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  1. At 58 I've lived with MDD most of my adult life. I have always been a successful musician and never thought that a day would go by without playing music. This last depression episode has robbed me of my enjoyment of music or more specifically I don't have the drive to play. It's been almost 2 years now. The depression itself is under control but this one symptom remains.

  2. I didn't know this had a specific name but I am glad to have found out. I have this issue and recently have thought there is nothing I can do about it it. Although I'm still not sure what to do short of medication, I at least have some hope.

  3. I had/have Anhedonia. That, coupled with isolation and depression are a dangerous mix. Unfortunately there is no pill for hope and no pill can restore wasted crucial decades of your life.

  4. It is a common side effect of SSRIs, and ironically they will prescribe that poison if you go see a shrink about it. It is what comes right before the suicidal thoughts. Get a case of "orthorexia" (stop eating preservatives, pesticides and insecticides) and STOP seeing "mental health care providers" and you will probably get better MUCH faster. Been there, done that, lived to tell about it by STOPPING going to counselors.

  5. My ex girlfriend said she had this and she was a manipulative and soulless human being, I feel this is what people without real problems say they have. She definitely did enjoy things and feel pleasure she just needed something to be wrong with her. Plus there is no way for you or anyone else to prove that you have this. How do you know how other people feel? you cannot. You're just disappointed because life is hard and you were not expecting it.

  6. So I feel like I've had this for as long as I can remember (I promise this isn't a sob story, it just struck a chord). I've had several head injuries as a teenager, two of which I was knocked unconscious and one of which my brain swelled. I also lost my mother when I was 11 and my brother 10 years ago. There was abuse as a child also. I have other issues, but I've always told people closest to me that nothing brings me joy anymore. Not even sex. I always wondered if it was a real thing and if it was caused by one of the 3 things I mentioned earlier. Also, whenever I flirt with the idea of suicide I shut it down only for 2 reasons: If it doesn't work, I'll be a vegetable and I'm afraid to not go to Heaven.

  7. I've used this term several times to describe how I feel. I AM often depressed, but I have been SO much more depressed earlier, that it isn't THAT bad. Still, there were things that made me feel some joy, and now even that is gone. But I am not about to have ECT. I also would not want to have TMS or ketamine. Besides, I don't really want to just feel joy, but rather joy about things like I used to. It was a big part of what got me ahead. After all, at least I FEEL, that that is the whole point.

    I like your channel though.

  8. I suspect I have had this for years. For me, a lot of the problem comes from knowing that there are things I should have done that I wanted to do, but have not. When I do what is possible, I enjoy all things better. The same is true when I let go of the things that are no longer possible. The clinical treatments may be helpful and I am open to them. My bet is the Ketamine and magnet therapies are not stand alone treatments. My question is: Does a person need to be super deeply depressed in order to do those therapies? As a follow-up, where would I go in my area?

  9. At this point of my life I am unable to experience any pleasure from life except by reading and talking about anhedonia. (black humor)

  10. Please consult with a medical professional, do not just take my word for it, and note that there may be serious side effects, but one thing you can do is instead of expensive ketamine treatments and healthcare professionals, is to use DXM, which is the primary ingredient in cough syrup. DXM works similarly to ketamine because its whats known as an NMDA receptor antagonist. If you combine this with marijuana, it could create a very potent experience very similar to what ketamine could provide and therefore offer the same "cure" that ketamine could to anhedonia, but for the price of some DXM pills, which is around 15 bucks. Please make sure if you do this that you get the DXM pills that ONLY contain dextrometrophic HCL, or HBr. You should also note that people can have allergic reactions so start small.

  11. Been up and down the roller coaster of life too high amd too low too many times that unless it's either extreme, I won't feel much of anything, so it's only worth putting effort into the things in life that will give me unparalleled satisfactory pleasure, ideally, a creative product such as a piece of art or media, as it's infinitely consumable.

  12. I describe it as being shoved into the corner of a room where the walls and floor come to a point and all you see is that part of the room and are completely unaware of the world behind or around you.

  13. IMHO, isn't it obvious where it comes from? It comes from deep disappointments leading to negative expectations or negative self talk and finally a sense of hopelessness.

  14. "I hurt myself today, just to see if I could feel" — opening line from "Hurt", which I know from Johnny Cash's version, but originally written and performaed by Trent Reznor / Nine-Inch Nails. There a LOT of ways in which people get off track by seeking a "feeling" that is disconnected from what is truly good for us — by whatever multitude of routes that comes about — the "feeling" gets disconnected from the "meaning".

