What’s the REAL Cause of Depression?

Hi I’m Anna Runkle, also known as the
Crappy Childhood Fairy, and today I want to talk about something a lot of people
who had trauma as a child are experiencing now
and that’s depression. Everybody gets depressed sometimes in the more general
sense of the word but there are also more serious forms of
depression which everybody knows and the last time I was seriously depressed was
over 25 years ago when I was attacked on the street, I had a head injury, I lost an
important relationship and my mom died like all in the same couple of months.
And I talk about this experience a lot because it’s that crucial time in my
life where my childhood PTSD got overwhelming and then by some kind of
luck I was shown the daily practice that I’m talking about and teaching all the
time on this channel, the techniques for writing fears and resentments and
meditating afterward that I credit with healing my PTSD and saving my life. And
since I started using those techniques, depression has never hit me in that
serious way again. Yet almost every time I see a doctor they suggest I take
antidepressants, they push them for everything from stress to headaches to
foot pain to insomnia to hot flashes and even though I tell them over and over
again that short of imminent death I would not want to take antidepressants. I
treasure my brain chemistry. My health plan has changed many times since 1994
so no providers today can even imagine what I used to be like or how incredible
it is that I recovered and I’m okay. But I know how precious my well-being is and
what a miracle it is that I recovered from the depression and the childhood
PTSD and I expect if you could measure my brain chemistry back then compared to
now there would be significant changes. I love my brain and everything that it
allows me to do, it allows me to know things, to have intuition, to sense when
I’ve made a mistake, when I’ve been wronged, when something good is in front
of me, I trust my brain and I stay busy showing other people how to heal their
brains as well. There are many simple proven strategies to
treat depression and anxiety yet the myth that depression is caused by a
chemical imbalance has driven three decades of progressively growing and not
very effective mass medication of the population. More than a quarter of women
my age in the United States are on antidepressants and more than one in
seven people overall. In the UK it’s one in six! Even little kids are on them, more
than ten percent of kids in the US are on psychoactive drugs. Now I’m not a
scientist, I’m not a therapist or a doctor and I do know that for some
people medication has been a literal lifesaver
but this many people taking that many drugs cannot be a good thing. So what
happened? The explosion of antidepressants started in the late 80s
when prozac hit the market followed by a long series of ever more profitable new
drugs. The new antidepressants arrived just as health insurance plans began to
cut mental health benefits which created demand for a quicker cheaper fix that
long-term therapy, which had previously been reimbursable to mental health
providers, well now it wasn’t anymore. And psychoactive meds do sometimes help
people, for providers though, it feels good to help suffering people feel
better so the incentives for liberal prescribing began to pile up for
clinicians who might have once been reluctant to suggest mind-altering pills
to so many people. Now first this shift from face-to-face care to pills caused
an outcry but pretty soon people just accepted it, doctors, therapists, virtually
everyone just accepted it. We started to see beautiful perfect families in
colorful gardens advertising antidepressants on TV and at first those
machine gun disclaimers about how they may cause diarrhea tremors dry mouth and
sudden death they just it seemed like a parody and it made us laugh but soon we
just tuned it out we just accepted the idea that millions of us just needed a
little tweak to be our best self. It seems so plausible right? It just seems
so normal but here’s the thing, we’re talking about drugs with less than great
effectiveness and serious known side-effects; suicidal
thoughts or attempts, loss of libido, rapid weight gain, just for starters and
a slew of possible correlations with big things like road rage, relationship
failure, contaminated water supplies and even mass shootings. Now again I want to
acknowledge that some people really do have serious depression and anxiety and
other mental health problems and that medication can be life-changing and
life-saving, I know a lot of people who are living with mental illness. All the
same, it’s my opinion that the medication “epidemic” is having a terrible effect on
us overall, specifically on our culture and on our understanding of how to meet
life’s problems to sense our affect on other people and to develop our own
capacity to live a meaningful and joyous life. It’s my experience, in myself and in
the hundreds of other people whom I’ve helped in my non-professional calling as
a childhood trauma fairy, that most depression and anxiety and a lot of
physical health problems for that matter to stem from negative emotions that are
stuck inside like guilt, shame, resentment and fear. These are what I call spiritual
toxins and not out of some woo-woo interpretation but because they’re so
demoralizing and so limiting in terms of letting us become ourselves and they
have a physiological expression too, they poison our thinking, our behavior, our
physical health, and yes our brain chemistry. It makes perfect sense that a
disturbance in here will have manifestations in here right? So we know
this. People in the past may have had a damaging effect on us but they can’t fix
it now, it’s we who have the opportunity to face what was done to us and then
what we have done and begin to clear up the shame and the guilt and the
resentment and the fear that were generated by all of it. There are some
things in there that we can heal and loosen that grip of depression so that
we can be more ourselves and more who we’re meant to be. And while for
some people it’s really important to stay on medication, it’s not for everyone
and either way it’s possible to lighten the load of negative emotions and
self-defeating behaviors. For me it started with the twin practices of
writing and meditating, which you can learn about by clicking the links in the
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  1. Doctors used to just prescribe tryptophan, a simple supplement, widely available and not patentable – so it was cheap. Prozac could not get a hold in the market — UNTIL the famous bad batch of tryptophan killed some folks. The bad batch was contaminated with toxins and nobody knows quite how that happened; and also the usual filtration was reduced. Some blame genetic engineering; I've heard others suggest conspiracy… But either way Prozac and all the subsequent SSRIs benefited tremendously. By the way, tryptophan was never outlawed, and is easily available again these days (online if not in your local stores). Many brands now promise they test every batch and assure purity.

