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  1. Friends…This video is available in English subtitles also…u may turn on the captions….I hope u find it helpful:)

  2. An important topic which we all need to realise in our life. Definitely our mental health. Thanks for this video Aditi ♥️

  3. Seriously a best video .👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼………sometimes we need to fight with our brain that what we want and how much its important …….

  4. Very nice video Aditi. Everyone has got some of the brain disorder. Dimag me chemical locha hogaya hai circuit. 😂😂. Everyone have obsessive compulsive disorder also called Psychasthenia means we cannot get rid of our thoughts and feelings by our will because it's persistent in our mind, but for other things we can control our feelings and thougts.

  5. I'm not brandishing the regularity of my attendance on your channel, till I can't help myself but commenting.
    You always post contents that are within my zone of interest.
    Can you disclose your area of education? If it's possible.
    Anyways, "Thanks Kabhi kabhi Aditi."

  6. Thanks for Motivational video , agar aap problem share nhi kr skte ho to , mental health ke liye aap bhagwat geeta phad skte ho , it can be helpful

  7. Didi told us 99% of the individual problems in a nutshell with which almost everyone can relate. Mein ek example batata hu accha sa apne baare mein. When i ride on a two wheeler, any two wheeler. I ride with possible gears like gloves, shoes, helmet & jacket. Proper riding gears afford nhi kr skta mein like riding jacket riding shoes etc. Toh iska matlab ye nahi ki mein kuch na hi pehnu ya ye proper riding gears sirf unke liye h jo professional riders h. Safety sabki important h, as i told earlier i ride with manageable gears & aas paas ke log dekhte h ki jyada hi form me h sab pehn rakha h showoff kr rha h scooty hi toh h fir bhi. I am like mereko ghnta farq nahi pdta, mere ghr m maa papa h jo wait krte h mera ki ladka safely ghr pahunche bas. Ye toh sirf ek chhota sub part h life ka. Kabhi aap ek dum sahi kaam kar rhe ho or duniya criticize krne beth jayegi or aapko lagega ki mein hi galat hu shayad. Koi kya kehta h ghnta mat socho logo ka kaam h kehna bas. Iss duniya mein sirf 2 jane h jo aapki sabse jyada care krte h ek maa or ek papa unko kabhi disappointed mat krna ya agr kar bhi gya galti se toh galti ko thik karo or apne parents ka sir proudly uncha karo 😊.

  8. I feel so good seeing this. Few years back, post school life 2017, I felt like giving up..I wanted to escape..for two months the only thing I did is to somehow eat, sleep and cry. I felt sad 24×7. Then I decided to visit a psychiatrist. Before it's too late I cured my mind and the best part is I keep talking about this with confidence. I don't shy away to talk about this. Yes I had mental health issues, but that's isn't shameful or anything secretive. I feel proud as a human today when I look back that I have overcomed it, I was just 17 years old then.

  9. GREAT GREAT video👌👌👌👌👌 ADITI JI…Every word is 💯💯% TRUE …From last two days I'm thinking to comment or not ((Because I have felt these things in my life also🙂🙂))…

    2:27 – 2:47 I have spent my last 5 years in a room watching movies, playing games (it's a shame😢) and thinking that NEXT YEAR will be good☹️… I rarely go outside due to fear of friends, relatives and neighbors…They always use bad words for me and my failure in life and never tried to understand me…A time comes (IN 2019) when I lost all confidence, hope1:33 – 1:50 and wanted to GIVE UP in LIFE 😭😭but I met SOMEONE by the grace of GOD ( I felt my old self in him/her) and decided to KEEP MOVING…

    That person's KINDNESS touched me so deeply that I forgot my all worries (because in last 5years I heard only negative things☹️) and started to live a FANTASY life with his/her words … I had written his/hers all words on my walls "BE OPTIMISTIC/STAY FOCUSED/KEEP SMILING…..etc"

    NOW I'M CHASING MY DREAMS…(GOD is always with us and send help in different forms)

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