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[MUSIC PLAYING] [INTERPOSING VOICES] MICHELLE HAMMER: Hi. I’m Michele Hammer and I have schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a mental illness that changes the way you think, feel, and act. It’s broken down into three separate categories, positive, negative, and cognitive. Positive symptoms don’t mean they’re a good thing. It’s an add-on to your normal behavior, things like hallucinations, delusions, and voices. SPEAKER 1: You know, I had so many ghosts and shadows inside of my mind. SPEAKER 2: A demon was perching on the end of my bed. MICHELLE HAMMER: Negative symptoms take away from your behavior. SPEAKER 3: I showed no emotion and I was just totally out of it. MICHELLE HAMMER: Cognitive symptoms make it hard to pay attention and hard to focus. SPEAKER 4: Your brain is just racing. It can’t stop. SPEAKER 5: The pathology of these illnesses has only become recently understood. MICHELLE HAMMER: Schizophrenia’s different for everyone. My symptoms aren’t like everybody else’s. My first symptom of schizophrenia was pretty much just zoning out, thinking I was in a different place. Then, it turned into kind of voices in my head. They just plagued me over and over again. I thought my mother was trying to hurt me. I didn’t know what to do about anything, because I thought everyone had it out for me. So I didn’t know who to go to for help. Sometimes I kind of hear a voice more coming from the right side of my head saying, like– Everyone hates you. Stop what you’re doing. Don’t do anything. Nothing. While there’s kind of like the other side of me that’s kind of arguing back with the voice. Don’t worry about anything. Chill. Just chill. Breathe. Chill. Just chill. You can get through it. And it’s kind of just like the thing is who’s gonna win, who’s gonna win, who’s gonna win. When I take my medicine, the good side wins. I mean, living in the city and having schizophrenia is interesting, just because I do hear voices as I’m walking down the street. So in my head I’m thinking of the person talking to me. But then, I start talking back to the person. And then, maybe I’ll snap out of it, look around, and like five people are staring at me. But mostly I kind of just get plagued by thoughts that are just so repetitive in my head and they just go around over and over and over again, when really you just want them to be nice and quiet and silent. All through high school, I had this really crazy paranoid delusion that my mother was trying to kill me. Every time she went to try to get me to a therapist or anything, because she knew something wasn’t right, I always thought she was trying to ruin my life. So when I went to college, I thought I was free of her. And everything was great. And then, all of a sudden, my best friend, my roommate, I started thinking the exact same things about her. So realizing that I had the problem was, like, the start of the entire thing. And that was the hardest thing to do, I think, realizing there was a problem. At 18, I was told I was bipolar. But I kind of knew that diagnosis was incorrect. So at 22, I spoke to a different doctor. And I was more honest with him and he diagnosed me with schizophrenia. And that was like the best thing that ever happened to me, because he got me on the right medication and I feel as good as I can possibly feel right now. SPEAKER 2: I finally told a therapist about what was going on with me. I had all these problems and I finally had a name for them. SPEAKER 6: Over time, we’ve realized that mental illness is nothing more than physical illness. Talk to as many people as you can. Don’t be ashamed. Don’t be judgmental. MICHELLE HAMMER: I see a psychiatrist every other week. And we just kind of talk about things that are going on. Mostly I just share really silly stories with him and we just laugh a lot, when really he’s measuring just my mood. That’s what I know that he’s doing. For my medication, I take seven daily medications, six in the morning and one at night. The ones in the morning just get me ready for the day, get me focused, make it so I can get out of bed without having a horrible day. And the one at night just keeps me kind of level, knocks me out, and let me have a good sleep without completely panicking in the middle of the night. SPEAKER 2: It can be very lonely having schizophrenia, the paranoia, the fear, the voices, everything that goes along with it. SPEAKER 5: The compliance with medications is gonna ultimately lead to a recovery and your son or daughter can not only be OK, but they can be great again. MICHELLE HAMMER: It took a process of almost 10 years to get me on the right medication. But I’m glad that I finally am. People think that just because you’re on medicine that the voices will completely stop. But you just can’t stop the voices. With medication, it’s more positive listening. It’s more just zoning out. As long as I’m not thinking of negative, horrible things. SPEAKER 7: My soul was leaking out of my body. SPEAKER 1: I just saw a human being, empty. MICHELLE HAMMER: I’m good. So you can’t turn the voices off. You can just make them to what you prefer to hear. SPEAKER 1: Be conscious of something that will take your attention from that negative situation into a positive one. And you know, it takes a lot of discipline, but little by little, it becomes a habit. MICHELLE HAMMER: One in five New Yorkers has a mental health issue, but people don’t talk about it, because of all the stigma. SPEAKER 3: There is still a lot of stigma, but people are starting to understand it a little bit better. MICHELLE HAMMER: Kind of like a big reason why I started my clothing line was that I was on the subway and I looked down the subway train and there was a homeless schizophrenic guy just talking to himself. And I noticed it was the same exact mannerisms as I do it. So I kind thought to myself, what’s the difference between me and this guy. And I realized if I didn’t have my friends, my family, my doctor I could so easily be in his position. Part of the reason I started my whole business was to just tell everybody that I have schizophrenia. Showing people you can live a completely normal life, medicated, and be a completely normal person. And my whole thing is, if everyone would just kind of tell people that they have a mental illness, there wouldn’t be so much a stigma. There really shouldn’t be any stigma. That needs to go away. Mental illness is so common. How can there be so much stigma? So I kind of wanted to do something that could raise awareness, give back to the mentally ill, homeless community, and just kind of make a difference. Hi. How are you guys doing? Schizophrenic NYC was all made by me, schizophrenic New Yorker, trying to change the way New York City sees mental health, especially the mentally ill homeless. Donate a portion of the profits to help them out. Yeah. I just pack up my bag. I wheel it over to my shop every Saturday. And I just sell my merch. And I talk to amazing people. Yesterday, I met two people that work in a psych ward. We had the greatest conversation about psych wards. They totally bought something from me and they took my card and they’re like, we love what you’re doing. This is so great. Mental health professionals love what I’m doing. They always think it’s great. I’ve gotten negative reactions. Like one lady came up to my booth last year and says, I can’t believe you would name a business this. This is offensive and I’m a mental health advocate and this is offensive. And she took my flyer and ran away. And I was like, can I tell you about it. I’m a mental health advocate too. And she just ran away. And I was like, isn’t that stigma? Aren’t you judging me before I even tell you about it? Stigma right there. This shirt’s pretty awesome. It’s not a delusion. You are incredible. Some common questions that I get is what medications are you on. Mostly by people in the mental health field. They want to know. Other common questions are like how to handle somebody in a crisis. I mean, definitely never tell them that they’re wrong. Don’t try to take away their feelings. You always have to be sympathetic. I would try to convince them that they should seek professional help. Find a good doctor. Find the meds that work. If you try hard enough and you really want to fix it, you can. Don’t take your medication, feel better, and then think you don’t need your medication anymore. It took a lot of pride that I had to say, I need medication and I’m just gonna take it. SPEAKER 2: My advice to someone who’s going through it is be honest. If you keep telling people you’re fine, they’ll believe it. SPEAKER 1: I believe there is a component beyond medical treatment that it has to be with education and creating positive voices that can influence and override the negative ones. SPEAKER 8: Just because they have schizophrenia, doesn’t mean that they can’t be someone who will contribute to society, who can make the world a better place.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. My birthmother had schizophrenia. I lived with her until the age of 4. Then I went to live with my grandparents.

