We Need to Talk About Depression

(soft instrumental music)>>It’s a feeling of
sadness, of overwhelmed, of poor me or even wanting to give up or don’t wanna participate,
don’t wanna go anywhere. Things that your normally do and you don’t wanna do it anymore.>>I also was starting to
experience panic attacks. And I’d feel a sense coming over me that I could pass out.>>So I think of depression as a pervasive and sustained change in mood. So the pervasive part is that
it colors your whole life. It colors your interactions
with people at work, at home, when you’re by yourself,
and sustained means that it’s there when you
wake up in the morning. It’s there when you go to bed at night, and it’s there for weeks
or even months at a time.>>Substance abuse just
went hand in hand between with discomfort and
anxiety and depression. Self deprecating, self
loathing feelings I think have been pretty deeply
ingrained in me for a long time.>>It was very frightening. My mom’s symptoms were unbalancedness. She might fall up the steps
or fall down the steps. I remember driving with
her, her reaction was off. So the stop sign could be here, she would stop a little bit
further out of the stop sign. So it was a little scary.>>Depression is really a
bad news good news story. The bad news is it’s a terrible illness. It can cripple, it can kill. The good news is it’s a
highly treatable condition. There’s reason for hope
if you’re depressed.>>When you’re in a deep depression you may not think that you
deserve to feel better, and so it may take some
of your life to recognize that you’re not doing
well to kind of push you to get up and get the help. But certainly it is treatable. We have medications to treat it. We have psychotherapy, as I mentioned. The thorough evaluation is important, asking a lot of questions,
taking a good history to find out what is the
cause of depression.>>About 1/2 of all people
respond to the first medication that they’re trying on, but
sometimes it takes trying a couple of medications. If you don’t respond after
many medication trials usually it’s three to
five medication trials then you start looking at
other treatment options. (soft instrumental music)>>There was a big thing about stigma. I think that was also one of the things that we didn’t share freely with everyone. It’s just that you think
it’s your own personal story and no one else can understand. People will look at
your totally different.>>I am somebody who is
very involved with my church and faith is absolutely a driving factor in a lot of things that I do. And this did not at all feel
like one of those things that if I keep praying about it, somehow a solution will appear or some higher being will
come and help me with this. There’s more to this than
what I’ve been taught or what I’ve been told, and that was a big ah-ha moment for me.>>Stigma is the ultimate piece of why the African-American church
still in its own faith frowns on those that have mental illness. And it’s not really well dealt with. And it’s something that we really need to pay a lot of attention to. How are we doing at this point in time?>>It’s from the faith perspective that understands that when we
share what is at our depth, when we share what is troubling us, when we call out and ask for help from those that we’re close to and from our community of support, that is not a sign of a lack of faith, but actually it’s a sign of a deep faith in trusting that community to be able to provide the support and trusting those who are close to us to be
able to provide that support.>>And when I got to the
place where the medication started balancing me out I got a chance to hear things and see clearer. Then the therapy kicked in and
the balance and the clarity and the hearing and the thinking allowed me to see the results.>>It was like kind of awkward at first because I was kind of resistant of therapy for a long time before that,
but after like two sessions it was like, yeah, no, I needed this. This is great.>>I found out from going to those classes that it had to be me that
wanted to get better. It had to be me. The first medication made
me very weak and nauseated. So we kept trying different things until I started to feel better. It didn’t happen overnight.>>Things got better
every time I surrendered in another level. Every time I stopped fighting every time I trusted that people
were trying to help me. I trusted that I couldn’t
handle all of this on my own. And sort of accepted that I really needed to tackle everything now
and take it seriously.>>I’m absolutely one of those people who, when I feel better sometimes
I stop taking my medication and that’s something that I can admit because I think that
people need to recognize that that is a real thing,
not that it’s a good thing, but it happens and it’s easy
to fall into that pattern. And so some of that transition
between psychiatrists has been because of me. Some of it has been
because of disagreements in the way I’m being treated, but having a therapist who pushes me to always find someone new or make sure that I’m staying on top of
that has bene very helpful.>>I have that great sense of hope because I see the stories
of people’s lives every day. And those stories of hope of people who have gone to the depths
and experienced depression, of people who have faced
terrible addictions and that has brought them to a terribly
low place in their life, but now to see them
flourishing and actually to see what they’ve learned through that process, I think those are the
greatest signs of hope in every faith community. And I think it’s a great
sign of encouragement that we know the support is there. We know the healing is there,
and it’s awaiting those who just need to walk through that door.>>Even today sometimes
with life, just life I kinda get sad and down and out, but I have tools now that I use that I learned when I went
to the outpatient hospital. And I can use those tools
and they work for me.>>That’s what keeps me going,
knowing that I have potential and that there are things
that get in the way of that at times, but I want to
overcome those things and be the person to
say, I have depression and I have anxiety but that
didn’t stop me from doing XYZ.>>For a while I did feel
like being depressed, like that felt like my normal. Like I’d wake up, be depressed, and be like, yeah, this is life. But now I wake up feeling
OK and ready to do things and be productive, and
that feels good in itself.>>I feel like I have enough coping skills and I know what I need to do. I feel I will never again
feel as bad as I did.>>I’m going back and finishing college. I might have a really great
job I’m excited about. I have way deeper relationships
with everyone in my life. But it’s also, I get a lot of satisfaction from showing up to be of
service to other people. Being depressed or drinking or using, I spent most of my time
kind of trapped in wallowing in myself, and I get a
surprising amount of pleasure from just being able to actually
show up for other people. It’s like a very new experience for me.>>If I can just reach one
person for them to understand that this is not a story
for just one person. This story affects so many people. If you don’t have a person in your family you know of a person
who has a family member. I just want them to look at it a little differently and just understand, it is just like another illness, diabetes. The worst thing that you can do is go through this by yourself.>>I think there’s a
reluctance among most people to ask somebody about their health, and especially their mental health. So I think that we need to
give ourselves permission to reach out and help others. I think it’s at least nine
times out of 10 appreciated. And often it plays a critical role.>>There has to be an ongoing clarion call for the faith communities to come together and really know and understand
their role, our role in depression and mental health.>>The challenges in life
allowed me to face ’em and get through them so I can
see that life does get better. (laughs) That’s the thorn
that challenges the thorn. And the outcome of getting
through it is the rose. (soft instrumental music)

