When Life gets Hard | Fight Depression & Anxiety | Hard Times-Powerful Motivation

it’s a strange time we are living in
right now people that live in countries have the most reason to be happy
seem to have the least amount of happiness Why is this ? is it comparison ?
comparing ourselves to everyone who has more in this social media world we live
in never feeling enough because another will always be better in some area
comparison is the thief of joy never compare yourself to others it doesn’t
matter how great you are if you are not grateful for who you are and what you
have you’ll never be happy if you are always comparing yourself you’ll always
lose one thing other people will never have over you they are not you your
greatest asset is that you are unique unhappiness and depression comes when
you focus on what you don’t have appreciation and gratitude is the most
powerful way out of depression life will always throw challenges and obstacles
your way comparison is another big issue especially these days with the increase
in social media and the amazing revelation of filters the happiest
people on earth do not compare themselves to others
ever they run their own race in their own time and own way happy people don’t
have the best of everything they make the best of everything
things will never work out as planned this is life not a movie change your
thoughts and you change your life use the pain for a greater benefit the key
principle in overcoming unhappiness of depression is not to focus on the
depression focus on the feelings you want to feel focus on the person you
want to become and work towards doing the things that you must do to become
that person set meaningful goals that you working towards something that
excites you don’t be attached to outcomes or gaining of material things
but get excited about who you will become how you will develop and who you
will be able to help as a result of you creating this amazing life for yourself
who will benefit from you living a happier life who will benefit from you
being the example for others it’s you

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