, like literally all their lives and sometimes they can’t even put their
finger on where we want to get into the realm of understanding. Well, you know, we touched on it already that
in the realm of deliverance ministry, that there can be spirits, there can be and will
say categorically, um, you know, we operate with a list of spirits and strongholds and
we minister to people. But one of the spirits that we, that we talk
about explicitly in politics policy is a spirit of depression. Now we put that stronghold of depression under
army. I’m sorry, we place for our purposes that
spirit spirited depression underneath, or if you like, boil the strong man of heaviness. And that’s kind of what we consider to be
the ruling spirit over depression. My others whose guilt and shame, self pity,
loneliness and whatnot, rejection. And that’s where we tend to have it. But, but there can be, and I think this is
where people need to understand is there is depression where we feel depressed and we
get, you know, it’s fleeting, but there can be instances where there can be a demonic
stronghold of depression there. And as we like to say, we’re not going to
go over all this ground now. But, um, you know, if you have a demonic stronghold
and the spirit behind it, then they really, the only remedy is to get delivered from that
spirit. That’s true. That’s true. It’s just not going to get up and walk away
on its own. It’s not going to walk away on its own. And people, um, you know, for different things. I mean, there’s all sorts of books out there
about positive thinking and going to your happy techniques in their recovery can. And I think what we want to talk about is
as you’re listening to this and say, well, is that my issue or, you know, or is it something
deeper than that? And so we want to kind of migrate into the
discussion about evidence or indicators that they did that a person may have a demonic
stronghold of depression. And once again, I mean, before we get into
that, we want to be clear that that deliverance is the driving out of demons and people can
have spirits inside of them and they’re soulless realm. And among those spirits, one of them can be
a spirit of depression. So tell us, what do we tell people how if
say, what are indicators or evidence is that there may be a demonic stronghold of depression
at work? Well, before we even get to that point though,
I just. I would just want to make one point about
depression because in the United States I got to tell you there is a very large territorial
trauma that happened to this country that was based on the Great Depression, right? I mean anytime you have people walking around
saying I lived through the great depression or depressed or anything like that, you know,
that really opens up a door or any kind of loss is going to open up a door for depression. And of course that was a great economic loss
back then with the Great Depression, and we’ve talked about this some before, but anytime
you have a sweeping movement like that across the country where so many people are affected
by that type of a loss and those kinds of words are associated with it, then the enemy
is going to capitalize on it. So I don’t know about your parents because
you’re from Canada, but over here my, my mother walked around saying, oh, we lived through
the Great Depression. And so as that went on, you know, then the
next generation comes. Now that’s me. I, I didn’t struggle with great loss or financial
loss. They did and we’ve been very blessed. But I have to tell you that I struggled with
depression. Let me, when I came in for deliverance, that
was one of the ones in my bag, you know, that was one of the things I had to get through
and I’ll tell you what, the kids that are coming in now, it’s like the next generation,
the 20 year olds to eight and nine year olds in here that are on depression medicine, medicine. So I believe that this is a, like a generational
iniquitous structure set up over the great United States where the enemy has brought
that down. So it’s, you know, some things shifted back
then and this spirit now has, knows our name and it comes in and it can torment the generations
because it affected our forefathers. So I believe from a generational perspective,
depression is something very valid that we could’ve been born into, into our family and
it may look different, it may look different for my generation, the next generation than
it did, so I don’t know that we necessarily connect the dots and identify it because like
I said, my mom struggled with financial loss but I had a lot of other laws but it’s set
up exactly the same way. And so that’s what the enemy does. He repackages a spirit, but it’s the same
spirit maybe repackages the, the way it gets in, but it’s the same spirit. So look back in your family and see if those
words were something that you say that your parents spoke over raw over you or over there
over the family that we were all depressed and we had lost everything. And you know, I used to hear the stories. We went door to door selling canned goods
for Nicola can, you know, because they’d lost everything. So it was, it was, it was pretty widespread. Right, exactly. And I think that we are, we’ve talked about
some of the podcasts about what sort of generational curses and curses upon them right at that
time in that, in that we call the Great Depression then that there was a spirit of that at work
