Why We’re All So Depressed – The Jim Jefferies Show

Last week was Mental Illness
Awareness Week. And to celebrate,
I scrolled through Instagram until I spiraled
into a depression that I only snapped out of
this morning. I admit it was nice
to see people supporting
each other online. Even Hollywood got into the act by releasing a heartwarming tale
about a misunderstood outcast who finally
gets the help he needs and becomes an advocate
for mental-health services. I — I have — I haven’t seen the movie,
but this poster speaks to me. [ Laughter ] But America still has a serious
mental-health crisis. We have the second-highest rate
of depression in the world, and other high-income countries
aren’t far behind. And I think
it’s because of dreams. [ Laughter ] Having goals
makes you sad, right? That’s why wealthy countries
are so depressed. People just trying to survive
don’t have the luxury of feeling bad because
they’ll never be a dancer. They’re too busy trying
to cure their own hemorrhoids with a bag of wood chips. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] As we know, seeing other people
achieve their dreams only makes life more painful. Everybody else’s life
looks so much more glamorous on Instagram than yours. It’s also so easy to see all the things
that we’re missing out on. We’re all suffering from FOMO,
which is Fear Of Missing Out. In Africa, they have
a similar thing called MOFO, which stands for MOre FOod, which is what they’re scared
of missing out on. [ Applause ] A large part
of mental-health awareness is encouraging people
to share their struggles. And I support that,
but after a while, it becomes like
a kind of depression porn. There are a lot of people
out there with serious mental illnesses, but it really doesn’t help
when a reality-TV star posts a picture of themselves
in bed with no makeup saying, “I, too,
struggle with depression.” And then everyone starts
commenting underneath, “You’re so brave.
You’re beautiful. Heart emoji. Heart emoji.” Just stop it! Are we all really
clinically depressed, or is this just how
we’re meant to feel because life [bleep] sucks? Life sucks! It [bleep] sucks. [ Laughter ] Keep the [bleep] dog. No. [Bleep] you. I gave you
the house. It’s my [bleep] dog. [ Laughter ] Have you ever met someone
who is legitimately happy? They’re always dumb as shit. So that ain’t no better. You ever see a happy professor?
No. You haven’t.
‘Cause they’re smart. Einstein understood the universe
better than anyone. And what did he do?
Help invent the atomic bomb. We’re all so miserable
that even doctors have a hard time
telling the difference between real illness
and generally experiencing life. One study showed
that less than 40% of people diagnosed
with depression actually met the criteria. Doctors say the other 60%
aren’t depressed. They’re just dumpy,
un-[bleep]-able losers. [ Laughter ] It’s one thing to be aware
of mental illness, but it’s another to make sure
people are getting treatment. 10 million adults report an unmet need
for mental health care. So what if you need help but you don’t have the means
to get it? I suggest you try to get yourself arrested
in Cook County. We’re here at Cook County Jail
in Chicago. Right now it houses
9,000 inmates, and it’s estimated that 30%
of them have mental illnesses. That makes this
what’s thought to be the largest mental-health care
provider in America right now. That’s right — America’s
largest mental-health
care provider is a jail. Instead of looking down
on murderers, we should commend them
for getting help. It’s good that we’re able
to talk openly about mental illness,
but we need more than a hashtag. We need better funding,
better access to resources, more focus
on community services, including therapy
and addiction treatment… and better crisis services
beyond just jails and hospitals. Because the truth is, we don’t really like helping
people with mental illness. It’s scary and difficult, and it makes us uncomfortable
even if it’s someone we love. If you need help, all too often,
you’re on your own. So you may have to
help yourself. But how? Get arrested! I’m not saying
you have to kill someone, but a minor crime that gives
the nice people who run the jail a reason to put you
in treatment. Hey, uh, hold up a convenience
store after it’s closed. Sell cocaine to a pigeon. Commit bank fraud by telling
everyone that you’re a bank. Then again, maybe —
I don’t know — just maybe… we can take 1% of
the country’s military budget and put it towards improving
mental-health care in America. [ Cheers and applause ] Or is that idea just too crazy?

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  1. Just Hv Fan, Fuck Social Networks … remember nothing is like how it seems…!
    Laughs … 😂😂😂😜😜😜😎😎😎

  2. I'm not sick but I'm not well
    And I'm so hot cause I'm in hell
    Been around the world and found
    That only stupid people are breeding
    The cretins cloning and feeding
    And I don't even own a tv
    Put me in the hospital for nerves
    And then they had to commit me
    You told them all I was crazy
    They cut off my legs now I'm an amputee, god damn you
    I'm not sick but I'm not well
    And I'm so hot cause I'm in hell
    I'm not sick but I'm not well
    And it's a sin to live so well

  3. I wonder if a large number of the mentally ill are members of the red political tribe and the blue political tribe. Both tribes appear to be crazy.

