What It’s Like To Feel Lonely

Hello authentic mental health community and if you’re new here welcome to authentic mental health My name is Charlie and on this channel we offer advice and friendly support within our like-minded community With daily uploads on mental health self-help and self-improvement So make sure you’re subscribed and you’ve turned the bail notification button on so you never miss a daily helpful uploads that can help you Today’s helpful. Upload is coming up right after this Ostracized from across society just cause to suffer from a little anxiety. Please help me I say quietly through gritted teeth and apply for sobriety feeling lonely is possibly one of the worst Feelings in the world. Do you currently feel lonely or alone? If you do then you will be able to relate to this video feeling lonely is being empty inside Feeling lonely is being jealous. Whenever you see a group of friends feeling lonely is overthinking and over analyzing everything feeling lonely is heartbreaking and not understanding why you’re lonely feeling lonely is Confusing why are you like this? Why do you feel this way? Feeling lonely is wanting to sleep all the time to forget about how you’re feeling Feeling lonely is feeling worthless and hopeless Feeling lonely is doubting you will ever find a friend feeling lonely is losing Hope in yourself and nervous feeling lonely is hoping and wishing you had someone to talk to or do things with feeling lonely is feeling trapped inside your mind and your body feeling lonely is feeling extremely numb feeling lonely is Constant negativity feeling lonely is missing out on your life feeling lonely is faking a smile feeling lonely is never Wanting to get out of bed feeling lonely is constant sadness that never goes away Feeling lonely never wanting to do anything Feeling lonely is feeling like you have an invisibility cloak on and nobody can see you Do you feel lonely do you feel alone? Does that make you feel depressed or anxious? Because you feel lonely If it does there is a link in the description box down below where you can speak to someone immediately Who can help you not feel alone anymore? And you can begin to get the help you need and deserve to get better The link is in the description box down below. I now want to hear from you guys and girls in the comment section Do you feel lonely? Can you relate to what I have said in this video? Let me know in the comment section down below if you’ve been able to relate to this video and you’ve enjoyed this video Please give this video a like if you new here make sure you subscribe to Authentic mental health for more mental health content like this again in the future Take care guys and girls and I’ll see you all tomorrow for another video

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  1. Hey Charlie, how are you? Hope your well and hope your daughter and wife are well! Yes I can relate to this video! I love you!

  2. It is kinda funny I can be with my friends or be enjoying alone time but still feel lonely I have felt lonely For years.

  3. I can definitely relate, I'm lonely most of the time and even being around someone or even people I still feel this way. I feel there is a void within my self and I know not how to fill it.

    Anyways thank for the video and take care of your self.

  4. Hey Charlie how is your wife and daughter doing if you don’t mind me asking well I should say your girlies lol ❤️

  5. I feel very lonely lol even though I have a lot of friends the vid of u and your daughter on Instagram was really cute love you Charlie!!! Hope you have a good dAy how is your wife doing??? How is your daughter doing I’m BABYSITTING my 2 yr old brother at the moment lol 😂

  6. Omg I literally just drop my phone in this kiddy pool that my baby cousin and I grabbed it fast and it still works I can’t believe it there was a big own my arm I went to throw it off and my phone slipped out of my hand I could cry I’m so happy it works happy 😃 but I’m also mad because I just yelled out my older cousin for freaking splashing me with water now my half my shorts our wet and I’m about to leave he makes me so mad 😡 I love him but he makes me so upset now I’m gonna look like I peed my pants in Public and I have no more clothes at my Cousins house 😡😡😡

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