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  1. Hi all, thank you for reaching out to us. If anyone would like to request an appointment at one of our hospitals, please call 888-872-1408. Our specially trained medical concierges can arrange consultations or treatment plans with the most appropriate specialists. Johns Hopkins USA can also provide language interpretation, financial counseling, assistance with travel arrangements and anything else to help make Johns Hopkins feel as close to home as possible.

  2. Actually I'm 11 and I've had depression since I was 5. Yesterday I tried to cut with my razor in the shower it didn't work. I wanted it to work though I hate myself. My mom and dad are divorced. Its really hard. I got depression when I was 5 because I lived with my mom and we were happy but my dad would come home and hit my mother. I would scream stop at him but he wouldn't listen. Then I turned 5 and my dad took me away from my mom. I didn't like it I wanted to go to my mom she would always be there for me and my dad would never. Before I got tooken away my mom and we would play the beatles rock band. I played the drums and we were happy. There was one song called yesterday I never knew what it meant but that day I knew. All I knew about my dad was he would be mean to my mom he was like a monster to me. I had to live with him. Still to this day I have depression about the past and now because my dad says your mom brainwashed u and it was her fault I have depression. Its not true none of it is true. It was because of him. If my dad didn't take me I would not have depression. I've wanted to suicide but I remember about all the people who love me and would be sad if I died. I want to though I don't deserve it here. All I do is cry I never smile or laugh. I just cry and I barely talk to anyone. My friends have cut. Just some days I've tried to kill myself I would try to find a rope and I almost did once. I've been heart broken to I liked someone and they liked me but my older friends didn't want it to happen. They said all this stuff to him that wasn't true. I never knew why they would do that to their friend. That's why I have new friends. That care and have depression with me. So they know why I cry every night why I never talk why I never smile why I never laugh. Its hard but u come back to earth but something good will happen to you. Trust me. Nothing will happen good to me I have already had a horrible life. You need to have your life don't become me. I'm a waste of your time. Don't read this either. There is no reason to read it. I've always been horible at everything. The only thing that makes me happy is seeing my mom and I barely get to see her. Just live on with your life, my life is not yours, and if I suicide, thanks for reading this but I didn't want u to read it.

