What Dark-Skinned People Will Never Tell You

– It’s something that I
don’t usually talk about because I’m afraid that I’m
making people uncomfortable. It’s something that affects me in almost every aspect of life. (gentle pleasant music) (whooshing) (hinges creak) – There’s something about having
dark skin on a woman’s body that shapes the way she
moves through the world. There’s something about having
darker skin on a male body that shapes the way in which
he moves through the world. It has real life stakes. – From what I’ve seen growing up, dark skin equates to being poor, – dirty, – rat shit, – they tend to be the bad
guys in Tyler Perry movies, – straight from the border, – that doesn’t even make any sense. I’m not deemed as beautiful,
therefore I am not beautiful, and those two are not
really mutually exclusive. – Could it be that something
as early as colonization or slavery is primarily responsible for our beauty standards today? We’re talking about who works in the field and who works in the house. We’re also talking about rape,
the rape of slaves to produce people who were known as
mulattoes, or mixed race. These standards of beauty travel. Eurocentric standards of beauty travel. – In the Dominican
society and our culture, they have a phrase that’s like,
(speaks in foreign language) advancing the Dominican population and making sure we’re going
into how they say the better. If you’re lighter,
you’re bettering the race and you’re bettering the island, versus if you’re just being you. – I would get called the blackness. One joke that really
stuck with me was like, oh, Edgar’s so black that
when he leaves a car, the check engine light turns on. That was a reference to my
skin being as dark as oil. I felt ugly being of a darker skin tone, so I tried to gel my hair, or I started listening
to skater punk music. So I tried, culturally, to lighten myself, if that makes sense. – I went on a trip to Korea with my mom. Some woman walked up to
my mom, and she asked, “Why is your daughter so dark?” In Korea, you have to be pale, and I almost felt like a foreigner and not so much Korean anymore. – When we turn off the lights, they say, “Oh, Selorm, where did you go?” Or, “Oh, you’re really pretty
for a dark-skinned girl.” Are you saying that my
race and just the fact that I am black, is that
not attractive in general? – I remember one time that I wanted to be an angel in a parade. At that time, they were like
kind of racist, you know. They didn’t like black
people to be angels, and my mommy got kind of freak out. She was going like, “Please don’t, “you cannot be an angel because
they gonna laugh at you.” I said, “But mommy, I am an angel.” And finally, I was an angel. And I was the only black
angel walking in the street. And my mommy was so proud
about it, and I was proud too. – My mom started buying me a
cream called Fair & Lovely. I was in third grade when I started using (laughs) bleaching creams. And the whole general idea was, if I’m lighter, I’ll have a better life. I’ll find somebody that’s
gonna love me. (laughs) There’d still be light and dark patches on my body and my face. (sighs) It was painful, it would hurt, and I started breaking out in bad rashes, and no one said anything. I had to stop it myself. – How do we fix this? We think critically about colorism. We think about where it began, and where it begins and ends with us. – I think change starts with
providing more diversity. You know, providing more examples of people that look like you. – If you look at telenovelas,
they usually cast the dark-skinned person as the villain, and if you never met a Latino before, you’re gonna somewhat think that. – So in Japanese media,
I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a darker-skinned female. I think it would be nice to see a change. – It needs to start
within our own culture, where we can’t have Will Smith filling in every slot for black people. Giving dark-skinned people roles that are not only supporting
roles but leading roles. – I mean a legit, badass,
007 Latino James Bond, that’d be pretty dope, I’m just sayin’. – If I could give a
message to someone like me, – who’s kind of looking at
himself and feeling insecure, – just know, baby, you beautiful. – Believe in yourself. – Just be you. – You are perfect just the way you are. That’s something that
no one has ever told me. – And your skin color is a gift. It’s never been a blemish or a problem. – When you grow up and
you look in the mirror, and you’re proud of who you
are, it will make sense, and all the other voices will go away. And all that’s gonna be left is you. (gentle pleasant music) (whooshing) (hinges creak)

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  1. Darker skinned people made me hate my colour when I was younger. It goes both ways dependent on where you grew up.

