What Defines a Migraine | More Than Just a Headache

– Hey, I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin
with Align Wellness Center, a chiropractor here in
Northbrook, Illinois. And I wanted to take a few minutes to talk with you a bit about migraines. Now, I’ve got the number
three million going on on the screen behind me for a reason. You’ll want to stick around for that. But for many people,
you may or may not know what a migraine actually is. A migraine is a really
debilitating headache that can wind up affecting
typically one side or the other of your head. It typically has something
that comes before it, an aura is what it’s
described as, that shows up, and the headaches wind up
being absolutely debilitating. Typically people find themselves
in a room that’s dark. They want to avoid light,
they want to avoid sounds, and they can really be chronic. People can have these for multiple times over multiple days, and
over multiple years. Now there are over three
million new migraine cases that are diagnosed each year
according to the Mayo Clinic. Now this is really difficult
and sad for me to hear because there’s one thing that most of these people don’t look to. It’s natural, it’s
safe, and it’s reliable, and in most cases can take
care of migraine headaches. And that’s chiropractic. Chiropractic works on the
spine and the nervous system to relieve tension within it. And in most cases, migraines stem from disorders within the upper components and part of the spinal cord. If you or someone you know
has had migraines in the past, or maybe having them right now, let’s get together and see if
chiropractic may be something that can wind up helping you. If you like this video,
please give it a thumbs up, and if you know of someone
who may be having migraines, could you please share this with them? Migraines can really be debilitating, but there are natural
things that can be done to take care of them. Once again, I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin with Align Wellness Center, and thank you for letting
me be a part of your health. (gentle music)

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