When We Feel Depressed – A Voice For You

We are not here to converse about how we feel when we are hungry, or how we react when we bleed due to an accident- all of which can be mended by external medical help. We are here to show them about the events when we feel extremely sad, to the point where we are moody or low from time to time. An experience when we are being eaten whole and alive by quiet desperation. A grey area that surfaces outward tolerance and relentless smiles, but beneath, we feel very tired of the world. Being one with this anguish is irritating. We feel the same suffering that goes by an hour or even years. Sometimes, a stressful life event is causing this void. Sometimes, there isn’t an apparent reason, to begin with. Even if how many times we explain what we currently feel to others, it is beyond their sympathetic understanding. We lose interest quickly than a speeding bullet in an activity we fully enjoyed. We are easily irritated and demoralized by simple tasks. There might be a couple of things that might trigger our desolation. Long term-unemployment, an intimate rejection, a shocking realization of a prosperous life and ambitious plans of early days that came to be unreachable, or limited money for an unlimited bill. Society tends to insist on laughter and cheerfulness, but when we climb up to their colorful platforms, we end up being humiliated and struggling on a
difficulty we are not prepared for. Asking yourself repeatedly in a day
where it is an ending the passive voice that surrounds your head where
melancholy is triggered. This results in asking the decency of being alive on a life where we are often horribly misunderstood, unfairly criticized and
ultimately rejected. And because we are shackled by being miserable and being
mesmerized by our own stupidity, we tend to give up and choose decisions
unwittingly, in which we will let others down. We will enjoy watching our friends
and families, all that we love to suffer and die. And in the efforts of us to
escape from this reality, the gravity plays as an important factor. We do not
realize that we are ascending downwards. Afterward, bruise and scar- scattered all
of our souls. We tend to submit to shocking revelations every day without noticing it. We discern these kinds of feel-good trends and disgusting
accusations minute by minute as if we belong on the jury but ending up daunted
because of the confusing spiral of each story we have read,
true and untrue. We rely on muscle power in hopes to add a sprinkle of comfort
but we are familiar with that day when all of this is just some pieces of
crap and then your muscle will eventually break down. All of your
efforts and endurance can’t crush the feelings of sadness and
pain. Being on a safe zone of care seems to be useless as our minds and internal
organs conspire against our own bodies. We even stop telling others what we feel
because they always say “cheer up”, “be positive” or “everybody has problems.” in these times of grief, we should remember some things which are quite simple. Being wretched is not a failure. It is a basic truth on the reality of our
existence. Human species are created as fragile and sensitive both in physical
and mental architecture. We are constantly exposed to danger. We are
raised to be hopeful regardless of the hurtful pitfalls around us and the
reality itself. We are so thirsty for satisfying sympathy
and love this kind of experience. We are dealing with is an attribute- a sign of
us being human. There is no sin in being caged by this hopelessness. Waking up in the middle of the night with your eyes full of tears isn’t an act of crime. As inviting as it is, you cannot just let
yourself banished from this world. And yes, others make some successful and glowing, but
this might only be their cover we are so familiar with this miserable experience
and torturing routine of bending our brains over what to order in a fast food
chain, that we surpass the idea of our sadness being inside of other beautiful
people, the rich, and the people next door. If we could only dive into their
hearts we wouldn’t feel alone. The truth is it isn’t advisable to rectify
desperation into something good to make it more adorable or Pleasant
we cannot force something to be healthy and romanticize it, when it is destroying
millions of people’s lives. We can’t, and we shouldn’t. Surely, there is one, if not
many that always look after you. Even if you don’t feel their presence, keep in mind
that whoever they are ,they might be someone just like you. They might be
confused, scared, they may be hurt from the past or missing somebody. Remember that
one of a billion people might be relying on you. It is safe to say that you are not
excluded from this community- the human community. You and I are very normal, and
this is a symptom of progress. Lure out yourself from the darkness in a way of your
own. Be an inspiration of your own self of your own self. don’t let others drag you down, and lastly, get some rest.

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