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  1. A few years back I read this manifesto talking about how the millennial generation feels about the world they are living. I read they don't like politics, God, or family. If their parents do not want them to come home after school break do you think the government will start to decriminalize homelessness because of the coronavirus? Are churches going to allow spring breakers to mingle with their parishioners allowing them to sleep on church property after watching the way they act on vacation? The saying what comes around goes around has to make you wonder how serious life can get because of the attitudes being shared by the younger generation today. Maybe not now but in the long run, they will learn to take care of themselves better without God, family, or politics. Makes you wonder what they can come up with to replace all they want to leave behind?

  2. Dr. Birk looks like a zombie. She has not had her share of sleep that's evident. She's working round the clock and trying not to sleep on her feet.

  3. 1:33:26 they’re prioritizing “creativity and innovation” for covid19 testing while we actively decline to consider the mass testing capabilities available from the WHO.

  4. Coincidence. The moment Trump said" gift of god" my mom sent me a photo of the new shrine of my brother who passed. 1/11/2020. My middle name is Matthew.

  5. We crossed over 10k new cases today (and we are still barely testing) and this fool cant wait to send everyone back to work! Aaaaagghhhhh!

  6. 1:01:08. WTH Trump is talking about reporters that hate him bring let back in? OMG please wake me up from this nightmare

  7. You just can't compare the Chief Cheeto in charge to Governor Cuomo. When one speaks he makes you want to stick your finger through your eye into your brain and like…swirl it around a little bit. 😣😫😔😦😡😨😕😒And the other one is professional articulate and has all the numbers and information, but most importantly, the Common Sense that eases your mind because because you just know he's taking care of business. I'll let you figure out which is which.

  8. This guy and his entire staff are utter Morons!! Americans are DYING because of his Incompetence!! I Pray to God that after his Presidency he is investigated and Imprisoned for his Crimes against Humanity!!!

    TRUMP FOR PRISON 2020!!!

  9. Trump,”we never thought this could happen “. The medical profession has been anticipating a pandemic since the last one early in the last century. Trump is a dope!


  11. 37:24 — Trump referring to Nebraska, Idaho, & Iowa as countries, but even more embarassing using states that make up 2% of the population as a talking point on changing the national strategy against the virus

    1:15:26 – 1:16:40 Trump rambling incoherently about a point Dr Birx just made, Dr Birx giving him the "just shut up" look

    1:17:41 — Tremendous Death Happens (from the economy not Coronavirus)

    1:08:35 Trump acting like a whiny bitch

    1:09:23 Dr Birx redirecting Trump's bitching back to the subject of the press conferenc

  12. And he still won't direct people that don't have to go anywhere to stay home as much as possible so that we can try to stop the spread of this fast moving virus as much as possible. Is he afraid to offend people living in the desert or in the middle of the wilderness, I don't understand. He is thinking in dollars. Any business that can stay open, should stay open. This is what he's got rolling around in his head.

  13. WTF? Is this joke of a press cinference real? Why do they keep starting with thos mystery person, who may or may not habe been rescued.
    Not to mention the dribble by trump and his butt kissing minions.
    All smoke and mirrors and false hopes!
    We are so screwed!

  14. Barr* looks like he's under duress. I have no love for the guy, but holy shit he looked uncomfortable

    Edit: burrbarr– which jerk?

  15. lol…this guy is bought by corporate. He will ship people to work, to get infecte, many will pass, just for corporate profit. Every other country is home stay. What a shameful present this fool is.

  16. See? We shut down Pub Sch. All good. I'm happy. Just stop making me pay for that indoctrination. I have my kid to care for.

    Outpouring of creativity can always flourish when govt is stuffed in the teapot.

  17. The Supply Chain Stabilization Task Force is the answer to our prayers. Thank you Mr. President and Mr. Vice President ♥️

    Thank you Mr. William Barr for your gratifying statement

  18. Wow, Trump is really struggling and reaching to make things look good. Dude, you can’t keep doing that. Stop your fucking bragging and lying. Just tell us the complete truth, stop embellishing and trying to make things seem better than they are.

  19. I have watched so many of these politicians across the country along with the news media covering the virus preaching to stay 6 feet apart and they aren't doing it. How are the American people going to take it very seriously when they don't practice it on live tv?
    Also I know a person that works at a Lowe's distribution center, they are told that they're essential personnel. This person told me that it's not possible to stay 6 feet apart plus they share the same equipmnt. People are puzzled about being essential when they are loading Easter items onto a trailer all day. I guess that people must get their Easter stuff along with alot of other stuff like this that is not worth the health and possible death of people that work there.

  20. WTF??!! Trump talks and talks and talks about how our country will be back to normal “very soon” and that it won’t take months, and then later talks about social distancing making empty seats in the room and how they used to be full and asks “will we ever have that again or is that something that will be, you know, it’ll look like this forever?”

    DUDE! You fucking moron! You just babbled for about half an hour saying how it won’t be like this forever! You just proved that you have absolutely no clue what the fuck you’re saying! Are you for real? How much longer do we have to put up with your ego-driven narcissistic bullshit?!