  15. My experience of this.

    In my case at least I always felt of this as a form boredom or complacency. Robotic regimented lifestyles, instant gratification tec, social media dopamine hits, lack of meaningful challenge and fulfillment I think can also contribute to these symptoms.

    I always figured the antidote to this for me at least was partly change and partly challenge.

    Change to dilute complacency and challenge to encourage spiritual nourishment!

    I would never think of myself as 'ill' but rather just somebody who needs these things for some sense of fulfillment and growth.

    As a creative myself I know I should ideally always have a creative project on the go, and I tend to swap between Music, Practical creativity, computer creativity and so on, and If i dont have a project on then I begin to really notice this blandness creeping in.

    Change Is many things to many people, I took up golf again because its challenging and somewhat creative, so If your in a rut may I suggest that you try something new,, a challenge, learn a musical instrument! If you already play one then learn another!

    The point is that for me at least this approach has had some success, 'change' just mixes things up, poses something different and keeps it interesting and 'challenge' is probably what we all need from time to time.

    Depends on who you are and how severe you are, but its worth a try and likely preferable to drugs and or ECT and magnet helmets lol!!

  16. This happened on the Star Trek Voyager episode Extreme Risk. The B'Elanna Torres' character turns of the safety protocols on the holodeck to purposely put her personal safety at risk in order to feel something.

  17. You could argue that Mersault's character in Camus' L'Etranger suffers from anhedonia. He has a emotional detachment in his life.

  18. sometimes its enlightenment, self actualization… you start loving different things, become more introvert and develop universal approach to life … thats good.

  19. You've got to look at the positive side. For instance, I recently realized how good it feels to take a leak. I never thought about it when I was young.

  20. I don't like video games anymore and I use to play them all day when I was a kid (I'm 42 now). Does that mean that I also have anhedonia?

  21. I had Anhedonia real bad when I was on Wellbutrin. I am on Prozac and really don't experience this anymore. It really is a hellish experience.

  22. "Happy Monday"? when you claim to experience anhedonia? Puleez! I realize anyone says anything to get money from YouTube sponsors, but, really?

  23. Lack of a challenge in your life, a real challenge that you have to sweat to overcome. That causes it. You have to keep working to overcome obstacles. Problems are opportunities.

  24. I found the name for my problem! In my case is caused by me having stage 4 d cancer. It's difficult for me to enjoy anything, knowing that I don't have long to live.

  25. So whats it called to have Anhedonia for literally everything? No exaggeration I can't find any enjoyment in literally anything anymore. I'm going on 10 years of boredom, I've genuinely smiled maybe once in the last 10 years, so that's actual depression I have right?

  26. All of this + I have grown to hate (and left) my career that I have spent 10 years honing my craft, and if I never step foot in a shop again I doubt il feel remorse about it.

  27. i binge eat regularely but don't even enjoy the food because one, i feel guilty, but especially because it tastes like nothing

  28. I mean, I don't see the point in leaving the house. Society is not rewarding and most jobs out there are bullshit just to keep the economy going. I'd like to have deeper sex, but all the women I meet have the attention span of a gnat, which is not conducive to a productive relationship let alone gratifying sex. What's the point? honestly… tell me.

  29. Note to self … My lack of enjoyment has been getting extreme … it is so bad now I can’t be bothered to be suicidal because even before planning everything out gave me a sense of relief … now it just doesn’t fucking matter.

  30. Sex is disgusting. It is disturbing to me. It looks like rape. I'm also asexual so that's another thing. I've been depressed since I was 14 and I'm 24 now. I still have no friends. I'm a metalhead and I dress goth/metal but I met other ppl who were metalheads and have friends so maybe I'm cursed or unlikable, but I've gotten so use to ppl hating me that I hate ppl as a whole now.

  31. I’m coming to understand the criminal mind listening to this video. Criminality is about free will, and thinking you have none. Anhedonia is part of that, the criminal feels so violated by life that they want the feeling of “you are no longer worthy of being treated like a human being, leave the human race or at least never come back to my tribe or my ally tribes” that 50 or more people will give them when they violate someone else because the criminals are desperate to feel that powerfully effective rejection feeling to use against the parts of life that violate them and no one trusts the criminal enough to give that feeling to them until the criminal proves what people always suspected, that the criminal was a criminal.