  2. I have not been diagnosed with Schizophrenia but I strongly believe I have it. I remember my (probable) first hallucination back in second grade. I excused myself from class to go use the restroom and while I was in there I swear I saw my twin sister. Only problem though, was that my sister was dead. I saw her in there 3 times, all lasting for a second or till I looked away. From then it only got worse. I started to hear voices calling out my name. I started to never respond to my name being called cause I didn’t know if it was real or not. In 4th grade I heard a loud roaring sound coming from the hall. I was so confused but no one else seemed to hear it. In 4th or 5th grade my next major hallucination happened. It was the middle of the night and I was sleeping in my bed. I woke suddenly having that feeling that someone is watching me. (My bed is pushed against a wall) I turned away from the wall and towards my room to see a woman in a dress, completely white and partly transparent at the side of my bed staring down at me. Just watching. Ever since I’ve been scared to turn over in a bed. In 6th grade I had my most traumatic yet. I was home alone just finishing a shower. I opened the curtain to see a male, completely black. I mean a solid color, smiling at me. He only lasted a second but I swear I almost screamed. I quickly got out of the shower, went to my room, and cried. Now I hesitate ever time to open the shower curtain. Since the beginning I’ve seen people from the corner of my eye looking at me. I have those hallucinations a few times a day. I have developed anxiety and paranoia. I’ve become scared to walk around in the dark, open a door, or walk past a window cause I don’t know if I’ll see someone looking at me. I am now in high school and I have yet to tell my parents any of this. I found out about a month ago that my dad thinks all schizophrenics are mentally insanity people. I’m most likely going to tell them when I move out of the house. I have never thought of committing suicide and I will continue to live life as I can. All I can hope is that I will be excepted and loved for who I am. I am not my mental illness, and I will prove that.