  4. Strange analysis of why people are less depressed in poor countries – my experience shows that they are less depressed because they have community – they are poor but together, you are rich, but alone !


    (Edit: obviously there are some people who literally can't feel joy regardless of what happens to them, they need something stronger than an attitude adjustment. Most of us just need a good social group, exercise, and sobriety also sex helps but not as much as people think)

  6. Kinda crazy when you think about just how much money the military gets to play around with, not to mention most of it usually doesnt go to the actual soldiers and personnel that actually deserve it, most of the time its wasted on redundant systems and on additional weapons and craft.

  7. The approved 2019 Department of Defense discretionary budget is $686.1 billion. 1% of that is 6.86 billion dollars. Spending that amount on mental health in America will lessen crimes and improve millions of lives in America. I don't think the Republicans want that.

  8. Depression isn't feeling bad, it's feeling nothing. We are adapted to live in the physical world with flesh in the game, not the virtual world with nothing at stake but image capital. True fulfillment doesn't come from doing things online in 5 minute bursts. Hunt something real, grow something real, kill your phone and spend as much time completely offline as you do online and see what happens. But I'm just pissing in the wind here…the phones have already won. I predict a wave of depression and anxiety that will make the current one seem like nothing.

  9. So if your happy you have problems, if your unhappy you have problems, and if your in the middle you probably still have something wrong.

  10. When I was traveling in Austrailia and I think even in New Zealand, they had advertisements all over the TV and billboards with the hashtag R U OK? It was a government run campaign to destigmatize mental health issues and get more people helping others. It seemed down right civilized.

  11. We have a POTUS that makes The Joker look sane by comparison.. As the late phycologist Karl A. Menninger opined: "Perhaps the person suffering from melancholy (depression) is not so much mentally ill, but just more keenly aware of reality."

  12. Denmark – the happiest people in the world – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-O4O0Ut0cE A redo of this episode JJ style would be a great segment idea. Hint -hint..

    And if you're not already depressed, the guy doing the interview is now dead…along with most of the people you watched on TV as a kid.

  13. Hey jim, why dont you go interview someone and cut out all the bits to make them look bad for your agenda you anti gun commie cunt

  14. I would put more than that into mental health if I was elected president. 6.93 billion? I would certainly hope we could do better than that. Vote for me 2028. I'll be 38. I'd run in 2020 but I respect the law, and same in 2024 because I'll only be 34. Oh, just a year off, but I don't have money for advertising. I'm doing this from my computer I am so very blessed to have, because I do this from my Facebook account to make sure everyone knows we're getting a real person. Not someone after personal gain, or from political influence, but an everyday person. I'd filled my cabinet with the most brilliant and not hesitate to seek counsel on every important matter. To help unite congress. I think if we wanted to shock and awe the world we should because We are The People. We need a President who will immediately sign into law that will not be there for monetary gain, and in found doing so beyond basic needs for personal gain shall be removed from office. We The People are tired of corrupt politicians, a broken law system, and dirty cops. We are tired of being victims of crimes or having our loved ones taken away. Which means we need someone who has lived a poor life, is young, meets at least the base guidelines, and wants to do for the American people. Not just some of them, but everyone. We can't continue to have division or our capital will fall if it already hasn't. I didn't understand the concept we as Americans had together (even though I didn't vote for the current President) that because he was somehow rich he might know what he's talking about, but I think that was a complete swing and miss. This perfect idea that even Donald Trump could be President not because he knew what he was getting himself into, but because he had money. Isn't turning out to be what we expected. So even in casual conversation with everyday Americans most regular people make more sense and are more open to ideas than the division we see in our country today. It's completely o.k. not to agree with the way someone else lives, but that doesn't mean we should suffer for it as a minority in wealth, or victims of greed. We need a better market. The American people are being oppressed, and suffer at the hands of itself for allowing such events to occur, and we know it. We don't want to admit it because many have no idea what is transpiring or even care. That would mean We'd have to take accountability and actually have someone who is for The American People elected into office. Someone from today's society not what the political society is used to. They are used to money, and I think today would be a good day to have someone who like numbers who isn't used to money to know what it's like not to be greedy, and to be humble. We must be strong for our future generations, and for our past generations, so we need to know the truth. We know we are being lied to by someone and that alone should be proof enough of division among The People and the Government. We need someone who will tell us like it is, call some straight shots, but most importantly utilize listening to what The People are saying. Find a way to get them to agree or agree to disagree peacefully, and come back to the table in an agreed amount of time. Other options shouldn't be eliminated either. Love the show. Big shout out to everyone. This is the internet.

