What to Say to People with Depression?

hey guys, I’m Iris hi I’m Shuntaro so we’re back on depression but this time we are giving out tips on how to
talk to people who are in depression first off, don’t brush off their
sentiments so I guess really
when I was going through the depression people thought we were..
I guess weak or just lazy yeah well, because they don’t know they don’t have experiences so
they just or maybe they have different experiences so they just don’t know how another person is going through yeah, going through depression and you know
it could be different depending on the person yeah it’s hard to relate you know
every time I rephrase your story a lot of friend would say
nah he’s not depressed he’s just lazy yes okay I can understand that it I think it’s easier to brush off this.. idea of depression because for them, it’s easier to comprehend if you’re just lazy yeah and another thing is that for a person to tell another person that they are depressed it takes courage and it hurts when it gets brushed off and I feel like, you know, just because of that because they have the courage to actually come out I mean come and tell them that
they have depression they are not weak they are actually strong I guess this brings us a second point which is I know a lot of people would
try to offer advice but I think when we’re in depression
we are in depression advice is not what we’re looking for like we know that you’ve never gone
through this personally so it’s hard to give advice it’s definitely appreciated though but it’s hard yeah but a lot of times I would get
just go outside, you know talk to your friends, talk to people
or they would say go to the gym yes I know to go to the gym make me feel better but it’s hard to go to the gym from not being able to get up from bed I’ve actually been on the giving advice side oh you give people advice? when I was in high school
I mean, I was grade 10 or something my friends were going
she was going through depression and I didn’t really know what to do I’ve never experienced depression
so I just told them to do something do this, do that, yeah and was it helpful for them?
I don’t think so maybe the talking was the third point is something that’s close to my heart because a lot of people would try to
tell me how I feel when I tell them I’m depression they say oh maybe you’re just sad maybe you’re not really depressed they often try to relate
yeah sometimes when I hear my friends’ depression stories it shocked me as to
oh I never knew that he or she felt this way you know, I never knew that they had
similar experience sometimes, the things that they try to relate is helpful because then I know that it’s not just me I’m not the only one who’s depressed
you know I’m not weird or, you know, I’m not going through something that nobody has ever gone through yeah yeah like everyone can be depressed definitely yeah one thing we can say for sure that helps is just listening to their stories how they are feeling
or how they got there how they got depressed
it’s actually really helpful just being there and listening to them helps them verbalize their thoughts and get organized and how to move forward from there whatever that you guys have for people who are helping going through depression tips do’s and don’ts comment down below and I think it will really help a lot of people here you good, Shuntaro? Too nervous I don’t know how to talk to camera

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  1. Nobody can compare how people feel. Sometimes, people say things like "Oh, but he or she got everything." I never say these things even though I got almost nothing. So many years lost trying to make this world better or doing the right thing. Life is not always shining of happiness. As humans, the ups and downs are pretty similar.

  2. Aloha Iris,
    As I've been threw depression there is one thing that someone who's depressed might or might not tell you is to watch what you say and careful with your words.
    A person who's in depression will sometimes tell you they are in it, that's "If" they trust you. Careful when speaking to someone in depression, because they'll lash out hostility towards you.
    Hope this dose help explain some insight into this.

  3. I've just discovered your channel, and I'm already depressed by it, because I'm quite jealous of your boyfriend.

  4. 很多人認為憂鬱症=心情不好。所以,人們要患者看開一點,想開一點。這樣做,會讓患者更難過。

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