  3. Well I’m old school schizophrenic. 43 years old.. so let me tell ya. How many mental hospitals have Been in? Me 7 thank god they closed down. My point is the shit they to people in their was crazy like raping women the staff. They would just shoot you in ass with so much thorazine you would wake up days later drooling all over your self locked up in a jail cell type room strapped with restraints . Nothing you can do . So sometimes they just let ya piss and shit your self . And list goes on … so you say medicine okay .old school medicine only fried your brain even more. See look at all mind control drugs you take. You don’t have the luxury of being trapped in your mind.Period. Have you ever been locked up for years? That shit will just make you crazier 😎

  4. you are lucky can take your meds and jus go out. i sleep 12 hours straight. i cannot function on meds.

  5. Yup sounds pretty accurate i thinks theres severities of schizophrenia shes brave and badass 🙏✌💓

  6. Repent of your sins to Jesus Christ before its too late and inherit the Love of unimaginable graciousness from Jesus

  7. Thank you for sharing your story and leading as an example of a true success. Your story inspires me to do more for the population we work with within our community.

  8. So I have schizophrenia and I showed this to my friends because they don’t understand anything I’m telling them

  9. drugs are not worth it and the drs do NOT CARE about your health. these meds make you sick in other ways and weak and no the drs will force you. i speak from my ow experience

  10. This video. Wow. I apparently don’t know how to express feelings in words right now, but thank you Michelle & everyone else involved. As someone with multiple mental health issues including psychosis, the whole thing (including the cinematography) reflected such a deep level of understanding that really let me feel felt… thank you.

  11. Webmd if u see this please put a trigger warning at the beginning of this.
    I am schizophrenic, and altho with medicine I am basically symptom free I still have ptsd and could not finish this video

  12. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia my junior year of high school in 2015. Back then and even still now I want to be a rapper, but coming to terms with my illness makes it seem like thats not possible. I used to have delusions thinking that famous rappers were dissing me in their songs, which now I find comical. I live in Connecticut and want to move to nyc like this lady and just rap on the streets or start a business of some kind like hers. I believe I can become a successful rapper, even if the rap game has no idea who I am. I rap about my mental illness in my songs and hope I can bring entertainment to the mental health community. Catch me in Times Square in a few years spitting some fire bars lol

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  14. Women are horrible to each other. She’s lucky that she has a male psychiatrist. Nobody likes female psychiatrists. Men AND women want male psychiatrists. 😂

  15. Hello sir/madam, I'm Kiran.
    My brother was suffering schzerphinia from past 2 years, since 2 yrs back, 3-4 years he smoked weed and some other powerful stuff, at the same time he got Dengue fever serverly suddenly he stopped taking weed and all other stuff, we noticed that after laying off from hospital getting cured from Dengue. He started tourturing my parents that they are listing what he ia thinking in mind. And fear only satying in dark room, suspicious thoughts voices from head. After 2 years we forcedly admitted to him in Schzerphinia clinic. It's almost 8th month running, I'm just planning to keep him separate from my native place. Planning on like(i got job in different place which has beautiful places, my brother and me are going to stay together, my problem is I'm going to office 10-7, or some other shifts) other time I can keep him busy with my talking. And taking him out,

    DOUBT is.
    Can I leave him in house alone for 6-7 hrs .