  2. I suggest everyone to take black seed oil, it really helps with the anxiety and depression by the will of Allah

  3. Depression has a purpose, to keep us out of further hurt by preventing us from doing much. It' less of an injury and more of a strategy, of course we can only succeed as much as our wisdom will take us, which is not so far, since we get a lot of hurts in childhood. Anxiety is the same way, and the defenses are set up where we are not likely to easily just let them go. So most people just block them by dissociation, and this gives relief, but the battle is still going on, it's just a stalemate.

  4. I personally have to take medication. I know it’s stigmatized to be “mentally ill” but I couldn’t have a career or life without it. Believe me, I have tried.

  5. Dear Fairylady, After 35 years on anti depressants and antipsychotics, I went against all medical advice and crashed off 3 of these drugs and tablets for the chronic indigestion they caused. Am I suicidal? Sometimes yes but less than when I was on them. Have I been hospitalized? Do I feel better? Yes for the fact that I’m starting to feel emotions again. I suggest people look at the pharmacology re venlafaxine and tramadol. They are so remarkably similar in chemical structure and nobody explained that to me and what they hat means. I don’t trust these drugs at all.

  6. Whole heartedly disagree. You state in other videos healing takes many paths. Nothing works for everyone. Guess what, medicine helps some people. It is one of many tools we have to heal ourselves. I like that you aren't just making a "Big Pharma is bad" statement. But I ask for caution because so many people who do find medicine helpful are being shamed for it. And others who could be helped refuse it because of the anti-medicine nessages out there.

  7. Been battling depression for most of my life. Have tried several antidepressants which never helped. Although I did suffer major side effects. Almost committed suicide while on one after 6months, conspired to kill my ex while on another because he was negatively influencing our daughter to drink at 13yrs old amongst other things. Not to mention how my relationship w/ my husband almost ended because i just diddnt care anymore. Luckily I didnt follow through on either of those plans but I know for a fact I'd never have "went there" had I not been on those medications. That was around 15yrs ago & their still being pushed on me. When I tell them about what I almost did while on them & express the fear I have of losing control of my ability to think rationally they don't seem to take me seriously. I'm not suicidal or homicidal. And I prefer to stay that way. Also I'd like to know why the doctors that push these medications aren't aware that it was discovered that the ppl doing these mass shootings where on these meds. Why aren't they making the connection?

  8. Just want to say that im not antimedication. If it helps you then dont worry what others think. It's just not the way to go for everyone. Ppl react differently to all kinds of medications so why is it so hard to comprehend that these meds that effect our brains may effect some of us in a negative way? At 155lbs I have a higher tolerance to alcohol & hospital administered medications than a person much larger than myself. Antidepressants make me suicidal AND homicidal. So there not for me. Plus I never felt any benefit from taking them. But if you do then great.

  9. Every antidepressant … I've tried many.. made my depression worse and gave me more symptoms like suicidal thoughts, zombie-like, agoraphobic and worsened anxiety. I am done with them.
    There is such a lack in knowledge of CPTSD by so many doctors. Trauma in general, is so misunderstood by them.
    Thanks for this.

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