Which Programme on the Kegel8 Ultra 20 is Best for Stress Incontinence? | Kegel8 Expert Advice

So we’ve got lots of different programmes
on the Kegel8. Say for instance if I have stress incontinence, which is
the best programme for me to choose? So what we’re going to think about is if
you’ve got stress incontinence, what do you need to try and get your body to do
and to change? So stress incontinence is the type of leakage that happens usually
when there’s some high impact; some pressure on the tummy which puts
pressure on the bladder. So this is my little bladder here, it’s not far from
bladder size a little lemon jiffy bottle. So when there’s pressure on the bladder,
something like a cough or a sneeze, a jump, running, or picking up something
heavy like a child or a bag of shopping, the problem is this isn’t the bestest
design; it’s a fluid-filled sac with a little tiny tube to the outside and if
there’s a lot of pressure you can see how easy it would be for a little leak
to come out of the tip of the bottle so the muscles, the pelvic floor muscles,
we’ve got some here. These big muscles that make the floor of the pelvis what
they should do is just at that moment that you’re going to cough or sneeze or
laugh or jump, they should tighten up to just help close that hole a little bit
extra and give you better protection in that moment. The problem is if you’re
leaking it’s usually a sign that either your muscles are too weak; so maybe
they’re trying to tighten up but it’s just a bit too baby a squeeze, or you’re
a bit off time so you cough and then you tighten and you’ve missed it.
Now the electrical stimulation can help with the strengthening of the
muscles; can’t really help with the timing issue you’d need to work on that
with different exercises but you could help with the strengthening if you
thought your muscles just weren’t grippy enough by doing your normal pelvic floor
exercises or if you feel that that on its own isn’t enough you could use
a machine to help. So you would choose one of the programmes
that is going to get the muscle to actually contract and usually they’re
labelled on your programme as a stress incontinence programme and for example on
this particular machine that would be programme’s 10 and 11. Something to know
about the programme’s that we’ve got on this machine, programme 10, for example, the
first 10 minutes is actually not a contracting phase it’s just running a
tingling sensation through which will be really good for blood flow and helps you
to get to know where your muscles are and to feel where you’re supposed to be
thinking about because obviously the whole point of all of this is to learn
and to be able to do this by yourself because you can’t carry your machine
around all day. But it’s in the second phase that you will feel that
there’s a tightening and a releasing of the muscles that happens and it’s set to
be at that programme that is just right for getting both for slow twitch and
fast twitch muscles to work together without getting too tired because
sometimes if the programmes are a bit favoured in one or the other, then the one
type of muscle gets tired and it will only come on for five seconds and then
rest for five seconds and that’s kind of what you want to learn how to be able to
do in real life you want to be able to tighten up a nice grip, about five
seconds, long enough to be able to cough or sneeze and then you can relax and
then it’s going to come back again and so this idea that ‘oh I’ve got to be
quite fast off the ground with it’ and so it’s trying to mimic in the programme what
your muscles need to learn to do in real life and it’s very similar to that
squeeze on let go exercise that you would practice yourself when you’re not
connected to the machine.

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  1. Hi.  In this video made with Kegel 8 we talk about stress incontinence. This is leakage when the bladder is under pressure or high impact – like when you cough, sneeze, laugh or jump.
    Why the bladder leaks.
    Which muscles you  need to target to solve the problem of Stress incontinence. 
    How to use a pelvic floor muscle stimulation machine to help.
    More videos about pelvic floor exercises and looking after your postnatal body on our SupportedMums channel.  Do come and have a look.

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