  15. I've been sad and all, but never depressed in the way that people portray themselves to be. I believe it all comes down to self pity.

  16. I'm from a 3rd world country and i can assure you that kids or young adults here who claim to have depression are either from a rich family or just have insecurities from social media

  17. Kanye the vioce of two generations, better than pac,his wife has a bad butt pick, what a load of crap tmz bullshit

  18. Im depressed cause the government takes half my paycheck and coporate billionaires don't have to pay shit in taxes!

  19. The change is ready in our society. We need Bernie Sanders to push the bottom of change and allow us to have the ability for better medical care.

  20. Mental health= materialism=capitalism= Separation from the herd 🙂 prety easy to understand. Capitalistic countries have the highest issues, while places like CUBA live longer and better health care than the USA, thats sad lol. While its not perfect, people will have their issues.

    Dont forget social media mental disease infecting this new generation of kids, lot of which kill themselves.

    plus people have entitlement to other peoples shit. Hence jealously as well.

    Don't forget that the greedy religious people in office, they don't want to help ya, they want to take away more services away from you, just as healthcare, dumb down education so they can have more religious followers.. Trump is a good example, on how he is defunding a lot of services, to be honest I hope he removes all these social services, so I can laugh at his supporters which are going to suffer, just as their grand parents, and parents will suffer since they depend ons ervices..

  21. having been processed & held for 48hrs at Cook Co. Jail back in the early 2000s, I can attest to the amount of mental illness contained within those walls. We got marched down a long coridor in the basement and had to strip naked while guards comented on our sizes and made jokes to female guards about how certain ones would tear them up. They asked if my glasses were necessary to function, which they are, so they took them but I got to keep my shoelaces. On my way to a video arraignment with a judge on a tv 6ft away from my face that I couldn't see, we were to grab a bologna sandwich and fruit punch from a table. I had trouble and the guards laughed and pointed me to the wrong table twice. My bail was paid at about the 6hr mark but when they quietly came to call me from the cage holding 100 of us I couldn't see where the voice was coming from and missed out on that. When I complained they said, "guess that's your fault," and I stayed for another 42 hours being moved around from cage to cage. At one point the guards held up a sheet around some guy and beat the shit out of him for talking back while another watched us making sure we kept facing the other way up against the bars. Oh yeah, there was a mandatory flu-shot at some point too. Humiliation was their tactic, entertainment and ecstasy. It's definitely one place where white privledge is non-existant. When I finally made it home I asked my wife if I could use the bathroom, she laughed and asked, "of course, why?" I didn't have an answer. Fuck the system and a bunch of blue lifes!

  22. I really think capitalism wants its' defectives to die, and that's why there's not enough mental health care our there. It's also not necessarily accessible to poor people here in the USA. The poor tend to be the worse off ones mental-illness wise. No surprise, you tend to be poor if you have more severe mental illness issues, it impacts your ability to get education and a really good job. So that affects your ability to get care and get out of poverty.
    It makes you inconvenient and unprofitable.
    The powers that be would probably rather you be dead, it's just cheaper.

  23. I genuinely think that most of the time what most of us feel is sadness and anxiety rather than depression. I'm quite an anxious person and there are times when I become incredibly anxious about myself and my life after meeting friends with better jobs or relationships in a way that only increases my sadness. I start to think that I can never be as successful as them, that I've wasted my life, that I will never find true love, etc. And until a few years ago the only way I knew how to deal with such emotions was to watch a lot of TV/social media or read those self help books they sell at every bookstall. Most of these books and shows on TV with their happy endings and inspirational messages make you feel like anxiety and sadness are something that can be 'fixed' or overcome by following a set of rules or believing in yourself. However overtime I've realized, as Jim has nicely put, that life's just fuckin sad. And to which I would add, 'there's nothing wrong with feeling about it that way.'

    We're not clinically depressed because unlike clinically depressed patients who can be moved to tears by something as trivial as the breaking of a cup, and who need extensive therapy just to help them figure out how to survive through a single day we know what makes us sad. We're conscious of the things that make us anxious it's just that it's hard for us to accept rather than resist these emotions as a natural part of our existence because the world around us which includes society, companies, governments want to treat these emotions as if they were a disease because it's easier to maintain consistency, stability and productivity by telling your employee to take an anxiety medication rather that actually giving him or her the financial or emotional help they need to feel safe and secure about their position in the workplace or in the world. The sad truth is that as long as we equate sadness and anxiety with depression and continue to treat is as an illness there is no hope for us ever overcoming it.

