Why did Dean choose the field of Headaches and Migraines?

hi I’m Dr. Beth Yule an osteopath in Melbourne
headache solutions and today I’m talking to dr. Dean Martin
and then Australian muscles leader physiotherapist she said the past 30
years treating and researching headaches and migraines now Dean is also a the
founder of the Watson headache approach Thank You Dean for joining me thank you
so Dean why did you choose the field headaches and migraines it’s a question
I get asked a lot and mature I don’t know why I chose it
although I remember in the early part of my career was something extra special
about but when someone as a younger teacher that was – I was quite
disillusioned with my role to do service and it’s only been recently like we get
why that was and things I wasn’t making it up for work so I was rather
upskilling were normal forces the China been experi
me everything that a physiotherapist a muscular especially is really
so I must live fish you’re making the mid-80s but then I decided well what I
do I’m saving the professionalism research and we must agree to our
education why I chose the okay but the results of that creates such a
lot of interest in the community anything from the profession back in
that when I finished that in 1991 and I started I would just basically show that
and it’s variations of my life because I focused on treating my finish lately
I’ve become a risk you’ll get it because I’m not trying to be a jack of all
trades become a master of one and that means that currently is a 90 chance I’m
going to change their lives and they change their lives and the budget given
the chance that someone came I’m going to change their life is intoxicating so
it’s changed my life so I don’t know that I can point to one
reason why in some ways I feel almost judgment rather than me my life you
sound very passionate about

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