When to Go to the Emergency Room for Headache Symptoms

(dramatic music) – If you have any severe headache, you should get checked out. Any headache that concerns you, you should come into the
emergency department. Certainly, a headache
with fever or neck pain, if you have a history
of chronic migraines, any change in your headache pattern is something that you would
want to get checked out. Other symptoms could be loss of vision, certainly any numbness or
weakness in your arms or legs, any difficulty walking or any symptoms that would suggest a serious problem. You can get a mild headache
when you have a fever, when you have the aches and pains associated with the flu
or something like that, but you have to be aware that sometimes you can get something called meningitis, and that is associated with a fever and a severe headache
that’s also associated with some neck stiffness
and sometimes rash. Any headache that’s associated
with speech disturbance, weakness in your arms or legs, numbness in your arms or legs, difficulty walking, all
those things, of course, warrant an emergency
department evaluation.

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  1. never go to the ER for a migraine! you will be given the hairy eye ball and treated as a pill seeker. tough it out at home. nothing they Er can do anyway

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