Which Try Guy Knows Zach The Best?

– What’s up KornBuddies and welcome to Try Guys Game Time. – Try Guys Game Time! – We can do that better, come on. – Yeah.
– We never nail it. – Try Guys Game Time! – The videos where we hang out, play some games, have some fun. Today we are playing which try guy knows Zach the best. Wow. Me. Oh my god. *upbeat intro song* – I believe our contestants have a greeting message for me.
– We do. – I think I know hot ankles Kornfeld the best. – They out to play today! – I’m pretty sure that I know our little Korndiddy the best. I drew him kneeling near a cat. – As usual, I think I’m going to lose again. But please welcome Jewish Kitty! *laughter*
– *meows in the tune to Hava Nagila* – Jewish Kitty, hey! – This is is the Kornbuddy buddy test to see who is the most Kornbuddy of all the Kornbuddies. We have three Kornbuddies here playing today; Who will be the most Kornbuddy? – Oh god.
– We’re all little Korn Buds! – We’re going to be splitting this into three rounds, easy questions that all of you may know. – This is probably a medium question, but I wanted to give you guys a juicy nugget to start off In middle school, what body part did I almost lose? Ned what body part did I almost lose?
– Your head. – Oh god! – I mean, I thought it was a bit much for the first question.
– Yikes. – Cuz of the car accident. – Yes. That’s dark. That’s true.
– That was elementary school, that was. – He gotcha there! I guess testicle then I blurred the testicles out because it’s a family show. – I also wrote testicle, parenthesis one of them. – The answer I was looking for was testicle my left testicle more specifically. I was in a car crash when I was a kid, that was in fourth grade – I think you should give him a point.
– I’m gonna give you a point because it is true. But wow, that’s horrific. I’m sorry for starting it off that way. Let’s make this a little easier, huh? What is my middle name? *laughter* Don’t you dare. – Andrew! – Andrew, Sandy Andy. – Andrew! Sandy Andy, Fanny! – You are all unfortunately, correct. *chorus of yays* My middle name is Andrew! Points for everyone! – Sandy Andy! Sandy Andy! Sandy Andy! Sandy Andy! – What is my most potent food allergy? – How do you have so many?
– The one that makes you shit like the dickens? – Yeah, the one that makes me shit my brains out. – They all make you shit your brains out. – Zach, what makes you poop your pants is Dairy.
– Dairy. – Well, I went with something really specific, red bell peppers.
– Those also fuck him up. – I’m gonna give points to everyone dairy and bell peppers! *laughter* What is my only tattoo? Bonus points for drawing. No bonus points. *laughter* Pens down, answers in! – Zach, You got a little smiley face on your butt. – You got a smiley face on your butt. I believe its small on your right cheek – Also happy face on butt. – Damn right! I got a smiley butt! – Whoo!
– Yeah! – Lil cutie. It was actually one of the first and most like dumb things I did on camera, and I’m like, yeah, I can make this a career. – Prove it now! – Show your butt! Show your butt! – It’s gonna be hard to get to. No regrets. – Your parents like it? – You know, they got over it. What is young Zachary’s favorite drink? – Tea!
– Tea! – Green tea!
– Tea! Points for everyone!
– He likes all the teas. Different teas at different times. – At the end of the first round everyone’s tied. *cheering*
5 points for everyone. – Jewish kitty! – Alright, round two. Points in this round are double and the questions are harder. What is my biggest phobia? – Ohhhh! – Uh oh, I didn’t have a moment of recognition. Oh, oh, oh! I got it. Fish slash open water.
– Medium slash little fish in the open water. – Open deep water.
– Swimming in the ocean with fish! It’s just the fear that a fish could be hiding somewhere. I’m gonna say you’re all right.
– We’re all right! *cheering* – Kornbuds! – Let’s heat it up a little bit. I may get this one wrong too – a year ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Spell the disease that I have. – So is this gonna be whoever gets closest? – No, man, you gotta spell it right. – Ankylosing spondylitis. – Hot Ankliospondelitus Kornfeld. And then I also wrote bone-itis. – I wrote Ankylosis spondylitis, so I’m probably wrong. – Unfortunately, you are all incorrect. Ned is very close. It’s actually ‘ankylosing’ not ‘anklyosing’. Ankylosing Spondylitis. Ned you came the closest so you get a half point.
– Yeah! – I appreciate you guys knowing and caring. – I was just gonna write crippling bone-itis. – Which is a Futurama reference.
– Yeah. – What is my all-time favorite band? What’s like the music version of being a foodie? -A music snob