  16. Damn took me long to find out and not as frequent like daily to realize I'm fighting myself or someone, like it's replaying a scene

  17. My dad was diagnosed bipolar schizophrenia and he would hear voices but, was incredibly intelligent…people viewed him as a saint….he saw the world in a different perceptional reality than everyone around him…unfortunately he died at 45… but, now I have the same problems as him ….I started a self help channel here on YouTube to help others through transpersonal therapy….and I'm so happy that you did this video and you are raising awareness….cheers to you luv…keep inspiring

  18. I had schizophrenia for years without knowing it, it was like my own voice would tell me every little thing, I didn't think much of it because it sounded like me it thought just like me but it had its own real voice in my head. I no longer have this voice in my head its still there but it in the background.. I'd love to help every single person the same way the voice in my head saved me. Please reach out

  19. ik everyone can have different levels of schizophrenia but honestly compared to someone i kno that has schizophrenia, these people are so lucky. my friend is gone now. i will always remember the last time i hung out with him doing all the same normal shit we did our whole lives. i saw him a couple weeks later and he seemed different but i thought he was just having a bad day or just simply didnt feel like talking that much. then i saw him a week after that. it was clear something happened but i still didnt think it was something in his brain, i just thought something major happened in his life and although i was really worried, i thought it would eventually go away and he would bounce back. weeks turned to months, and now a year. he hasnt bounced back. i only see him occasionally because hes not interested in socializing anymore. and he isnt the same person. not like when someone becomes depressed or different like that. hes literally a different person, like i kno its him but i also kno thats not the person i knew. and he even physically is looking different. its just weird and so sad. i miss him so much cuz that was one of my favorite people and now its like his dead. hes basically a walking dead person. and it only makes me feel worse that theres nothing i can do, and that the real him is trapped somewhere in his head getting tortured and probly screaming for help, but i cant hear it. they say usually it only gets better, but after a year its only got worse. but i still hope and pray he'll bounce back. although he may never, i know and firmly believe that anybody can fully recover and bounce back from schizophrenia. ik doctors say u can never fully recover but i KNOW u can. i miss u bruh

  20. Dear friends watch the powerful discourses of HDH Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam to live our life without of stress https://www.youtube.com/user/LifeBlissFoundation

  21. It's similar to severe ADHD..without movement , ADD.. I use to say i don't wish it upon Satan!!!!! It is the cruelest illness on the PLANET

  22. I have a friend who claims to be schizophrenic. He fills himself up with meds, marijuana and cigarettes and doesn't complain about anything.

  23. silence is golden. satan is destroying your mind. if you believed in God, you would understand, if your catholic your in a cult.

  24. satan helps me to, i've been out of my body, i've been to 2 places at once. i am tormented horribly. i reject satan and his help. i scream at him. i have lost my life for this. no medicine helps

  25. I work with people with different mental disorders; Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder etc… And when I started working there I was soooo scared. I thought it was going to be like a scary movie but I proved myself wrong. I had a lot of prejudice. It's shocking to see what movies can do to us and how people who suffer this can be seen as crazy or murderers without mercy…. and how society as a whole has a lot of negative connotations on mental issues. This is really far from the actual truth…. I really love everyone of my patients now that I see daily. I know what a mental sickness really is. I grew to see them as they are and I feel sorry for them. Even beyond their critical momentums, they can be very good hearted and grateful when the crisis goes away. Mental Illnesses are truly a pain in the ass for them and the medication sometimes has side effects that are shitty as well.

  26. This is for anyone suffering from any mental or physical illness.

    Yes it is hard for some people to cope with your illness, but if the people in your life are anything like me they wouldn't trade you for anything in the universe. We will love you for who you are, we will do what we can to help you, we will never give up on you especially in the times you feel like giving up on yourself. Never be ashamed to seek help, never be ashamed to tell people who you are and what comes with you.

    For those who don't have mental or physical illness, please stop being judgemental. Take a step back and ask yourself why you judge instead of choose to be kind, why you choose to be close minded when opening your mind can bring so much knowledge and peace.

    Let's make this world seem a little more tolerable, together.

  27. It sucks constantly believing people are talking about you and your thoughts. Whispers or paranoid delusions that terrible people are everywhere. Top of the iceberg. I'm diagnosed schizoaffective depressive type with generalized anxiety.

  28. I would love to buy a shirt from you! Please make it available online!
    I'm a mental health advocate too and is currently battling to overcome my own problems so seeing this is just a wonderful way to spread more awareness ♥️.