  2. So much pain in this video.. do you see the mess Caucasian people started with their whole racism/white supremacy thing? Even though black Americans are in on the frontline of white supremacy, this thing is far reaching and global.

  3. I'm white, my wife is black. Simple, we compliment each other– I'm her Vanilla and she's my Cocoa.
    And she's pregnant to my son who from Ultrasound already looks like Prince.

    He'll have greatness of European History and that of African History on his side as he grows in this world.

  4. Remember.

    There is no such thing as a ''white' human.
    That would mean the blank white space of the background I am typing on here.
    Or, in example, a blank sheet of copier paper.
    No one on Earth is 'white'.

    Everyone has some pigment, or, color, (skin tone) in their epidermis.
    Even albino individuals have tone.

    The most 'whitest' people on Earth are those in NorthEast Asia, in example, Japan, Korea and China, where when even they are porcelain white (milk white appearance) they STILL have a tone of color (phenotype).

    There is no such thing a "white" human being.

  5. Why blame anyone but your parents for bleaching your skin? Why blame anyone but your mother for telling you that you are too dark to be an angel. Thats on them, not you and not society, and CERTAINLY not on a country that has specifically designed itself to make your life better. Shame on your parents for doing those things to you all.

  6. White supremacy is taking a beating now cuz we are not all sucking on the "matrix blue pills" anymore. we see the truth.

  7. yes you asian should stop that unhuman behaviour to your own and the rest of the world. Not all human want to be a person with no 👎 selflove or selfrespect.

  8. When will this all end.
    People talk about reparations but payment of all the money on Earth will never undo the psychological damage that have been inflicted on blacks when it comes to the color complex.
    It's a shame

  9. I’m Southeast Asian but my skin tone throughout the year goes from light tan with a yellow undertone to tan/ brown during the summer. I have been told by family members to cover up because I’m getting “too dark” and when I went back to my mom’s homeland, Cambodia the natives told me that my mom would be upset at how dark I had gotten. But I was there to build a house for a service project! At the end of the trip, I looked in the mirror and I felt sad. Sad that I had internalized colorism so much that I disliked myself. So I didn’t wear makeup for months after and finally I can say that I embrace my skin color.

  10. I love how she was able to be an angel! Angels come in all different races, skin colors, body sizes, love interests and many more ❤️

  11. I refuse to let anyone of any race or even in my same Race make me feel ashamed of how God created me I will continue to walk with my head held High because the God I serve doesn't make any mistakes and on that day of judgment it want be the Race or the color of my skin tone that God allows me in to his Heaven it will be because of the content of my character Amen.

  12. The creator does not allow us to judge others because we are not God. By the same token , we are not allowed to judge ourselves. I have light skin , but! , I can get very dark because af the sun. Some times mistaken for a black guy. My skin has that ability to change color.

  13. I'm insecure for having light skin. Because beauty standards now is darker skin. Everyone should feel beautiful no matter what skin color.

  14. Guess what would have happened if darker skin men were the colonisers and white were the colonized
    I wanted that to happen 😭😭😭😭

  15. Watching a clip in which the people are speaking the lingua franca of the world, which is a white language, using computers, which are a white invention, on the Internet, which is a white invention, on a site owned by white people, which hosts moving pictures, which were invented by white people, and wondering why skin colour affects people's lives. Hmm…
    Do you need a white person to explain it to you?

    Wait! Sorry … of course … it's because white people have oppressed everyone right? White people should be blamed for everything bad that's happened to non-white people, but never thanked for all the things the non-white people have – thanks to white people – because, well … come on … obviously everyone's problems are someone else's fault. Besides, recently we had the first non-white president. Of course, he was half white and half black, but somehow that makes him black, even though he was raised by his white mother – who he says was the dominant figure in his formative years – while his black father had nothing to do with him. Obviously nothing should be read into his black father leaving his white mother to raise him. The fact that black men abandon their children far more than white men is obviously white men's fault, and it was the colour of Obama's skin that made him amazing enough to become President.
    Oh … hey … sorry I got off track. Let's talk about standards of beauty and ignore all the fundamentals because we already agree that everything bad is white people's fault.