    Unfortunately the criminal doesn’t get to keep that boundary setting feeling to use themselves though they desperately need it to stop the violations that carry the criminal away to violate others. Life is about violation in that we make connections with people to avoid it but it is always there outside the boundaries in the wilderness seeking to get us away from our tribe to devour our souls.

  32. What is it called when we have a numbness to what we know and long for that we need to do? A disconnect from what we want to do or need to do and the feeling that triggers us to do it? Apparently many self help video or course addicts suffer from it too. Consuming copious amounts of “good information” on getting better and yet they do not get better. Since I have been cruelly forced to be medicated for a schizophrenia that I believe is the delusion of psychiatrists, I cannot do anything with my life at all because I am so numb. I am also overweight because of that medication. Do you think that mental health patients should work towards psychiatrists learning to have insight into their delusion that their patients are sick?

  33. I think I might be suffering from this…..every since the passing away of my beloved father 2 years ago, I don't really feel the drive or enthusiasm so to speak to really do anything….I see everything most of the time in blue😔

  34. So glad you made this video Kati… I was wondering what these symptoms may be for about four years now. Never heard of this!

  35. The only thing I enjoy slightly is body building and power lifting even though I’m aware both of them are very destructive sports and that’s why I don’t really enjoy them but their really the only two things that I’m somewhat good at and if I give them up I feel like i wouldn’t feel whole as it’s a part of who I am and it’s the only thing that really sets my apart from others.

  36. Adunno. I keep losing interest to what I used to like like drawing, going out, writing or making friends. and also I really like photography so much that I spend a lot of time to it but then I loose interest again. I don't know why its happening.

  37. I felt like this for years, and was misdiagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I didn't think I would ever feel legitimate happiness or satisfaction with my life. Then, I was finally (at 33) diagnosed with Adhd- combined type. Being on the correct medication made it possible for me to take the steps necessary to truly change my life. I love your channel and would love to see a video on ADHD in adults, especially the differences between genders and diagnosis after childhood. Thank you for all that you do!

  38. Anhedonia literally robbed me of everything I once was. I used to have engaging conversations, interests, and emotions and now there's nothing.

    I'm so tired of living in this grey world.

  39. I like to put myself in bad situations or what I like to call "underdog" situations to make me feel alive. I constantly use inferior tactics to make me feel weak. For example, instead of doing the best at work, I do the the least as possible and make excuses to my supervisor to feel happy I didn't have to do the work I signed up to do. I'm more proud of how many excuses I can make rather than how well I can do my job.

  40. I say I enjoy things – I smile and laugh, but life has left me numb to experience joy. No elation, I can feel in an ok mood and use that as the springboard to appear like I am enjoying things, because it’s easier to hide it rather than explain why I’m so impassive.

  41. Even drinkn smoking being social isn’t fun anymore so don’t want to go to work n not working nothn to do I find pleasure in. How do we get it back

  42. Its just that I always question everything like why should I even do things ?like what's the point? , why do people should even exist I mean I don't want to die but I don't know what's the reason to live or to even exist from the very beginning . I know that a lot says you are blessed for all of the odds you exist , you've witnessed life , you are able to feel emotions being loved and to love. Then I go ok , and then it repeats again I ask myself SO? WHY? WHATS THE POINT?

  43. I have this Anhedonia stuff, and have recovered from it to a point. I had lost the sensation of touch at a certain level, and food taste was different, but now has improved. I believe my anhedonia developed from chronic suppression of myself in order to remain in a marriage where I could get along with my abusive husband and be accepted by my very controlling in-laws. After my divorce, in time my cat felt soft again and food tastes became enjoyable. I still have the condition, but it is better.

  44. Very dull, boring, so tedious no interest in anything. I could sleep for the rest of my life. Very very uninteresting indeed. I may into auto mode soon. Listening to people laughing over something that I find unfunny. I no longer pretend to find if funny , Instead i just sit there.

  45. Hi Katie I struggle from anhedoniafor about six years now and I find it so had to treat I don’t enjoy life I hate being myself but I find going to the hospital for treatment help. Please give me more advice on how to treat this problem cause it’s really taking control of ,y life.