– There it is. *laughter* – I said Vampire Weekend with the two bonus answers as Radiohead and Coldplay. – I kind of want to give you negative points for guessing Coldplay. – No way is Coldplay, I was gonna say there’s not a chance it’s Coldplay. I also went with Vampire Weekend because you’ve gone to see them twice in the last month. – I went with Vampire Weekend, but with no question mark. – My all-time favorite is Vampire Weekend. I’ve actually seen them three times in the past month, which is a lot. – Are you allowing the Coldplay to slip through? – I think, Ned, I have to give you a negative half point. – Come on! – I’m a little insulted by it. – Coldplay’s a great band! – Not in my pantheon. How and why did I start making movies? – This is something that we share it’s lego movie maker. – I believe it is in fact lego movie maker. – I said watching the hit TV show Lost. *laughter* Okay, I’m gonna give it up cuz Lost is definitely my all-time favorite show. But no, I got the lego movie maker kit for Hanukkah, and I started making Lego movies and from there, I just, this love erupted. Unknown fact about me, I had a brief stint as a child actor. What television show was I on as a kid? And who was the host? – Oh, I know this! – I don’t have the host written down, this is not it. – As a kid you were on SNL hosted by Bruce Springsteen! – I believe the host was actually Hugh Grant. I think the host was Elijah Wood. – I was a background actor on Saturday Night Live, and the host at the height of Lord of the Rings was Elijah Wood! *cheering* – Two points to everyone and a bonus two points to Eugene. I had surgery to correct my almost lost testicle, then I was on Saturday Night Live with Elijah Wood. It was the craziest two weeks of my life. – Would you say the two weeks were nuts? – Good thing he’s still got wood. – Ayyy! And that’s the end of round two, the points are… Really, even with my bullshit half points? – Because of your bullshit half points, Zach. – Making the entire previous rounds irrelevant. These are things that only the closest people in my life could possibly know. I was never officially bar Mitzvahed, but what is my Hebrew name and what does it mean? – Is it in Hebrew?
– Yeah, you won’t get it. I would just guess like what’s a fun meaning for a word. – Your Hebrew name is Zalojai Shalom, which means what’s up Zach! – Your Hebrew name is Andy and it means covered in sand. *Zach laughs* Look at the art here. Your Hebrew name is Levi and it means jeans. *laughter* – You are all unfortunately incorrect. I chose the coolest word I could find Rakdan, which means the dancer. – Both of those are not you.
– Wow. – Ned’s is the most Jewish, at least. – Yeah, let’s give Ned one point.
– Yay! – Who was my biggest childhood crush? – Your biggest childhood crush is Nic Cage. *laughter* – Natalie Portman. – One of these answers was beautiful and yet not in the right era; One of these was funny and yet not correct. Zach you are America’s Next Top Model – Tyra Banks! – Wow. I was like, middle school, I think, crazy obsessed with Tyra Banks. Was it from that, um, that Life-Size Disney movie? You know, it wasn’t from Life-Size.
– She was hot in dat. – There’s a moment in Life-Size where she got out of the shower and she’s wearing an oversized Jersey. Oh, damn.
– Yeah. What body part makes me the most squeamish? – On your body?
– Yeah. If you were to touch it, I would freak the fuck out. – The top of your head. You think I have a soft spot, like a ba– like your baby? – Back of the knee because I haven’t touched you there! – I’m gonna quote what you call them, your pepperoni nipples! Is it your pepperoni nipples? – The thing I am most squeamish about being touched is my bellybutton. – Oh! – It freaks me the fuck out. One thing me and the Pillsbury Doughboy have in common, we both hate our belly buttons being touched. – No, he likes it!
– He loves it! – He goes “Woohoo! – In college, I owned and only watched one DVD. What movie was it? – Oh! Oh my god, Wow. I talk to you more than I think I do! *laughter* The Fast and the Furious! I believe it’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Billboard Dad. *chuckling* – Oh man, Josie and the Pussycats? – Josie and the Pussycats!
-Yeah! Here’s the deal, I had a dvd/vhs combo player and the DVD player got jammed, So Josie and the Pussycats got stuck in there. Honestly, one of the most underrated films of all time. – Their dad is so single they make a billboard for him, and it works – Final question if you know me, you know this is something I am very passionate about. Rank the Fast & Furious movies in order from best to worst. I shall do the same. – Oh no. – How many are there? 8? – Number one Furious 7, number 2 Fast Five, number 3 the original, number 4 Tokyo Drift, number 5 Furious 8, then number 6 number 2, number 4. – F 2, F 8, F 1, F 3, F 4, F 7, F 6, F 5. I dunno, Fuckin’ just numbers. – I put 7 at the top, then 6 then F8, then 3 controversial opinion, then number 1 because you added the original, 5 2 and at the bottom 4. – The correct and only correct answer is… 5, 7, 6, Tokyo Drift, 1, 8, 2, 4. 4 is trash, 5 is the best movie ever made. It’s when they introduced Dwayne the Rock Johnson and decided to just push it off the rails. Ned. Congratulations, you are the closest. I just — I want — this is canon. Ok, if you disagree with me comment below but I will block you. This was a tight race. Unfortunately in last place, Keith Douglas Habersberger. You’re my best friend, but apparently it’s not mutual
– Wow. – I don’t care about your movies and your order of what movies you like. That’s so stupid to care about. – My very best friend, the number 1 Korn buddy of them all, – I don’t want to be —
– The TOP Kornflower, the Korn seed, The kernel of my life! The absolute favorite boy!
– I rescind my — I don’t want to be a contestant Eugene Lee Yang, my best friend! – Congratulations! – Why did you phrase it that way? *cheering*
-Wow! My best friend! Thanks for watching, Eugene’s my best friend, he loves me so much. This is been Try Guys Game Time. – Try Guys Game Time!
– Oh God Eugene! Oh fuck, you okay?
You alright? – Not what best friends do. – Try Guys Game Time! Jewish Kitty, Jewish Kitty, meow meow meow! I am Jewish Kitty. I am Jewish Kitty. Meow meow meow! Here’s a brisque.

