Why my anxiety and depression treatment works? Anxiety Solutions 3

Hi this is Andrea Smith again at Hypnotherapy
in Surrey Why my anxiety and depression treatment works?
Anxiety Solutions 3 I provide Confidence coaching for business
through Cognitive behaviour therapy and Clinical hypnotherapy. It has been an interesting morning today to
see people move on from being controlled by their anxiety or fluctuating mood or tied
to their low mood. Today was the 2nd time I saw my client, the 1st time was an emergency
appointment- where I was faced with the usual questions: Will I be like this forever? Am
I mentally ill? Am I going to be able to work, look after my kids or home? All the worry
and panic! Of course this worry and panic will feed the anxiety.
So that was 5 days ago I saw her for the 1st time and after today she felt transformed.
Life style issues were discussed and why she struggles with anxiety and reasons for her
fear. My therapy sessions were structured in a manner
that will help after our sessions too: it’s the things I give you that you can do to keep
training your brain in the right direction. Some therapist just do their hour sessions
week after week. But the more effective therapist give you take home techniques so that if you
feel your anxiety rising or low mood you get it quickly and easily under control. How do human being learn – by repetition
and by repeating these positive patterns you are reprogramming your own mind away from
the anxiety or depression or OCD or unwanted thoughts. You are reprogramming your mind
day by day, so when you come back for the next session I will just be moving the process
forward, on to the next stage: getting well, happier where you want to be. Do you want to be like that client when in
just 2 appointments felt transformed, Call me on 07967151790. I have a couple of slots
available next week, it will be the same slot each week to promote continuity. Thanks for
your time and if you want or need anything, put a comment in the box below.

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