there over the country, over the last parts of the world as well. But it is kind of propagated over time and
as you say, entered into people and they’ve embraced it and owned it. While my depression, you’ll hear that even
now say my depression is that commercial. Have you seen that commercial? The commercial on TV for some of the depression
medicine, there’s a little umbrella that’s in the corner and it’s called my depression
and it follows the lady wherever she goes. Oh yeah, that’s a horrible. I hope they take it off the air. Well, and that’s it. And that’s, you know, that’s the power of
the tongue, you know, you know, there’s real life and speak. We speak things over ourselves and my depression. But I guess, you know, the, the notion is
that there can be, as you know, all this is to really hone in on the fact that there can
be a spirit behind. And so for us, we say, well, you know, when
somebody comes in and we, you know, the first session, we have an interview, a lot of times
we will hear from people that, you know, always battled depression, they’ve had it and they’ve
tried different things or some part power positive thinking technique brings about a
self-help stuff, a lot of self-help things. And people sometimes are, had counseling,
had prior gone to the pastor. They hadn’t ministry for it if they’re brave
enough to go in and confessed to being depressed, um, because sometimes you get beat up in the
church to joy the Lord, sister, brother, you know, where’s your faith? You know? And it’s like, so you feel get depressed about
confess and bringing forth the fact that you feel depressed, you shouldn’t be depressed. And so sometimes the church ends up beating
people up in that regardless. So you know, the other element though is as
we know as in the world, you go to the doctor and you just mentioned depressed and many
times and that pad right away, don’t they? They seem to want to bring out a script and
write a script for you. And we’ve had boy, just so many people in
here and you know, at the heart of it feels, and I’ve seen and I’m sure you have to literally
the thousands of people we’ve seen it, you know, I don’t, I can recall maybe you know,
the number of people on one hand with fingers left over who really cared about their medication. You know, this medication has really helped
me. It’s really. I mean it’s really fixed the problem. Yeah. I couldn’t have, you know, most people by
and large, they’ve taken it, they’re taking it, but they recognize it’s not a cure. It’s a band aid. They don’t like the side effects. Almost a very, very large. And they can be in their doped up and they’re
dumbed down and are. And so, you know, the medical, I think be
the view is that I was the, that I’ve seen from people, is it the medical solution doesn’t
work for depression because it’s really not a medical problem or tone in levels in the
brain and the other chemicals that are off balance. So if a person is extremely depressed and
their body is out of whack chemically, you know, oftentimes they will need some depression
medicine just to get back up and, you know, get, get, get a little bit of balance to come
in, um, to recognize, OK, that’s helping that piece of it. But what caused my levels to go off to begin
with, was it fear, was it last, was it some sort of trauma? Because you’re right, that doesn’t go away. So you can medically, um, get some temporary
help, which, you know, I have to tell you, you know, really when I came in I was, I was
on something like that. But after I went through deliverance, you
know, about nine, nine months afterwards, you know, it wasn’t right away. Um, everything started to balance out and
I just recognized that I didn’t need it anymore and that was the beautiful part because we
never tell people here to get off their depression meds, you know, we don’t do that because chemically
that’s something that you have to walk out with your medical doctor, but with deliverance
we get down to the root of it and then you don’t need it anymore because once your chemicals
are balanced and you’re feeling good and your immune system’s working right, and then your
mental emotional state is better, then it all just kind of clicks. And then the joy for me, I mean it was easy. I just said, no, I’m good. If you’re listening to this and you feel like
we’re beating you up for taking, oh no, depression. That’s not the point. Now we’re not saying that at all. It’s just I love praise God for doctors. Lucas Dyer, great things in the field of medicine,
but in the whole realm of psychotropic medications by art know whether it’s for fear or depression
or many other things, it’s just they’re not really issues and say, well, don’t you believe
in chemical imbalances? I said, well, yes, I can see they can do the
test and see certain levels are low and high, but then I want to submit to you that that’s
more a symptom of the problem. Exactly, exactly. And the treat the symptoms and so what you
said was so important when you get delivered from the strongholds and then the body will
follow in behind what’s happening in the soul levels stabilized and you just say it and
then they can work in conjunction with the physician to say, I want to, you know, I want
to move off of this, and most people I know, Dr you know, they will work with you if they’re
not. Doctors aren’t bad people. They don’t necessarily push, just always pushing. Now they want to help you. They can happen and that’s the encouragement