  3. Hey look it’s really cool that you’re putting this video out to help out with certain whatever’s
    One simply can’t perceive another persons depression yeah you can probably compare and try to be there but you’ll never know exactly how they feel I’m 21 I’m still depressed And medication sure as hell didn’t work self inflicting didn’t work writing didn’t work drawling didn’t work music starting to not even work
    Besides the point though I’m giving you shit for this video it’s actually a really nice video it’s very cool that you’re doing this though I might disagree and not like it it’s not because I don’t like what you’re doing it’s just other people have it differently and I just really want you to understand that

  4. I tell my verbally abusive brother how I feel. He tells me I’m just an attention seeker but he doesn’t know that I cry myself to sleep at night.

  5. So I have posted this comment on a few videos but I need some advice

    I want to tell my friends and family I've been feeling down and not like myself but I don't know how I can. My friend and I usually make "jokes?" about feeling bad and I guess we just don't think it's a big deal and I will get better by myself. I want her to know it's serious and I'm not going to get better but I don't know how. I've been thinking about leaving a note to my parents as I go to school but I don't know what will happen when they find that, I don't want to put stress and sadness on them and I don't want to accept I might be mentally ill. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know because I'm really struggling and I want to be happy.❤

  6. People ask me to explain how I feel, but how do I? How am I supposed to get help if I can’t describe what it is to someone who has never felt anything like it?

  7. I am tired..when you continually correct yourself from any wrongdoings but other still find your fault.
    I am tired. When you give the best and still they congratulate others who work not as hard as you.
    I am tired. Always have a helping hand. And you still hear bad from the person you have helped.
    I am tired. When you ran errands and have time for others and they always forgot to say just a simple thanks.
    I am tired of listening. And being a mediator to have a positive outcome for others. When i cant even resolve my problem first.
    I am tired. Of pleasing everybody.
    I am tired to show always my smile and hide the hurts inside.
    What am i going to do now?
    Is there something special for me to look ahead?
    I cant i be alone and be me for a while.

  8. I don't know the difference between not giving a shit and intentionally sleeping all day, vs actual depression. Because either way I hate everyone and everything. I'm a piece of shit and I'm going to hell. Before I kill myself…FUCK YOU WOMEN YOU GOD DAMN ENTITLED CUNTS. Buh bye. BANG.

  9. For all you edgy teens a lot of you aren’t depressed. Your just a teen, I’m actually depressed when you’re depressed it never stops I can’t even do anything anymore I drink and smoke that’s about it. so stop thinking you’re depressed you’re not.

  10. 1st stage of depression 2015:
    I got fat and me and my somewhat best friend(more on that later) got bullied and I got called a pig and fat boy and it didn’t effect my best friend at the time but it effected me so I ate my feelings and I gained more weight

    2nd stage of depression 2016:
    I became quite and there were rumors going around at school that I was bisexual and people just started to get to me so I ended up failing 6th grade and that really got to me and ya

    3rd stage of depression 2017:
    I switched to a Christian school and it was getting better until this girl name Savannah came and she got mad at me for no reason and she was my only friend( my neighbor went to the school to and we were in the same class but we didn’t talk) and then I stopped eating like I ate nothing and my best friend moved to New York

    4th stage of depression 2018:
    I had this notebook I wrote all my feelings in and my gym teacher went through my locker without any permission and found it and that got me so mad because me and my gym teacher don’t like eachother so he turned it in and I got into therapy and I told my best friend and he said I was just getting attention for it( forgot to mentioned this my best friend made jokes about me when I was adopted and I was adopted and I cried at school and he says I betrayed him) but how is that trying to get attention

    5th stage of depression NOW:
    It got worse I lost a lot of weight I’m really skinny but my neighbor jersey and her dumb friend penny went to the guidance counselor and told the guidance counselor I was gay and I wore makeup to school and i was thinking about killing myself(I’m sorry but what the hell)LIKE WTF I did nothing to her and it happened to my family in 2018 one of my cousins said I was gay and now my family thinks I’m gay so ya honestly I wish I was never adopted

    There is way more stuff but if I talked about all of it it would get really long so please someone give me advice

  11. Cure of a Grief Oriented Cephalalgia by KALI BROM


    B/A, male, 56, came on 24 .04. 08 with his excruciating headache persisting years after years. Fortunately his problem was solved within a few months, that’s I narrating below .