  46. This is a new term I’ve not heard of. I am now 54 and have probably lost over the last 10 years of my life in that I just have lost all interest in life. I was diagnosed with ADHD a year ago and also with a form of Bipolar. But the journey with the psychiatrist has just left me more confused. We have tried altering levels of my antidepressant, mood stabilisers and Elvance. I am more confused now than ever and just feel just as much without hope.
    I’m not suicidal but I regularly feel like I don’t want to live, I can’t stand the thought that I just don’t know what I can do to pull myself out. I’m sick of self examining myself, as every now and again I feel a little better for a while but then I relapse and I never feel even in my best moments that I have the energy, enthusiasm or incentive to do the things I used to love doing.
    I’m not interested in wealth, power, bigger house, fast cars, I’m glad though in that way because I know that they don’t lead to happiness. In some ways I wish I had nothing as all the things around me that I have accumulated in my life, the th8ngs I have always wanted like my saxophones, building a radio studio all of which at one point drive me but now I feel they are just choking me. Their presence makes me feel that I should be using them but trying to persue these interests just frustrates me as I go to engage and I feel so lethargic and lack of energy for and the whole experience just becomes a vicious circle.

    I truly wish I could feel different or maybe could just not exist at all. I go to work come home and go to bed, hoping that sleep will distract the feelings in fact I believe sometimes it’s more than a feeling, it seems it is a physical sensation too. I wish I could fund some hope.

  47. I feel this way towards writing, it use to be my passion, my truth, my life and being. And now, it feels like a chore. And I don't know why 😨😢

  48. I've suffered with this for years, and it sucks. I didn't know it had a name until I read The Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon. My heart goes out to anyone who experiences this.

  49. i used to enjoy things before i had remembered i was still me when i was one minute into my third birthday awake and fully conscience. i don't enjoy anything with my country robbing me and trying to unjustly murder my entire family in the process. all of you in the media are going to learn what your problems are. you aren't talented and you don't know anything about who i am and the pressures that come with it. im way more advanced then any of you are qualified to judge or even relate with. you don't understand even the basics about me. you all are stupid. i don't have anything you are talking about. just saying.

  50. I can't even bring myself to watch my favorite shows on Netflix anymore because it feels like a chore. I've felt like this for months. 🙁

  51. Pointless getting treatment for this in Ontario Canada. Ketamine, TMS, and Vagus Nerve are not widely available nor recognized as effective treatments.

  52. I HAD THIS! either it was too much work (when I was depressed), or everything turned bitter (I was in a state of panic and fear).
    Oh but don't take that as it exists bc I've not been diagnosed of anything. Even though I had therapy. Even when I was seeing and hearing things. Or when I was numb. I wasn't allowed to be diagnosed. Because apparently that takes years.

  53. im pretty positive i have this, though i just thought it was a hormone imbalance causing this. i want to do too much and then get burned out and dont want to or enjoy doing anything. it really isnt fun. thank you for sharing some hopeful and helpful tips. i will look into this.

  54. Just lately I have been feeling like this not pleasant .Im hoping it’s just temporary. I fall in out of depression all the time.

  55. My brother got into a car accident and suffered brain damage, now it seems that he doesn’t enjoy doing anything we used to do.

  56. I really need to get help because I can't live like this anymore. But to go get diagnosed with it will probably be really hard in Austria. I signed up for day clinic treatment and I have my first meeting there soon.

  57. Thank you very mucho! I thought I was always an asshole! This info is really important. They dont teach practical knowledge in schools any more.

  58. Holy crap there is a lot of people that suffer from this. I do (head injury treatment resistant depression). It is severe with me. I love how sativa and kratom is a taboo treatment and then they allow ketamine. I am scared of ketamine to many horror stories from it.

  59. I noticed I do this at work now. Since I'm so sick and tired of every aspect of corporate life, I just stir up shit, create drama, and insult people. Then I get that BUZZ in an otherwise depressing day of corporate SLOGGING

  60. These treatments, in my opinion are glorified placebo effects that take advantage of the desperation of depressed people. What a bunch of nonsense. The reason life is not enjoying is because your life SUCKS or your attitude SUCKS. in my case, its the latter.

  61. Definitely feel numb to everything. I don't feel any violent urges towards myself or anyone or anything else.

    Can't afford a doctor. So I'm just doomed to wrap up this life with nothing.

  62. I didn't even know this condition existed – I just assumed that the lack of motivation/joy in anything was my depression just doing what it does.
    Given what I've watched, I can say I most likely suffer from this, as well as depression for around 30 years.

    (Tried various anti-depressants, only one that worked for me is an SSRI called Venlafaxine – but this wrapped me up in cotton wool and I couldn't feel anything at all but it did stabilise the depression – recently found that Citalopram 20mg also started working (it didn't work earlier in my life but seems to work now) – not taking anything at present)

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