What Is Gender Dysphoria??? (CC)

Hi my name is Kyle Seiler. Today video is about gender dysphoria. What is this means? Means feel terrible, hate, low confident,
sad related to gender.. Could because body parts.. And.. some trans suffer dysphoria lot. Some feel dyshoria sometimes. Some feel no dysphoria. If you feel no dysphoria that’s ok you are
still trans. Some people feel dysphoria because could be
tall or really short. High or low voice. Like your body feel like not match you not
match your identity. So I feel dysphoria all time that’s why
I want top surgery. And I am on T hormones. I feel dysphoria lot when I was pre-T
I feel dysphoria lot when got period make me feel lot dysphoria. Because I feel like identity is different. Why I need period? I feel like I don’t want period. I know many people don’t want period
For me more like for my trans identity.. So dysphoria can make u sad.. Feel like I hate my body.. I don’t feel good.. So that’s why trans feel strugged lot because
have dysphoria not right match their identity or want or personality. For me I want top surgery and I want to look
like more masculine. Sometimes I feel like I want to be strong. So some trans people have dysphoria and working
hard to get what they want. Some people improve their dysphoria could
because get hormones or surgeries. Some people dysphoria sometimes maybe they
hate their body or don’t want surgeries. Depend on person. Not mean they are not trans. Just that their personality business
Don’t said “You need to feel dysphoria to be trans” Don’t said that. And don’t said “If you feel dysphoria
lot then why you don’t get surgeries or on hormones??” Don’t said that. That their business and not yours. Gender dysphoria related to trans and some
not trans people some boy never take off his shirt front of
people.They swim with shirt.. Dysphoria have many different meanings. But now is gender dysphoria. Tell me your experience with ur dysphoria. So I think I explained fine. You think right? Thank you for watching.

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