    Present Complaints (as on 24.04 .08)

    (1) Headache persisting for many years, and the violence became increasing day by day. It is starting at 3 – 4 A.M almost daily and could not be relieved without medicine, it was persisting for days, even more and the patient has to lie, could not able to attend the office etc etc. Presently it is aggravating at 3 – 4 A.M, and by sunhats, from tension and ameliorated by washing the head and by external warmth.

    (2) Body ache, sore pain on whole body, aggravation during moon phase (both new and full moon), amel by motion.

    (3) Skin disease at summer season on inguinal region; agg also on undressing.

    (4) Edema = pitting type, both feet.

    (5) Pain chest, left lateral, mid sternal area with fear of death agg on emotion tension.

    Family, Past, Personal History :

    (1) Father died while the patient was at three years of age.

    (2) Mother died on stomach Cancer while the patient was at 12 years of age.

    (3) Patients were three brothers and one sister, one brother died on Juvenile

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    (4) No relatives helped them any.

    (5) At past the patient had pox at early age.

    (6) Skin disease from contamination of polluted water, at 20 years of age.

    (7) Married = Issue one, 23 years of age.

    (8) Service in Govt. Collage.

    (9) Addiction = nothing.

    Generalities :

    (1) Thirst = normal.

    (2) Appetite = Can’t tolerate empty stomach.

    (3) Stool = daily.

    (4) Urine = Normal.

    (5) Sweat = Profuse and salty deposition on cloth.

    (6) Sleep = lies on back, snoring during sleep.

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    (6) Lab Inv = Blood Sugar P.P. = 134, fasting = 112.5, Cholesterol = 213,

    Triglyceride = 205

    Miasmatic Analysis = H/O early death of father, and Cancer of mother, juvenile diabetes of one brother, and sisters death (?) on bursting the tumor – indicates towards the syphilitic miasmate that plays active role in whole of the disease state.

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    Final Comments.(as on 15 .08 .09)

    I have taken the case for the demonstration because of our country is a developing one ,here the birth rate is excess then death rate. So in every corner of our life ,the straight competition of the survival of the fittest is present when we had have no strong support ,in maximum times ,we are became disappeared from the hope or happiness even from society, when are succeed, some of us became invalid/had to be kept in the corner of society with different diseases developed as the ultimate gift .Here the person is one of this second group .I am happy to see, the support of Homoeopathy in favor of this struggles, as discovered by Hahnemann, the Great Master ,and you ??

  12. No one;
    Edgy gacha studio people: lmfaoo let make a fake story about how am I depressed because I will get so much support and love from people lmaoooo XD

  13. Just calling it before I read the comments section everybody will have gay ass anime or cartoon girl profile pictures

  14. 1. what is the point of living a life that leads to inevitable death?

    2. Will any of our actions matter when the last star grows cold and eventually gets devoured by a blackhole; even after just 150yrs from now when the last person who had known you is probably dead.

    "We just keep our self busy and before you know it we're dead",

    Me: My mind-right now is unbearably toxic, inconsistent, drained of motivation. Why should I stop it's collapse? *

  15. I had an S.O.S unit once at my school because of a suicide threat… I kinda caused it… So everyone hates me because of "reasons." Also my parents just yell at me all the time and I feel useless… so one day I just brought a knife to school so during lunch I just stood up, told everyone what was going to happen and… Everything just unraveled…

  16. Honestly I had depression 2-3 years ago, in 3rd grade (im soon going to 6th grade) I hade depression, it all started when this guy.. told me i was a bi*** in class, it hurt me and made me cry but hid it, that’s part of the reason on how my depression started, I’m going to turn 11 soon and the pain won’t stop, someone please help me it hurts

  17. This is so hard to watch as someone who has depression and anxiety because every they are saying is true and that’s the sad truth

  18. Im not gonna believe you..My grandma always abused me….Only cares for me when im dead i hate myself everyone doesn't care about me but the only people who cared about me was my father but doesn't have time for me…
    I just wish i can have a happy family or a nice family…..They didn't know i have pain always crying cutting(Did it 10 times)Cuz no one cares only my father i love him and will always love him..