that we want to give that after deliverance you can doctor that. I work with over in, in the Tampa Bay area
who came in for her own self, but then she came back and said, listen, I wanna I wanna
learn more about what you do and even go through the process because I treat patients daily
for depression and they come in and they just want me to take the pad out and write them
a prescription and I, and I always want to say to them, you know, what is it that’s making
you depress? Let’s get to that. We’ve got to work on that. Not just, you know, put this bandaid over
it like you said. And, and I was so encouraged by that to see,
you know, someone with a sensitive heart lake that as a believer in the medical community
come in and put herself through deliverance so that she could understand it so that she
would have a place to recommend, you know, as far as different forms of healing, not
just not just a band-aid. She said, it just grieves me to write a script
and send them on their way. So the same thing is that I realized when
I’m writing, these medications are prescribed scripts for medications and these are really
spiritual issue dealt with while sad, depressed. That’s why are you depressed? And sometimes people need help. One in the mind battles have right thinking
and thoughts lined up with the word of God. But many times people have tried that and
they can’t get the victory in prayer. They’re getting counseling and those for us
or are all evidence or indicators that a person could have, could have a demonic stronghold
of depression or a spirit of depression at work in their life. And that’s the bottom line is, you know, there’s
no, there’s no, you know, you could administer the checklist and you know, come up with CEO. Yup, Yup. Definitely. That’s what it is. But there’s evidence isn’t indicators that
point to it. And those are some of them that you get, you
know, you’ve tried the medicines and they’re just a band-aid. I’m your gut counseling. You had prayer fasting, been to been to seminars,
read books and can’t get the victory. Then maybe I shouldn’t be open to giving deliverance
for depression. And it, and I think, you know, sometimes we
hear from people is around with depression, but it’s other, other, it could be other issues
as well. And I get encouraged when I hear this, some
people comes in and they don’t know what the problem is, but they’ll say, you know, it’s
not me, it’s just like I’m something in me. Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot too. And they feel it driving them, they don’t
know what the it is. Sometimes it’s very encouraging to be open
to say, look, it’s a spirit, a demonic spirit behind. That’s the it. It’s there and know, let’s get rid of that. And so our process, we ministered to people, we just don’t go for one spirit. It’s, we try to get them prepared and call
out and take them through deliverance to get free from a lot of things. Which depression can be one of them, Lincoln,
they network together so that can try to keep a person down. And especially with that list from what we
just read from Wikipedia, you can see there’s a lot of things that play into it. Certainly sickness. I mean, that’s a big, big thing, loss of loss
of activity or loss of a job. Those are all very large things, family member’s
loss of a spouse. Um, we see people holding onto the past that
come in for that sort of thing. And so, you know, if it goes on too long,
I mean, there’s a time for everything. There’s a time for grieving and there’s a
season for that. I mean, Moses only had 30 days before we had
to cross the crossover writer. You know, they only had 30 days to grieve,
Moses’s last before they crossed over. Um, but I don’t know. This is, uh, this is good. This is kin Abraham. Got that one wrong. Sorry, go ahead. Um, and I think it’s important to have for
some contrast here. You know, we’re talking about deliverance
and strongholds. And once again, just to emphasize there’s
not spirits behind every problem in a person’s life. And you know, people are going to be depressed
and feel depressed in, you know, some of the mind things can help. But Gosh, you know, that spirit, if it’s there
and the only remedy is really getting going through. And so we’ve had people come through who now. Yeah, that’s true. And, and getting, getting off of their medications,
working with their doctors to do that. And then when, as you said, and it’s so important
because of the linkage between the body and the soul, when you get free from the spirits
and the Solo, a lot of the physical and um, so called medical physical issues and healings
can come. Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah. We’ve had a, we’ve had some people that have
come in. I know that I’m one of the, one of the ladies
came in that she had just grown up. I’m always depressed, never really. She grew up over across the waters, um, but
always having a weight of happiness and sadness on her that was not necessarily identifiable,
but she had great losses and never seem to get what you wanted and was treated harshly. She was treated more like a slave and her
family members. And, um, even when she started to get all
of the things that she wanted in life, you know, after, after she finally found in married
the right guy, and then, then she was still depressed and she came in for ministry and
um, but then she found that even after she had a child and that was the great desire
of her life, um, that, that spirit of depression wanted to come back. But it was, it was, it was something generational,
