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  1. I think I speak for all crazy ppl when I say!!!!! 💀💀💀💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️☠️😂😂😂😂

  2. Is nobody going to address Pete Davidson saying I got new teeth? Did he really or is that the Klonopin?

  3. Pete shouldn't have apologized to that senator/whatever that looks like solid snake. It was comedy. Know the context.

  4. Luv luv luv Pete! Wonder why they don’t have him on Weekend Update any more? Really miss him. He’s my favorite!

  5. I want more pete davidson! I've finished watching every video on snl that has pete…….and I want more!
    More chad please!

  6. The 421 dislikes are probably from the crazy people who dont agree with pete when he says " AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

  7. Pretty much speaks on behalf of the mentally unstable people who had to deal with childhood trauma..like my ass. It’s only acceptable because it’s humorous and tbh, idgaf! It’s like free therapy wherever he speaks.

  8. Even the worst Beach Boy is still a good gig. Plus Mike love was lead singer a lot of the time. He just wasn't a Wilson.

  9. 3 minutes of Davidson talking to the camera has more good laughs than 30 minutes of most of your SNL sketches

  10. I can almost forgive him for getting a Hillary Clinton tattoo because goddamn, that smile…he just makes you want to laugh your balls off. He's a fucking gem.

  11. I wonder why it is that artist are tortured in their lives I suffer from panic attacks depression and PTSD so I can totally relate to what Pete’s saying the fact that he can make people laugh and laugh off what was probably a life time of PTSD panic Attacks is a true testament to just how funny and creatively brilliant he is

  12. While the jokes are hilarious, and I fucking love Pete. I want to make sure that people understand that he is joking. It's never going to be a serious benefit to compare your mental health to others. One's tragedy is not more valued than another. Regardless of how small, seek help, and do not give up.

  13. Man every time he reads a dad joke his whole demeanor changes. If he wants to joke about it that's fine but you cant just force the jokes on him

  14. "I cant stay in my lane because I'm on a ton of klonopin right now"

    BAHAHAHAHAH omg my life, yes Pete I love you and your dad is dead!

  15. I love him so much 💕he keeps it real but also injects some twisted humor and it becomes a masterpiece

    Also “I can’t stay in my lane because I’m on a tON of Klonopin right now” SENT ME

  16. Panic attack while playing a game for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

    Pay me! I'm 5'10". Fat. WHITE, but I still have the "not give a fuck" to pull up in front of anyone to win a game.

    Win or lose. I'm making millions.

    My actions off the court will help my mental health more than the money I earn from playing basketball.

    Stay in your lane. 🙈🙉🙊👽💙🙏

  17. Sometimes I feel I shouldn't be laughing at Pete's jokes, specially the ones about his dad coz they're so sad.

  18. As someone who has severe mental illnesses, I seriously feel Pete XD But, I agree that everyone who experiences any form of mental illness should see a therapist!

  19. “if you want to write an article about being mentally unstable leave it to the big boys…”


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