  19. Good video! Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Wellness provides major depressive symptoms and treatments in Fort Lauderdale. The best way to deal with depression affecting you or your friends/family is to consult an expert.

  20. Your skin is paper.

    Cut it
    Your body is a book.

    Judge it
    Your neck is a rope.

    Hang it
    Your life is a movie.

    End it

  21. I am here to talk to anyone who needs someone to talk to and listen to anyone who needs someone to LISTEN. If you don't want to talk publicly you can send me an email in the description of this channel I WILL REPLY.

  22. HAHAHHA! now only just 15 year olds and 34 year olds.. me I'm 8 I tried but I realized my family will be depressed I'm giving my pain to someone else. but I won't I promise!

  23. Depression and anxiety saps the life out of you completely, like a dark cloud it follows you everywhere. But it's manageable, I promise!

  24. Anyone fell like when they are in front of people they have a film of fake happy over a cement black figure of darkness

  25. I want to die, I have physically had enough of life. I gave up months ago, the only thing stopping me is my children other than that I have nothing to live for. My divorce has destroyed me and I just want to end it

  26. I have severe depression. I’m 11. I…I need help, but I’m scared. What can I do?? I can’t tell me parents because they would even understand my problem, and if I can’t tell my parents…because I’m 11 I can’t see a therapist and do anything about it…😔

  27. Blueprint to get depression better!
    Get these four domains on track – one, biology – exercise, take medications where indicated; two, psychology – counselling, therapy, self help books, correct erroneous patterns of thinking; three, environment/ social – meet your well-wishers, remove yourself from toxic environment where possible; four, spiritual – find meaning and purpose in life and work towards these goals. Best of luck, hope you feel better! You have been brave so far, channelise your energy as suggested above and you will be the best version of yourself soon!

  28. My life : wake up eat(dont like any food) stay on the phone all day watching worthless videos,fake laughing nothing makes me happy but sometimes a happines comes on my mind for 1sec and goes instantly and i miss that feeling…

  29. Hey. My name is Daniel. I have allot of depression and idk what to do anymore. I’m losing my mind.

  30. Hello! Good morning good evening or good night where very you are in this world uh.. I just wanted to let you know you are beautiful and always smile! I hope your having a good day!~❤💙💚💛💜👍 edit:do you ever feel.?..like..when you did not ever wanted to be born..? I feel this eveytime..I just..wish I could get out of this world..I been…have problems BECUASE of…a friend.."what's a soulmate?.." I ask..my mom replies "it someone who accepts you.. and loves you.." and I don't want to bed loved…I'd hope you don't feel the same way I feel..

  31. I want to escape this feeling i dont know how to fight this depression i wanted to back my old self i wanted to fight but sometimes i am tired i wanted to give up i wanted to die …i hopw i could face this depression its hard so much…. I really missed the old me …

  32. Depression to everyone else: Really sad and dangerous.
    Depression to me: Being ungrateful and spoilt for everything that you have. Being lazy and weak, I watched a video where it said that when you have depression you can't study, clean the house or shower.

  33. i am diagnosed with depression in 2012 ..it took my psychiatrist 4 appointments to find the cause .he said that 99% of depressed people are emotional ,compassionate ,caring ,nice ,honest and people whos got lots of feeling ,regardless their sensitivity .he said info from his ref. book and his experience this disease does not attack people who does not have feeling or lairs ,thiefs ,criminals ,cold hearted people,animal hunters shoplifters,etc…
    it takes few months of stress to several years of painful life to trigger depression in people of group one …for me it took 27 years build up of tough ,raugh ,painful life to show symptoms at the age of 46 .

  34. Im 12, i just wanna frickin die😢i wish i was never born . As being the smallest child in my family Im always being depended by my family im to weak to do the things they want me to do

  35. I drown myself in self-pity every night, thinking about all the shortcomings and mistakes I've done and misfortunes that i encountered. I think of the alternate situations that I could've ended in if only I was better and more deserving at those times. I think about all the dilemmas I experienced and am currently facing as well as all the decisions that I foolishly made. I think of how senseless and useless my existence is to the world and its people. My mind is full negative images that if seen by a regular, normal, happy person, he would be terrified. I feel lonely, and sad, and mad, and numb. But most of all, i feel guilty for feeling all of these. I feel guilty for not being happy. They say that happiness is a choice and is just a matter of perspective. But why is it that despite my daily resistance to emptiness and my consistent effort to choose happiness and positivity I still feel the void and its strong pull to further darkness? I am extremely ashamed to be depressed with all the good things I have and the great people that surround me. I feel sorry and responsible if I ever make them feel useless, and I think they really do, because even after all the good they do to and for me, at the end of the day I still am the same empty doll that woke up in the morning.