  21. The front page of USA today with Kobes death on it has a Corona Virus story right next to it….IN JANUARY. This is all a planned distraction from failing economic situations. Lowering the curve of the standard of living. Destroying the middle class, making lower class the slaves and dependent

  22. Millennials as we all know, society and the workplace are cut throat!!!! This might be a great time for promotions!!!! after all they wouldn't still be working if they hadn't wasted their time, made mistakes, exported the jobs, and overall screwed the following generations!!! CORONA PARTY let's go!!!! Besides a good chance to build up immunity!! This is just the beginning…..not the end….lets be honest they raised the rates of university, insurance, cars, houses, etc……for an indentured class ….when they were young they had factory jobs, cheap cars, cheap houses,…….o yes and women were fitter…..no they made all the women fat….they really don't need to be making rules for us…in fact it appears as if they are not even looking out for our interests….as such it is important for the people to remove the power of the government……the contract is broken….

  23. so, now that they've passed a bill removing all privacy from our phones, Made everyone forget Hong Kong is still fighting for freedom, and god only knows what else has been pulled while everyone was panicking they'll release the cure for their virus. THIS IS BULLSHIT MANIPULATION.

  24. Dr. Birx has a Subjective Lifecycle Management data-driven perspective – she aims to mitigate exposures during the lifetime of an individual. Bring on the Lead Actuary for an Objective Lifecycle Management data-driven perspective! We can handle thinking of ourselves as assets!

  25. So…did he get rid of Dr. Fauci because he didn't bow to his narcissism and instead chose to stick with science?

  26. You will be doing a grave disservice to America if you do not stream legislation on both the House and the Senate floors on YouTube from here until the end of time.

  27. The uneasiness on the faces of the 2 people beside him is actually making me nervous. As if they know everything that he's saying is not true and this in fact is a lot worse than we thought. I hope I'm wrong.

  28. Thank you President Trump for keeping Americans safe , and PUNISH those that PRICE GOUGE MEDICAL Supplies so as every American stands a chance for health *(I am talking about those that Buy from a medical supplier and sell to the public at ASTRONOMICAL prices ! )

  29. Look atTrump with his phony optimistic clap-trap. His concern is " the economy" because he knows the idiots out here apparently felt the " booming " economy was his great achievement. So does he. So this virus, he doesn't like it possibly hurting his chances in November. I know he doesn't give a hoot about people, and is willing to trade " some " lives to get " his " economy going again for his agenda. I'm also certain there are people out here who think he is " being strong " to want this, and will think Trump is right. Sadness for us all.

  30. Well, I was a trump supporter. I seen how these hyperbole filled press conferences were so irrelevant and lost my support for trump. Then I saw everything democrats have to offer and their choice for viable candidates, and I became a trump supporter again.

  31. Why would we do massive amounts of tests, especially if all we're gonna find is more positives?
    Oh wait. That's why. Preemptive action instead of just pure reaction. Makes sense to experts. But hey listen to Trump and crew, if you dont feel sick dont test, forget about the fact that many can barely show symptoms and be highly infectious, this will save us more money and won't "panic the people"(even tho it wouldn't panic them)

  32. Get this ignorant narcissistic psychopathic conman (Trump) off the stage. Lie after lie.  
    WE NEED FOUCI!!!! He knows what is going on and what to do.

  33. Mr. president please lift all shelter in place and stay at home policies that state governors have ordered. They are unconstitutional and we need you to defend our rights right now. Lift these shelter in policies imediately!

  34. They coached him here … it’s not the “Asian’s” fault… protect Asian Americans, etc. https://youtu.be/QIi2zux7Qlw

  35. Trump was so happy when He had the last Trump Shutdown.Since all these deaths he now wants the people back to work so he can take credit for any decrease in deaths or if money goes back in his pocket.

  36. Am I the only one who thinks it's pathetic to hear 93 offices and a lead prosecutor can be called in a moment over missing toilet paper, but not missing emails that have classified material

  37. BREAKING NEWS OF THE TRUTH. The latest figures prove that politicians should not be trusted to give us the medical news. According to Governor Newsom, of those testing positive for COVID-19 in California, 50% are in the 18-49 age group with only 25% in the age group 65-older.  It is politicians who told us that rather than those with pre-existing conditions that the homeless are the most at risk, and politicians told us that seniors are most at risk. The latest figures prove that politicians should not be trusted to give us the medical news. IMO it seems logical that yes those over 85 might be at increased risk, but in the 65-and older age group, those are the age group most concerned with exercising and taking steps to maintain their health, as opposed to the younger crowd who might be more of the health risk takers. I think similar figures will prove out regarding the homeless population. The bad news is that it has happened. The good news is let this be the wake up call that politicians are not the expert on this; we need to be demanding to get our health news from the medical profession.

  38. Trump is Awesome! Trump and Barr had a great time laughing at the corrupt media. Like 2 high schoolers laughing at the Bullies 😉

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