  16. I'm mixed race, Mexican and European. So my skin tone is very weird. I feel like I can't wear lighter colors and I sometimes wish I was paler. I don't see anyone with my skin tone.

  17. I live in England but my parents are from Sri Lanka. I hate it when I go there on holiday or speak to my grandparents and they are always telling me you are getting fairer than when u were a toddler. I’m still pretty dark and am more dark than my siblings. It’s always about how light you are or if you are “fair and lovely”.

    I just want to be me and I want to be more confident about how I look and feel about myself.

  18. And meanwhile I am grilling my ass of in the sun, trying to tan and get a darker skincolor. Its not a joke, it really is like that. I just find it beautiful.

  19. I’m mexican, and I know a couple of other people who struggle with what I struggle with and it’s not being enough for both shade ends.
    In my family I’m too white to be there but in the area I live in I’m too brown…idk it’s just a lot to balance out.

  20. I am currently staying in Singapore where just like in China and India, they are obsessed with having fair skin. People commented on how tanned I am but for some reason, I am so in love with my brown skin. In fact, I wish I’m darker! Personally, I find it sexier and we age better. Fair skin is beautiful too but I tend to find darker people more attractive. Beauty is subjective.

  21. Have you ever noticed how when you first meet someone, or see them, how the strange or different parts of them become the special or most unique good things. I don't understand why people of color think they are the only ones who feel that they aren't as pretty or whatever. That's a human condition. Just be yourself. Stop ask for acception when no one is denying it. Things are more important than freckles

  22. You aren't beautiful? Who are you trying to convince? I saw a baby a month or so ago that took my breath away. She is the darkest skinned human I've seen. And that's what I said. People shushed me. This little girl is so beautiful, I don't understand.🕊️

  23. Even with Korean, Asians , and other cultures they judge you my family used to by us whitening cream I stoped using it it I wanted my melanin back don’t bleach or whiten the way you look even white people are beautiful EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL i doesn’t matter if u are white black or in between you where created to be here in the perfect form so you are beautiful 💖

  24. Aren’t people of color the world’s majority? Should be normal having color. Not worth your time are ignorant people and lame beauty and entertainment industry.

  25. Being another colour than what I was born with is unfathomable suffering of which I have no words to describe so I retract my being. Regardless of real life stakes and wealth give me blackness, blue black, midnight black, oil black. Just give me black and black pour it on me like tar. This inescapable blackness like a black hole engulf me forever like the Universe. My colour to me is so much more than life itself. I am perfect, I am black(exhale). My colour means everything don’t make me over. Fear and degradation is to wake up and not being the colour that I am, black. I would not want to live if I were not in this colour I was born with sweet and exquisitely black, blacker than shoe polish am black. Happiness is being black and life is seeing black and in blackness forever. I have just one fear and that is not being black. Please let me be black with Sun rays of diamond upon my Skin. My hair soft black like coiled spring of. Steel erect and wired to Wisdom and Power. Create and cloth me in Righteous blackness and oneness with the Universe.. I do not know where I end and you begin dear Father of my blackness. I am in love and one with Universe and I am like a thousand super nova exploding into to the great expanse of blackness where all colours resides. I am I am, I am ! Black thank, God (exhale).

  26. These african blacks complaining about dark skin, bcz they don't not about conditions in india and history of india. Dark skined may be a poor in most of cases. But dark skin with patches means definitely poor. Indians don't respect poors if it is not on social media.

  27. Can brown and black people STFU for a day? You’re deciding to live in white countries. Grow up. It’s not my problem as a white person to validate you. I do not owe you anything. Thanks!!!!👏🏻

  28. Learn your worth and no one can make you feel bad about yourself. Miserable people try to make you more
    miserable than they are. Don't fall for it!