  36. I started to feel sad and cry at night when I was 11 because at that age I was a huge child and everyone told me how big and about then is when I started puberty while everyone else was still “normal” I was scared and I am scared. The first time it happen I went to my parents room and said if I can sleep with them because I had a nightmare because I don’t like anyone to know and now I always smile and laugh to everything when my dog does something bad or if I get insulted but I usually just think it what others kids think too but I don’t know but I cried almost every night. But there no symptoms of depression I think so I just think am very sad always sad.

  37. u ever just watch videos on how to cure depression/about depression because ur parents hate u and u want the ground to open up and swallow u and u dont have money to see a therapist? yea lmao

  38. i cant talk to anyone about it because i have no one that would take me serious and listen to me so i jut cry in the shower or in my bed but mostly on my bed because i cant shower every day.

  39. 2:50 is this real? I’ve been on close to a dozen different medications, ssri’s, anti psychotics, mood stabilizers, etc. and I’m still just chugging along. I know there’s ECT and TMS but those seem more out of the way and challenging to fit into life… god I really hope people have their meds work on the first couple of tries…

  40. Its crazy how much we are all alike. I dont want to live like this (I'm not suicidal but I contemplate it), I'm 21 saved up all the money I've earned since I was 18. all I ever wanted was a mansion, money, car, now I realize all I ever wanted was love. To be truly happy. But I've been single my whole life, I'm not shy but I freeze up whenever my mind thinks it could be real. Maybe its my mind putting up a wall so I wont get hurt. the past year or 2 its really hit me, nothing makes me happy but I always have a smile on my face because people expect me to, I've always been the guy who makes everyone laugh. But it feels like no one cares about the real me. not the fun loving jokester, but the person I am on the inside.
    The worst part is when I see families at stores or couples walking in the mall it reminds me of how alone I am and I just want to die, and no one who knows me will ever know because I've bottled it in my whole life.
    Maybe me telling you stranger will be a type of therapy and if you need to talk I'll respond if you leave a comment.

  41. I don't even feel like listening to songs I liked I got so tired of it I just wanted to delete Spotify and sleep all day I feel so tired my grades drop I only been through happiness in socials because online friends are only my true friends who are only nice to me

    But then… I should be grateful there's no war nothing to hurt me and I need time and days to realize if my depression is just a normal feeling I just wanna kill myself I really want to I feel sad I just wanted to sleep and never get up

  42. MENTAL ILLNESSES are all Pseudosciences…ALL those conditions or inbalances are fake except those about spirit science CHAKRAs depression is caused by the HEART Chakra being inbalanced with the Crown Chakra. you may have one or all off when truely SICK.

  43. when you hit 30 life gets pretty boring especially if your single like me. no your feelings are normal and your not alone. Life is a mindless chore but we are here to find God and live as clean as we can. but lol eventually we all become a lil bad. like aging fruit…believe in yourself first!

  44. I don't understand depression 100%. I'm just wonder what the cause can be. Childhood trauma, lack of love and attention. Rape, abuse, mental and physical abuse. Self worthlessness due to constantly comparing yourself with others. Social labelling everything, dysfunctional family, lack of education, stigma, discrimination etc.

  45. I'm that person who is depressed for no reason whatsoever, and I just think 'why can't I just choose to be happy'

  46. I feel the same way but at the same time i feel like i can offer great advice to someone going through this and that makes me feel better. I wont take any meds for depression cuz you become dependent. Im still looking for a natural remedy and so far the only thing that helps just for a moment is exercise. Even if its just 10 push-ups in the morning or even just 1. Clean your living space and work space. Its an ongoing battle and if anyone has advice for me i would so much greatly appreciate it!