inner family bloodline. So that was something that had to be commanded
to go because it didn’t seem to matter what state she was in. Um, she was always in that place of what I
want. I’d never get, even though she was getting
it all, it just never seemed to always fall sort. There was always something that came in with
torment and that was the word she used to come in to steal her joy. And it was, it was systematic. No. So we can recognize that as a pattern. Like, you know, that’s typically what the
enemy will do. He’ll hits. It’s like you’re in a play and it, and it’s
the same. It’s the same play but with different people
in different seasons of your life and that’s what it was with her. And I’ve also had had a lot of, um, understanding
like people that are very self meditative, you know, like people that are internally
deep thinkers, analytical thinkers, a melon copy, temperaments, they tend, you know, you
can get into some self pity and I think honestly, you know, Henry Wright talks about this, but
he says that self pity is the, is the, is the bond or the glue that bonds you to hell. And I, and I really think it does because
I think that, that self pity when you focus on yourself and you think so much of yourself
and what’s what you’re not getting or what you should be having or what you’ve lost,
that’s, it’s really hard to say, but it’s selfishness and self pity and it’s rooted
in a spirit of pride because you’re focusing more on yourself than you are anyone else. And uh, and boy, I tell you what, I’m, that
spirit will come right in with depression if you’re really just meditating on yourself
an awful lot. So, you know, I’ve had people that have come
in with that and I prayed for them to break any spirit of self pity and when I called
that spirit of self self pity off of them, two of them in a row just collapsed right
over like a rock, like a thud. And then, you know, we were able to call out
the other spirits that came along and along with it. But yeah, that’s that self, that self spirit
is something else. Some, some things that I’ve also seen that
are interesting on people that come in that are from large families or they’ve got working
parents where there’s younger siblings. The first born child seems to get stuck with
some of the responsibility for child raising and you’ll see if that starts really early
on, like it’s a five or six years old. There’s this mothering thing that they take
on where they have to mother and that ungodly responsibility that comes on them, um, early
causes them to feel like a failure. Like they couldn’t, you know, they didn’t
do it right. And just because the siblings don’t usually
end up perfect. If you’re being raised by a six year old,
that failure thing comes in, that sadness comes in that they didn’t, you know, and then
that spirited depression comes in and you’ll see children who have to pick up ungodly mothering
at a very early age. They’re depressed as adults. So if, if you’ve, you know, because a lot
of times what we’ll hear in counseling is, I don’t know, I’ve just had this overwhelming
spirit of sadness ever since I was young and you know, one of my clients even brought me
in a picture of her at lake 13 and she was sitting there with all of her siblings and
she looked so sad. I mean all of them were smiling and she was
so sad and she said, see, I was even sad at 13. And I said, well, you had four siblings that
you raised for your mom while she was. She goes, yeah, I had a parent full time for
my mom. And she said, you, I never had any fun. I never got to have any fun when I was little. And so we knew the route where that spirit
of depression came in because she wasn’t allowed to be a child. So that was a hard one to responsibility. Sometimes they’ll try to self medicate and
maybe as an aside because it talks about, but it seems to be a greater problem generally
in this whole issue of postpartum depression. Oh, that was a big one for me. Hearing about it a lot. And I’m not a medical person here, but maybe,
maybe some of that’s, you know, there’s dynamics to that. Maybe it is because a woman’s chemicals all
go sideways. Yeah. Hormones all go sideways. I didn’t sleep for four months after either
one of my children, but sometimes it might be a physical thing and getting the hormones
back in balance. And it usually has the most people that go
to kind of passes or most women. But, but in many people that just seems to
linger after the ambulance story too. That’s pretty interesting. I think with, with um, depression. Um, one of my clients was very, very to April
as a small child. She always remembered yourself being extremely
happy and very joyful. But her mom had said over the pregnancy that
she was miserable being pregnant. She, her pregnancy was miserable and then
when this little girl was born and she come to mom, constantly told the little girl, you’re
just miserable. You’re miserable little girl. And the little girl said, I’m just a happy
little girl. And so she said that she remembered she was
in like fourth or fifth grade and about that time she was at school and she was really
happy and then all of a sudden it just hit her. I shouldn’t be happy. I should be miserable. And it was at that moment she said she came
into agreement with the words that were spoken over her and she became miserable and depressed
and sad. And so, you know, anytime you do you speak
