What is depression (& how does it differ from sadness)?

what is depression and how does it
differ from being sad stay tuned for some answers so what
exactly is depression for me it was a feeling that what the life force had
been sucked out of me because I suffered from depression on all through my life
since I was a teenager and when I’ve had it it’s it’s often felt that you know
nothing’s worth doing anymore I couldn’t serve muster the energy to do things I
didn’t look forward to things I couldn’t see the point basically and so my mood
was very heavy and very down and miserable I oh I had lots of negative
thoughts running through my head and I’d often look back at things that I felt
weren’t good though that I’d done and would go over and over these thoughts in
my head I shouldn’t have done this I you know why did I do that it’s ruined my
life for really really negative thoughts but everyone feels slightly different I
think the depression and when I had a look became interested in how other
people felt I I did a research and I found a list of various you know
comments about it so I’m gonna read a few to you now hopefully this will help
someone said feeling dark lonely scared sleep is the only escape from your pain
someone else said it’s like your mind is paralyzed someone else said it makes me
feel like I’m a tiny seed stuck at the bottom of a pot plant the more I tried
to grow and break free the more dirt and soil for it falls on me suffocating me
and pushing me down it’s truly these are all you know very real feelings and
someone else said being depressed is all your emotions taken away from you
apart from negative ones like sadness anxiety and fear so all of these
comments are very where that they all have a common theme of being very
negative but people describe them differently and I suspect that we all
know if one who suffers from depression does feel it differently there’s also a
physical aspect to it too you know we’ve suggested that in the illness in the
heaviness that I feel very heavy hearted my limbs seem to strangely feel heavier
and I think a lot of people might feel this you might get back pain on a bad
stomach all those sorts of things so there’s a physical and emotional
Thanks and as someone else described to me once you know it’s like you’ve got
it’s more visible pain than you’ve ever felt physically and yet no one can see
it and that’s so true it’s a very is a silent disease if you like although you
know people that are close to you will notice changes in your behavior so how
does it different from sadness more sadness is it’s much different because
usually it’s in relation to something that’s happened we lose a job or someone
close to you that you you love has moved away for a while and you feel sad about
that but the mood will lift eventually you’ll find strategies to cope more
easily and and you’ll you’ll be able to still have pleasure in doing other
things but when you’re depressed you can’t it though everything seems very
gloomy and and awful so that’s the main difference and also doctors will
diagnose depression if you’ve had consistently negative and dark feelings
for two weeks or more which is not normally the case when you’re feeling
sad about things there are lots of other symptoms of course that doctors use when
they look at depression and but they’re not necessarily the same for everyone
the two main ones are anhedonia when you when you lose interest in the things
that you used to find pleasurable and the depressed feeling that we’ve just
talked about here the low mood and negative thoughts running through your
head so the other things that you might find is you might lose your appetite to
go off food you might not be sleeping properly and your focus goes a bit you
lose concentration on things and you might be tired a lot you might feel a
lot of tightness and fatigue and recurrent thoughts or you know nasty
things happening and even like hurting or harming yourself and if you feel like
this please do get in touch with somebody go and see a doctor call a
friend I’ll leave some numbers below this video as well for you to turn to
for help you know I hope that’s been helpful if it has please give me a
thumbs up and any questions please leave comments in the space below this video
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you answers to your questions in the meantime take care few to you since when
you have depression nothing is enjoyable and I agree with that
nothing can smile my dog agrees it’s like drowning is that you can see
everyone breathing might not once part of the action so
here he is depression is a doll inescapable place is like being locked
in a room with no light windows or door it’s so dark you can’t even see your
hands in front of your face that alone find a way out depression is the
inability to construct or envision a future and remember to subscribe

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