  47. I am 15 ,never tell anyone i am depressed because they can't believe on me sometime want to die, sometimes want to treat it or sometimes increase it I hate myself , my picture and want to change my behavior I am just waiting for get a panic or anxiety attack then everyone's believe on me
    My parent's , friends , relative's never think about me whenever they came ask about my marks , irritates me sometime I think I am worthless and stupid can't do anything I am not good-looking just hate my self I have no one to talk.

  48. Throughout the years, it seems rather that some ppl are just thinking much more thoroughly about things, why should they get treated instead the ones who step from one mistake or bump into another (as if living more clueless). Don’t the ones being filmed in the video seem more relaxed, restful, and kind than “the other people out there”?

  49. It's just so sad how people actually feel like this, and then online some people LIE about having depression. They LIE about cutting, they LIE about feeling sad all the time. I have depression, though i don't tell anyone because i hate attention. I just want other people to be happy, i just want depression and anxiey GONE. It hurts me when people lie about these serious mental illnesses because they don't know what it feels like. When i had serious depression, i was 12. It was the worst experience in my life. I tried being happy, i tried to smile, and i tried to make my depression not seem visible, because i was scared. I was scared of people that thought i wanted attention. I was scared they'd not like me anymore because i'd be an "attention seeker". It was horrible. But, i eventually told my parents about my depression and i got a therapist. It helped a LOT. I am now 14, and i hardly ever get sad. It's the best feeling in the world to smile without forcing myself to. I want to help people now with depression. If you have depression, talk to someone. It might not be me you can talk to, but try to talk to your parents – or a therapist. I love everyone, it doesn't matter if you're a stranger, a "bad person", or someone that feels invisible. Have a nice day, and thank you for reading all of this if you did. <3 ^-^

  50. I just wish I had a friendship group. Like one of them from a teen drama, people that are there for me no matter what. I feel like I have no one. Life’s shit, then you die

  51. I was talking to someone and they said how do I stop pretending I’m happy, I say “It’s ok to be not okay, and it’s better you tell them then hide it because they will be there to help you when you wanna commit suicide. Most suicidal deaths are caused to saying the words “I’m fine” when you aren’t. Be honest, it’ll save your life. They know what your going through to help and look out

  52. honestly though. wtf is with this jesus bullshit, depression is real, jesus is not. Im sitting here, making juuuust too much money for state healthcare, and juuust too little to hire a therapist. My girl reached out to help me get insurance because im certifiably fucked up, and now i get spam calls all day. i know exactly what kind of treatment i need, having been treated mostly as a child and sporadically through adulthood. Im a high functioning alcoholic and i already have experienced the BS. I was refused depression and anxiety medication because i admitted that i drank. Ive been clinically depressed all my life and im now told that i need to get sober to get any kind of help!? lf i could go sober i would still be depressed and have GAD, but its unlikely that i would get help for any of that with our current healthcare system. i would literally have to change my entire life just to get access to the medication that could fix me. So im sitting here, knowing that i have to face the insurmountable, just to get the meds that would have helped me easily grace those hurdles.

  53. I am at that point where i wanna be alone..
    dont want any friends, love ones, or even my parents.
    i just want to be alone all day sleeping.
    I get always broken and get depressed.
    Some says share your things but when i do
    i get more depressed their suggestion towards me is just worthless
    and more imp when ever i get depressed the 1st thought that comes in mind is sucide..
    dnt knw why it comes or how it comes
    but whenever it comes get me touched really hard..
    please any one help me go through this…

  54. I’m depressed but I’m to scared to tell anyone and I’ve starting to think if I cut myself then it will all be release and its like a voice in my head telling me to do it i never told anyone and my family doesn’t know either and even my friends don’t know and I lock my self in my room and I even stoped doing things I love ( football ) I use to love kicking the ball and I used love run down the field dribbling but know I just can’t do that I just don’t want to and I feel meaningless and the world would be better with out me and everyday I put on a fake smile and this has been going on for a year and I don’t know what to do anymore

  55. Every day I wake up with no reason to get out of my bed i have no reason to eat or breath I'm to any to talk to anyone i can't even be next to a girl and I fall in love with almost each one in second i miss people i don't know my life is not perfect not bad yet I'm always sad I'm not funny not cool and not tall I'm dumb i am horrible at school i hate me I love everything else but me I don't know why I'm sad but I am and I'm to scared to end it all I know this is cringy and weird I'm still growing in 14 and I'm a guy so I'm sorry u had to see this

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