  29. Their ill feelings about themselves still does not justify the chip most of them carry on their shoulders.

  30. More recent slavery. Not slavery. In the Roman empire slaves consisted of every conceivable race. Whoever they conquered? Part of the booty of war were slaves. Jews in ancient Israel (after the Exodus) were scattered into slavery several times. Babylon with Nebuchadnezzar as king, was a prime example. Slavery is not a black thing throughout history. Slavery is an ancient phenomena. Today the guilt trippers want us to feel like slavery is something only our great great grandparents invented. What was invented by our great great grandparents was putting an end to to the notion of slavery as a norm. That is because in Christ we are all equal before God and Christianity has transformed parts of the world as it spread and took hold.

  31. I was lucky enough to be born in Namibia where, around me, people were as dark as I was. Then I moved to South Africa and boy did I feel super black in my black neighbourhood & worse still, I spoke the wrong language. So I was doubly bullied. I still don't like going back to South Africa even though things have 'changed' in some ways.

  32. It's interesting but through media we have been conditioned to think of beauty in terms of western standards. This not only affects skin color but body shape, eye shape, nose structure…..basically almost every feature on your body. We rarely see attractive average sized asian males potrayed as a leading man. Beauty is euro-centric…..you can see this in the way they even select models for promotions. Asian parents in particular are implicitly aware that their children will have to work harder to attain anything which is why they put so much emphasis on study…..that is something that we can control because it's not genetic. There is white privilege…..and not being aware of it is part of the privilege. I too have this same complex….I understand what they are saying and I truly wish I had heard this message earlier in my life….all the gaslighting needs to be undone. In my case it's a slow process. I wish all people of color could hear this everyday. I want it to resonate with them so that they never feel inferior because of things they can't control.

  33. Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc actually look much better with some melamine in their skin tone versus the pale yellow skin color.

  34. i have never seen a dark skin east asian before and particularly a Korean thats actually very surprising for me.


  36. Well, perhaps I have reverse brainwashed myself (or been reverse brainwashed somehow), but the people in this video are each very lovely to see– every bit as lovely as any lovely white person.

  37. What do you mean darkskin?

    Do you mean actual darkskinned black people (excluding the lighter blacks and everybody else)

    Or do u mean just anybody and everybody who isnt white??

    the woman and man 0:35–0:38 were the only real darkskin people in the whole video

  38. People loves white people so that's why they're insecure about it. One time, I was fair-skinned but not and I went to an amusement park with my friend. We stood in the sun for about 5 hours because we were outside. When I cam back home, my mother told me I was all tanned and my skin is damaged. I cried because I was insecure. Next day, I went to the public pool and I saw my friend and she told me I tanned a lot more than before. The day after that my uncle came to visit and he looked at me shocked. He said, I was all black and everything. I started looking at myself and crying because I thought everyone was looking at me wrong for my skin. I just realized that it doesn't matter. I went to the sun for too long. My bad. Everyone once in a while as to change. Now, I am a little bit insecure because I am going on a vacation where it's way more hotter than where I am located and we are going back to school after my trip. I still am scared to tan much more than I am and people judging me. But, I am feeling a little better. Don't worry, you are all beautiful. ❤

  39. I love summer because i can go to the beach and sleep in the sun, and it felts so good on my skin. My skin protects me from the harmful rays of the sun. Black slaves didn't get skin cancer, as far as I know. Whites and fair skinned Blacks were more likely to get skin cancer. The darker you were, the better your protection was. God gave us this natural protection.

  40. God said on the day of creation that everything was good, beautiful. Every human being is beautiful. Every skin color is unique, beautiful, and a slice of the awesome creativity of God. Just as we see so many different forms of Beauty in nature. Endless forms of beauty exist among the human race. Stereotypes should be rejected, they are based on ignorance. Color is skin deep only. But I do hope to see a change in the culture. There is no excuse for colorism in the media or in our culture. My mother always told me, beauty is as beauty does.

  41. I understand where these people are coming from, but how they are describing people with lighter skin is not too respectful and made me feel like I was a bad person. Nobody should be ashamed of their skin color or where they came from, and we should all leave racism in the past

  42. Sometimes… It's not easy when people around u don't let u be urself… It's like never ending war with yourself… You can't run can't stop… You just CANNOT….