over your children with words like that, you know, they’ve gotta be broken because the
children eventually will probably come into agreement with you as an authoritative parent. Right? And those words, people will speak it over
themselves to hear on my depression, my depression will take ownership of who they are. That is not workers. Your where I am. That’s a you two powerful words. I am depressed. I am. You know, it’s no good. Just comes from proper or improper understanding
of the whole the spirit realm and who we are in the natural realm and our relationship
to it in Christ more than conquerors that Jesus has won the victory over the demonic
realm. One of the reasons he came was to destroy
the works of the devil for a demonic stronghold, deliverance, deliverance, and they’d been
in counseling for depression and other issues for years, but then I get the victory. So if there’s a spirit of depression there
than you that you need to get delivered from that one way or the other competent ministry
or some way somehow getting set free from that spirit of, of, of, of depression. We can, we can, we can work with people in
counseling a whole lot easier after deliverance. Demonic spirits involved, right? Well that’s it. And after the limited capacity that we have
to be prepared at, the Bible says for when the spirit of trying to come back to the house
because the devils are going to try to return and it’s a matter of the battlefield is the
mind. So being able to do that. We’ve pet podcast on that and other topics
on that, but the whole room is being able to discern and resist these spirits, including
his spirit of depression when it comes back to the house. So that’s an important part of the of the
of the equation. Any key takeaways or anything? Finally you’d like to always provide the deliver. I think we’ve kind of unearth to that. Depression has a lot of feeder lines that
come into it. You know it’s a big and a lot of spirits are
involved with it. A lot of things and if you in and you can
go through deliverance, then you’ll be able to get that freedom and start to work on a
lot of the other life issues that perhaps they’re still very evident in your life. But God is faithful. He has given us a way in a way out for the
body of Christ. It is. And I would, I would just add to that, that
it’s one thing to get delivered and you get removed from the spirits and the mind is the
battlefields and when the thoughts come, you’re being better able to resist those, take them
captive. And yes, you know, a part that’s where counseling
you can act on council. People can need to start, make walking on
the path that God has for them and maybe making him proper boundaries and good decisions,
bad things are happening in your life and you have to the extent you can. You need to fix those and do those things. And sometimes just for people moving on a
path and knowing they’re doing the right things can help with that process and that’s been
counseling can help and so, but you’re able to act on the council and when those bowels
and do the things that when the demonic tournament is gone. And that’s why we always encourage the people
look at if you’ve got a battle with this, you try to, with depression, um, and you haven’t
gotten the victim Ghosh, considered deliverance. I mean, finally, good competence, delivering
competent deliverance ministry somewhere. Get some help in the spirit realm. If you want to contact us, you’ve got our
information there, we’d be happy to work with you. Um, but you, the important thing is getting
free and let him know that there’s hope in know, it’s just not something God’s put on
you that you can be free. And that’s why Jesus came. We hope you’ve enjoyed this podcast. We love to hear from you. We enjoy the feedback that we are getting
from folks. Um, and in fact, I got one just recently or
I appreciate so much from a listener who said, you know, Don, can you talk a lot? You talk very fast and you know, I haven’t
been clocked at three or 400 words a minute with gusts up to 600. I know I can talk quickly. So that’s why even today I’ve tried to consciously
focus on talking more slowly in making [inaudible] we want you to understand this clearly and
I, we appreciate the comments. We have ideas for topics, um, go to our website
and be You’ll see a tab there, a way to get to the
deliverance ministry dot F, I’m sorry, deliverance ministry dot FM. That’s our itunes. I’m station if you like, and if you leave
a review for us on Itunes, we’ll send you a free gift. So there’s information on how to do that there. We would very much appreciate if you would
leave a review and post a review for us on itunes. One other bit of information if you want to
get access to a lot of our free resources in terms of articles and blogs that we’ve
written on podcasts like this and others, powerpoints, youtube videos, sign up for our
resource library. It’s completely free. You can find the tabs for that on the amd
counseling website, [inaudible] dot com website, and also on the academy. Just look under resources. Sign up. It’s totally free to resource it is. We put everything in one place trying to make
it easy, and we’re going to continue to add to it, so hope you’ve enjoyed this. Once again, please keep in touch with us. We appreciate you very much. We appreciate the feedback that we’re getting
and we want to just continue to hopefully bring good content to you, so thank you for

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