What I Eat In A Day For Anxiety | Healthy + Balanced Meals

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  1. I have been doing puzzles too! Check out the brand “White Mountain” puzzles! They are really cool themes!

  2. Can you start linking in the video description your clothes? (When you know where they came from, I realize sometimes things are super old and you may not be able to find them anymore). Love the cuddly cardigan.

  3. I just had to ask, where did you get your headboard from? Sorry if you've heard it a million times already. But it looks great! & I can't seem to find the herringbone flush pattern.

  4. I actually just made your leek and potato soup recipe yesterday! It’s been getting me through the quarantine hehe

  5. Hey Nichole, can you link some coffee which is available in India. I love your channel but mostly stuff isn't available in India or either it's very costly.

  6. OMG These meals look so delicious!!! Also, thank you for talking about anxiety so openly without shame, its beautiful.

  7. Thanks for the great video. I struggle with refined carbs and to much white sugar. I love to bake but having trouble stepping away from the traditional.

  8. I will try the iced herbal coffee with cashew milk. I quit the regular coffee to caf lib herbal coffee. I loved it. I love your cute avocado mug. You are so beautiful person as I have seen.

  9. Gosh everything looks so good! Also what was the other more affordable blender you said you’d use before?

  10. I quit coffee a month or so ago and have taken up Caf Lib. It IS good. I was impressed from the first sip. Thanks for the recommendation. Also, such a perfect and cute tea mug with the avocados!

  11. Which cheaper blender did you use? I can’t find it linked… i would love a vitamix, but i just can’t afford it🙈 the blender i currently have makes smoothies with flax or nuts really chunky… not even the spinach blends well 🙈

  12. Love this video as mental health is important. Love these recipes and the cookbook and with school being closed I have had more time to look up recipes I wanna try. I really like the smoothie recipes and talking about using ingredients to keep your sugar down as I am a diabetic and that’s always important. I also like the coffee recipe; but would have to modify it because of my peanut and nut allergies. Any suggestions you have for that would be awesome. Keep up the amazing work that you do!!!

  13. Hi Nicole, I live in the U. S. and amazon won’t ship the Cal-Lib here, any suggestions? I’d love to try it.

  14. Are there added benefits to using herbal coffee instead of decaf? If you're just trying to avoid caffeine decaf seems like it makes more sense (more options and cheaper)

  15. Nikole!!! Everything looked so delicious 🤤 😋 you said your coffee can be found locally but is it only in Canada? Also, I NEED your mug🙏🏽🙏🏽 it’s super cute!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. i also love goat cheese! any kind of goat cheese! (i am a french girl who comes from a region where goat cheese is the speciality and it is what i miss the most from France in term of food)

  17. This is so refreshing to see a youtuber who is in the public eye talk about their anxiety and what helps them.I have struggled with it my whole life these are some meals I will be making! I also love your cookbook! Thanks so much !❤

  18. yuummm yuummm yummmm. your videos are just the best. love you girl. thankful for you and your positive way of life and your help getting through this time/ life in general haha

  19. I struggle with anxiety as well and a change in food does help with anxiety. When i eat cleaner my anxiety is decreased

  20. I really wanted the recepie for the cashew milk, i cant seem to find it without having to buy your book. Can you post it anyway? I just lost my job last week due to the corona virus, so i cant afford the book right know! Even though i really want it haha.

  21. I’m a Type One Diabetic and the mention of not spiking your blood sugar with every meal is exactly what I need ❤️ Thank You 🙂

  22. Love this video. Please could you do more videos on anxiety and how to de-stress would be great and relation with food..recipe ideas. Thanks.

  23. I dont know if I'm even allowed to do this but when I made my minestrone soup that required leek, I also chopped the leaves super small and added it as veggie stock to the soup. I think I did it in another soup as well. It softened and we all ate it lol

  24. I went caffeine free this month and have to say the change in anxiety has been unreal. I’ve had absolutely no anxiety all month, even during all of the chaos right now. I’m never going back to regular coffee!

  25. 100% agree with you. I suffer with anxiety and truthfully when I eat poorly I definitely feel it. Just like exercise, always helps with my mental health also. I need to try Herbal coffee. 😉

  26. where’s the ingredients n direction recipe for fudge peanut butter cookie 😕😕 it’s boring to be stuck at home so i’d like to cook something delicious rn lol

  27. Smoothies are actually bad for health. Eating fruits and vegetables just as they are is way better. Check it if you want

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