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  1. oh, i see how it is. zach can see vampire weekend three times in a month, but i can't see my chemical romance because they "broke up"?

  2. Things like this make me question how much I think I know celebrities. Like I absolutely love Zach but Vampire Weekend is an objectively shitty band. So that makes me think maybe Zach is an objectively stupid person.

  3. can we see Zachs smiley butt. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i would love to talk about fast and furious with zach. like, a real conversation. and rewatching them again. there are very few person that i know that have watched the movies and the only person that loves them as much as me is my sister and idk, i'd love to talk about them with someone else

  5. Zach do I have a podcast for you https://www.cageclub.me/2-fast-2-forever/

    Not my podcast I just really like them!

  6. Poor Bean wanders up to the Guys and can't figure out what the hell is happening while they sing the Jewish Kitty theme song

  7. david bowie is the best singer in the world thanks Zach you have great music taste (it was one of his 2 options)

  8. I love watching bean throughout these. It just so happens there is an entertaining hilarious game show going on in the background

  9. When they were talking about Tyra Banks 8:04
    Ned was silent and he couldn’t say anything cuz he has a wife and Eugene had no comment lmao

  10. Huh, that’s interesting, my dad has Ankylosing Spondylitis… he was actually diagnosed at a young age. He had to have his hip replaced and sometimes sets off the metal detector. Also, he has to take steroids, which my brothers and I often bring in and have to put in the fridge when it gets here, and has to be careful of getting sick. One time, he got pneumonia, and we were really worried because of it. See, Ankylosing Spondylitis makes your white blood cells attack your joints, or at least that’s how my dad describes it. We were once worried my little brother (now 18) had it, because he got iritus, a common early symptom.

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