  29. Hi I`m trying to start a wave to teach people primarily schizophrenics about the diagnostic because people insist on spreading misinformation about auditory hallucinations. So my main issue is censorship because yes even though I can avoid vulgar language my comments still get removed simply because I share my experience which they choose to be offended by. One of the reasons my comments are removed is because I say something psychiatrists and the friends and relatives of the person with the disorder don`t want me to say, which is the fact that the schizophrenic doesn`t have auditory hallucinations. The diagnostic is given to people with low confrontation skills that also happen to be loners with a fear of being thought of as insane., that`s actually the diagnostic: a lack in social ability, no joke. They think the person with the disorder is highly sensitive and needs to be told he or she is hallucinating when someone is insulting them, even if the insults come constantly with a shit load of people participating because hey people aren´t pyranhas it´s just the imagination of the one with the disorder, go figure it out, marginalize someone who fears marginalization, I´ve seen it reach some obscene lengths as one could easily imagine in scenarios like that. So another part of the disorder that some have is they think people hear their thoughts, and they are partially right lol, they constantly whisper and they don´t realize it, this part of the disorder can be proved to the one with the disorder, for the other one they just need to understand they hear and get used to listening to low level sound, it´s also a sign they don´t socialize alot just like every other thing that makes them schizo.

  30. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there with schizophrenia!! I'm crying right now because I'm not alone!! Thanks you for this video

  31. I have heard voices before but it was from spirit and not the same of having schizophrenia

  32. My voices were smarter than I am. They tricked me. The psychotronic, kid you not, are annoying. How does that even happen? I have more negative and cognitive issues than anything else. Oh, and when I'm not busy, I think everyone is out to get me or following me. I think about it slowly and can usually talk myself out of it.

  33. I can’t wait till the day when science will realize and study people with schizophrenia and study Their ability to sense other dimensions

  34. I can help. It’s natural supplements and some other products that are natural. I have lots of info and can show you some testimonials etc. Brandichilders.Myqsciences.Com

  35. I never heard voices in my head. I heard them outside my head physically like if I was talking and hearing a normal person that you can see and they were male voices and I hated every male around me and thought that every man was out to hurt me and physically abuse me and I still feel that even though I'm stable now and on the right meds. I still hear demons calling my name when I'm at work and they sound like my managers or co-workers and they tell me that nobody was calling me. Sometimes the voice sounds deep, dark, and so evil like if there coming from hell. I hear my name being called physically like with a real person. I just haven't told anybody until now.

  36. How can I convince someone I love to get help…? It's so heartbreaking. "Its the CIA slowly cooking my brain. I'm not allowed to talk about it." Its been years now.. He won't believe anything its anything else.

  37. Not my place to say this, but please don’t feel overwhelmed. Even if you have these symptoms, it’s not you.
    I hope it only gets better for you.

  38. I have major depression, ptsd and anxiety disorder. Some days are horrible others are amazing. But I am a work in progress. I'm just so glad I was finally diagnosed properly

  39. It really piss me off when my mind can't shutdown! You think possitive and try to improve yourself, but in the next morning it's the opossite. Insomnia, depression, anxiety. Only pills make me feel like keep living. I need a new diagnostic, I wasn't very honest with my first doctor. A mental illness can't ruin our life, keep strong my friends!

  40. My sister suffers from it. I’ve tried talking to her. It’s like talking to a drunk three year old. Her thought process is totally ruined at this point. She’s gone decades without medication. I’m thinking at this point she’s probably suffered some type of permanent damage. What she’s says is totally against reality. I want to help her but just don’t know how. The only thing left is to have her arrested and taken into custody. And then evaluated. That’s what we had to do 15-20 years ago. She spent 3 months in a state mental hospital. Upon her release,she took the meds for about 3 months and stopped. It’s been downhill every since. She’s lost about everything. Can someone help me? My greatest fear is if I have her taken into custody by law enforcement. She’s going to fight, and heaven forbid try to harm a officer and get shot. I couldn’t live with that. Just don’t know what to do….