    Just look at our parents and grandparents who grew up poor or during wars and recessions and saw tough times. They kinda accepted the sadness that came with life being, well 'shit'. I'm not saying that some of the then aren't depressed today. But I often find that most of them (including those who are unfortunately still working today in order to survive) are more emotionally strong when it comes to dealing with anxiety and failure. I guess there's something we can learn from how our ancestors looked at life.

  24. Theres seasonal depression, people having depressive episodes, and people who live with depression constantly. There are probably other types too. I was diagnosed with depression that they then changed to clinical depression which then became persistant clinical depression because i had it for over 5 years. Ive had it for over 10 years and severe anxiety (severe more during social times) since i was 11 and i also developed a type of body repetitive disorder where i do something to myself when im anxious (its not a harming thing i just dont want to say it). Then i ended up in hospital for 3 weeks on a psych wars this year. Then and really only then did my doctors and psychiatrists decide it was a genuine problem and not just "oh well thats life".

  25. The way we live is so unnatural now…So much "advancements" but the world is getting worse and more people are unhappy.

  26. everybody should do what i did and just be content about most things and lower your standards on every thing but you find one or maybe two things you care about and focus on that mine are my game consoles and anime every thing else doesnt really matter

  27. We do not have MOFO in Africa. The depression crisis is also an issue in Africa. In Nigeria, some civil society organisations also observed the mental health week.

  28. I told my mother when I was a teenager that I believe that was depressed for long time and I need to go to the doctor.
    She told " why are your sad?" "Go out and make yourself busy and it will pass"…..
    10 years later I am still depress

  29. Jim I like you…BUT Have you been to "AFRICA"…AFRICA IS A CONTINENT!!! FYI Stop perpetuating fairytales. Thank you

  30. My daughter died from an overdose in 2017, Jim I've been on my soapbox for years about treatment. No, we should build a wall instead. Thanks for helping laugh. I hope you comprehend how much the laughing helps

  31. You can set a fire for a man and he'll be warm for a day or you can set a man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life

  32. Material world creates unhappy individuals… Life filled with love is not filled with materials only the people and family that supports each other…

  33. It would actually be a strategic asset to be able to keep the military in a generally healthier frame of mind by understanding the long term effects and treatments of mental health issues.

    It would help society in general….but that doesn't seem to be a good enough reason to invest… 😑

  34. For anyone out there battling clinical depression, I highly recommend you to do a bit of research on Psilocybin depression treatments, like David Eigeman also wrote.

    I basically tried everything the healthcare system in Denmark could offer; 21 different types of medication + ECT, PEMF, wake therapy, all kinds of psychotherapy & the list goes on. I also changed my diet, exercised a lot, sleept well, meditated etc. NOTHING really helped. Then I tried Psilocybin mushrooms (after years of 'research'). They helped me out of the darkness, they did what all of the before mentioned couldn't! These fantastic mushrooms literally saved my life! There is hope for you as well!
    Psilocybin mushrooms are not legal in Denmark, but I couldn't wait for the ignorant politicians to catch up.

  35. uhh you cant talk about logical subject matter like redistribution of the bloated military budget. certain people frown upon that. cough trump voting scum.

  36. And here I thought I was depressed because we've drifted into a neo fascist dictatorship working at the behest of big oil and the military industrial complex, and any day now I could be dissapeared by trump loving militias kicking off their "civil war", that's really just a pretext for the rich to start eliminating anyone that wants a solution to climate change or wealth inequality… but apparently I was wrong, it's just been FOMO all along 🤪.

  37. Being happy and suffering from depression are not opposites. I am a happy person and yet I go through bouts of depression. The former is an appreciation of one’s life circumstances; the latter, a genetic predisposition that leads to chemical imbalances. When you suffer from depression, it’s not because you’re unhappy. In fact it’s the other way around most times. Jim is confusing cause and effect, or in other words just being intellectually lazy for laughs.

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  39. First World problems… Actual clinical depression is actually quite a rare disease, being bored with your life however, that's basically solely a first world issue.
    I don't really care if that is offensive to anyone's sensibilities, truth is truth… Grow up and Deal with reality.

  40. Does it mean if I’m happy I’m stupid? Right I gotta remember to be more depressed so people don’t think I’m an idiot.

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