How are you my Friend? All ok? So our today’s plan is, We have two Anti-Stress ball It works like this Anti-Stress ball uses to reduce stress level. My stress didn’t reduce from this ball. Anyway i wasn’t in stress too. 🙂 So today we are going to put this both Ball in Mixture. And see anything happens with ball or not? There is no effect in this ball like whatever level of pressure we put It Become instant normal automatically in So let’s see what happens when we put it in mixture So, Let’s Break it.. Putting both balls in mixture Close the Cap Now let’s start mixture So mixture started dancing in few seconds 🙂 Let’s what happens in the Ball One ball is broken, Second is also broken This one is completely damaged Not a single ball left in cover Now all small ball inside this mixture. And it look like this This one is coming out from this There was led light inside this but it stopped working in a day. Let’s try one more time Let’s see anything left or now removing everything in plastic oho This is the all ball available in Bill balls This two are still inside bowl So, This kind of effect happening When we put Anti-stress ball in mixture Please do like this video if you enjoy And please comment how is my idea? Don’t forget to subscribe for more interesting videos. See in the next video until then Good-bye

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