Why Does Shakeology Cause Headaches In Some People But Not In Others?

Why does Shakeology
cause headaches in some but not others? I’m not sure if it’s just
purely Shakeology, um, but Shakeology, any change of diets may cause
uncomfortable feeling. Headache, lethargy, fatigue. Some people, their
bowel movement change, moods can change a little bit, any sort of nutritional
change that you make to your diet
or to your lifestyle, even if you start doing yoga, regularly everyday
and you’ve never been there, you’ve never breath in deeply and allowed toxins to be
released in any way, shape or form of habits
to be let go off, that could create a change
internally and externally. So it can create headache
and uncomfortableness. Can I prove that? No, but it’s something that
we’ve seen over and over again. So it’s not just Shakeology’s
any healthy change, unhealthy change as well. But any change that causes
a change internally will create a little symptoms
here and there.

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