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  1. DISORDER. My God….this world is getting worse and worse. It seems like we will never have a time when everyone will be accepted and loved.


  3. lol every time she says gender identity disorder, it feels like she's reading from a script, which could easily mean that it's completely made up = =

  4. I mean… it isn't normal. The mass of people don't wish to be the opposite sex… I don't know that I would call it a "disorder," either, but still, it isn't something I would consider… "normal."

  5. I miss the days when Howcast actually made funny, witty and useful videos, with the 'fun facts' at the end. What happened? I this goes on I will unsubscribe

  6. This psychologist shouldn't be a psychologist. This woman's a disgrace to her profession. What absolute twaddle.

  7. Ultra Gaaaaaaaaay !!
    Children are stupid, this is stupid. LoL.. I don't know why everyone is promoting the Gayness .. It is WRONG !! IT IS NOT RIGHT !! It shouldn't been promoted as a human rights issue !!

  8. As much as I would like for her to come out and say that changing gender is an option, I Also understand that this is a channel that might not want the flak that comes with such a statement. It is not an excuse for the response, but they are just trying to save their own skin and not help people. What do you expect, there are many enough bigots on the internet that could seek to shut down this channel.

  9. So in other words its really, hate what you are and never be happy, but be a good god fearing citizen making your 8 to 9 an hour down at the local burger joint and then hope to that same "god" that the backwoods church prays to that you die a quick painless death.

  10. GENDER IDENTITY ISN'T A CLINICAL ISSUE!!!! It's everyone's own personal preference whether they want to be a different sex than they are! I feel that society thinks that anything different is wrong when it comes to people! It's like abusing someone for being Autistic!! SOCIETY IS GETTING STUPIDER EVERY F***ING DAY!!!!!!!!!

  11. it is called a disorder if your born with a male body part and you feel as if it was a mistake and that you should have a virgin u have major issues

  12. This bitch talking has a fist-face disorder. Key features have a high chance to include getting blasted and knocked the fuck out for talking shit she THINKS she knows when she really doesnt. I personally dont have this'disorder' but I know for damn sure it isnt a 'disorder'. Skank.

  13. it's more than just word choice. the classification as a disorder means that people may try to make them change, rather than just reduce their discomfort (the real issue) about it.

  14. Ya she did a really shitty job here. Admittedly, the main job of psychologists is to discuss the issue with families so that they can understand the 'disorder' of their child better, but it leaves the door wide open for being transgendered to be interpreted as a problem in itself. The new DSM is supposed to reword this to "gender dysphoria," but the fact that it's still stigmatized is pretty sad.

  15. In the most technical sense, you are certainly correct about the MESSAGE of this video not treating it as a disorder. However, most of the pushback is understandable given that it is still treated as a disorder, which IS affected by the semantics. The word choice is not inconsequential in this case. Keep in mind also that people who already view being transgendered as a disorder will only have their suspicions 'confirmed' by the sloppiness of this video.

  16. Now see? This is the exact thick browed, knuckle dragging, cross bearing crap that I can't seem to escape! These people feel trapped in a body that isn't theirs! They aren't whining they are expressing an opinion on their physical appearance. They don't like the way anyone in particular looks and that doesn't form their 'gender identity'.

  17. a disorder a disturbance in physical or mental health or functions; malady or dysfunction: a mild stomach disorder…. it is a disorder its not normal for agirl to want to be a boy…

  18. Disorder:
    Noun: A state of confusion. Verb: Disrupt the systematic functioning or neat arrangement of.

    Yes, GID is a disorder. A disorder, however, is not always negative. One could argue that getting a sex-change acts as a form of "treatment" so to speak.

    Stop flipping out about things which clearly you people do not fully understand. There is a way of classifying disorders, and not all disorders are "bad".
    I suggest next time you all research what you're about to say.

  19. So to ppl that say "you're born this way" we have crazy ppl committing genocides so they were born to commit mass murder and then be aprehended? All of our lives are predetermined at birth? I really have to disagree. If you're a guy and you wanna be a girl
    [vise versa] fine Idc about that, can't judge you but saying you had no choice kinda paints it in the same bad light as calling it a disorder. Life is all about choice there are no presets except what you are. 😛

  20. How would this woman relate to anything? She speaks of it as if it is some type of disease that needs "'treatment''. And just because a girl dresses like a boy or vise versatile does absolutely NOT mean that they're unhappy or hate themselves. How cast has helped me with a lot but this video is actually making me contemplate unsubscribing. Ignorant people….

  21. lol typical uneduacated christian the sin of sodomen and gomor wasn't homosexuality bro it was inhospitality

  22. I belive the most important part of childhood in regard to helping the child understand what a man and a woman and what gender is, is having a father and a mother who are good examples for gender, good role models. "Transgendered" people are people who don't understand what's important in life and are frustrated about life and think it's because they are really of another gender. Gender isn't the issue thogh. The issue is that they've been watching TV all their lives and live in a dreamworld.

  23. ok…so its normal for a girl to go out of her way to emulate everything a boy does…and y so quick to call names

  24. Ok howcast, now its time to redeem yourself of this monstrosity by uploading a video on the topic of the social construction of gender.

  25. tom boy a transgendered are 2 different things you freakin idiot…wow and im the dumbass lol…a tom boy is a girl that plays a lot of sports and stuff…re watch the video you idiot lol before you try to come and call me a dumbass

  26. ok let me dumb this down
    now stop replying to my comments you asshat

  27. and stop trying to make sense of my non-sensical sense -_-"

  28. btw a tom boy is a girl that acts exactly like a boy in other words "emulate" everything a boy does so yea your wrong

  29. smh a tom boy is an energetic, sometimes boisterous girl whose behavior and pursuits, especially in games and sports, are considered more typical of boys than of girls. smh has nothing to do with hating their body its just the way they act watch the video again you lsot

  30. Since when do children have any discernment to properly decide? We are living in a sick, twisted world in which right is wrong and wrong is right. You sick sons of bitches pushing social darwinism and sexual promiscuity on us will fail big time.

  31. I understand it makes them distressed, but it's still not a disorder. You have to accept the children for who they are. Everyone is different. Not all girls like barbie dolls. Not all boys like sports and trucks. 

  32. Ouch, there are lots of bleeding hearts liberal pussies in here! People are so inclined towards tolerance that they are willing to go against the scientific understanding of psychologist . 

  33. you know nothing a girl that is born might wish to be a boy or the opposite no gender disorder ( transexual ) is where your brain gender is different from your body gender its the 12th couse of suicide in the US!!!!

  34. This lady has absolutely no idea what she is talking about "really wish and desire to be a boy" The hell? You dont choose your gender, and you dont just "wish" You wish your body represented who you are? And a disorder? The hell? I can't even stand listening to this lady

  35. The comment section brings a gag up feeling up to my throat. Doctors and child psychologists refer this to gender identity disorder and actually help the child become the gender they want. Just watch all that transgender child documentaries on youtube. Though it is truly sad medically professional people refer this to a disorder. They will be a lot more accepting and welcoming to a new gender rather then their own family.

  36. They must decide it as soon as possible, that's better for the custimer loyalty.
    And for encourage the parents, tell them that their children would commit suicide.

  37. I paused at 0:00 and didn't watch further than that for comfort's sake. Do they know about the XY and XX chromosomes? Do they know that "Die cis scum" reinforces the stereotypes that might get them killed? Are they all left-leaning?

  38. How do we know the children identify as children? Or people for that matter? When people say to me, "My son identifies as a girl!", that's offensive to me, as an 874 year old crocodile.

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