  41. Everyone has a terminal illness. The wages of sin (to all of us) is DEATH.

    Mental health is promoted by living a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet and exercise and community. Preferably a bible believing church and reading God's word. If possible seek out a deliverance minister. Stay away from religions and cults especially Jehovah's false witnesses, Mormons, Roman Catholicism, Atheist groups.

    Jesus offers the opposite of religion; he offers life and life eternal. He offers forgiveness of sins.

    It's essential that you are reading God's word regularly and give your burdens to Jesus

  42. People with scitzophrenia and other genetic disorders need God in their lives to help them combat these demons that literally manifest themselves like ghosts in a haunted house

  43. I definitely find myself talking to myself and having conversations I realize now make no sense to others. Maybe I'm just a weirdo?

  44. There's no such thing as shizophrenia. Thomas Szász, R. D. Laing, Andrew Feldmar have prooved it. We have the word: unicorn but there's no such thing as a unicorn. We have words: schisophrenia, mental ilness, etc but things like those don't exist. It is very important because we experience reality through language first of all. Those who are labeld as mentally ill are victims of materialist, global-capitalist society, and usually are locked up according to their pearent's wish not because they have a problam in their head. It is obvious. So sad that even today many people still think that a man can be ill mentally. Many people don't even care what is good and what is bad. We all were hipnotized by our pearents as childreen. Because they were everything for us as a child. If our perents were autocrtas, we had to live with tham. There was no choice. Enlightment is the moment when one realizes that his/her perents were assholes and the contact between he/she and his/her relatives (because all the people who didn't care this also were not relatives anymore) was like the contact between my shoe and the pavement: means nothing. To coop with such a thing is harder than saing: I am scizophren, I am mentally ill. In my point of view the only way tho change is makeing contact with good people through so calld teraphy and tearphy is not a science (psychology is not science) it is the simple way a person spend time with another person. That's it. It is etics and politics but not helth issue. Those who deny existence of evil become evil automaticly. Hallutination: who can tell what is reality? What is normal? Is the world we live in is normal? Come on! It is politics!

  45. https://www.shambhalahealingtools.com/Buddha-Maitreya-Etheric-Weaver-Pendants-s/26.htm#

    Anybody with anxiety, depression or need a overall boost to mental body and soul please go check out that link

  46. Can somebody that’s actually diagnosed with schizophrenia please tell me if the medication their taking actually helps or has made the problem worse i would appreciate any feedback


  48. What is most important to realise is that all human behaviour is on a spectrum & schizophrenia, bipolar, borderline personality disorder etc are just at an extreme end. Everyone has voices in their head to a degree – usually self talk like “urgh you look so ugly” or “wow that looks good on me”. But they are extreme in someone with schizophrenia & are like separate entities instead of just being part of yourself. Medication can make a huge difference once you find one (or more) with the effects you want & side effects you can live with. That can take time to achieve, but since everyone’s body & brain chemistry is somewhat unique, you need to persevere with finding the right one, because not everyone reacts the same way to every medication.
    And even though the voices won’t necessarily go away all together (because a degree of it is actually normal), you can train yourself to give positive self-talk instead of destructive, negative self-talk & greatly improve life. Reach out for help. And if you don’t click with the first person you try, don’t give up. If you walk into a room of 100 strangers, you won’t like or feel comfortable with all of them, much less feel able to spill your deepest darkest secrets. But keep trying & there will be someone who gets you & who can help you. And even the ones you don’t gel with straight away can help you get medication you need.
    And the best way to ensure someone can understand & help you as an individual, is to talk as much as you can do you can explain how you see the world & exactly what you’re struggling with & what your support mechanisms are. Most importantly, don’t give up! While you’re alive, life can be better

  49. Prayers & fasting DO NOT heal mental illness 🙄 It’s funny how these religious nuts never have any account history – almost like they’re Jehovah’s witnesses, mormons or members of some other religion whose mission is to “spread the [fake] word” & look for vulnerable people like those expressing their feelings about schizophrenia to try to indoctrinate with lies

  50. Mentally illness is epidemic it will be worse than AIDS.Noone knows how someone gets it, or if you have it,or even to how prevent it.

  51. With the right diagnosis, Schizophrenia can be detected other than the common saying of " he is possessed by demons/ she is possessed by demons".

  52. With the right diagnosis, Schizophrenia can be detected other than the common saying of " he is possessed by demons/ she is possessed by demons".

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