  43. We've made the dark seem bad: Black Cat, Black cloud. Blackmail(sounds like black male, smh),
    black balled. Funerals you wear black.
    This was not an accident. And you are taught these things way before you could defend yourself.
    Your parents were taught this, their parents, the same.
    But, you can break this….. despite the fact that every day most people continue with these hurtful lies.
    First, break the bad habit.. Stop using Black as a derogatory word.
    Know how beneficial it is to be black. Having pigment means that you and the sun have
    a fond relationship. Black is the absorption of all colors. It the most healthiest of all skins.
    It is the first skin. It's the skin of all skins. From out of black skin came all other skins.
    This, you must adopt and forsake the long-lived lies.
    Lastly, there is no disease associated with being too dark but, there is when the skin is too light.

  44. I know a pretty Asian girl who was embarrassed by her slanty eyes. They all seem to like the big 'Anime' Western eyes. She was a pretty girl as she was. I felt sorry for her.

  45. I ignore colorism, as a 14 years old. I dont see color, I see passion. Idiots think color plays roles in sombody? No. Your color identifys you fir how unique you are. And not all whites were held for slavery, I was born poor. In a trailer. We do not see hatred but what is given to us humans!

  46. Hey you !!! Yes you !!!!
    You are so beautiful i just want to tell you this ,,OMG you are such a beauty ,i dont care which skin colour you have !!!!

  47. I dont understand why people say people with darker skin aren't beautiful cause I swear everyone I've met is beautiful I actually wish I had darker skin tho

  48. All because of WHITES and colonialism with there SUNBURNING skin VAMPIRES…thank GOD he blessed me with MELANIN!!!!

  49. Me and my husband are Mexican and I’m really light skin and he has dark skin, when my daughter was born I noticed how my own mother treated my baby compared to my niece who is white/Mexican. It’s very hurtful that even your own family can be really that ignorant. I do my best to teach my daughter that she is beautiful no matter what. To embrace her skin. When I see her I think of my ancestors….our beautiful indigenous roots. 💚💙💚

  50. If your not part of the problem, your part of the solution. Beauty is really only skin deep. If that's a lie why do we have such great personalities on people who are not si attractive? Then you have on the opposite end beautiful people with the worst personality. I'm black and I love the skin I'm in. I dont try to be something I'm not. We have differences and we need to embrace differences. In this beautiful world we live in were all different in our own way but the same . I love all people of all shades and race. I'm black and proud of it! I have brown skin but wouldn't mind if I became darker. I would still be the same beautiful girl either way because my inner beauty shines above everything else. Stay beautiful everyone! 👍

  51. What I don't like about this video is the fact that there are only 2 truly dark skinned people in it. A light skinned person is more socially accepted than an African skin textured person,we are the ones who are stereotyped before we are greeted. That's just facts. I live in nassau bahamas and we are mostly a dark skinned people but some of us who were mixed now to be "light skinned" are way more socially acceptable. Some actually think they are better than others. In my country, the only socially acceptable truly dark(black) people are the ones who have money. I'll give this challenge to whomever takes it, come here to nassau bahamas and ride through the town. Let me know if you find one bill board or business poster with a dark skinned model. There are none lol.

  52. Melanin is a gift and protection, pale skin is vulnerable and weak.
    You're genetically superior don't give in to these haters trying to make you look down on yourself

  53. No sunrushes in this film, just a bunch of normal people bitching about not being top shelf( like all westerners are beautiful) make them white and they would be as good looking except for the evident change: "all those dark skinned people that ar having it easy"(just presupousing)

  54. Karen, you have to understand everybody is beautiful
    Karen:Well im more beautiful cause im pale as snow have blue eyes and is short.
    Well no your not cause i am black have brown eyes and is tall and im still beautiful Whats your point karen😑

  55. Title: what dark skinned people will never tell you
    Video: dark skinned people telling you things
    Me : visible confusion

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