Woman Comes Face-To-Face With Ex-Boyfriend She Claims Has Been Secretly Communicating With Her; W…

we lost an international investigation to find Simon our search covered a landmass of over 8 million square miles we searched for him across Mexico Canada the United States we found a hundred and twenty-one Simons with the exact last name and we narrowed it down even further to one Simon who seemed to fit the description of Sheila’s Island he’s in this building right now come on outside [Applause] [Music] no no today Simon thank you for you here thank you first off Sheila is this the right Simon have you been programming her radio and communicating with her through songs not in any way shape or form no have you bugged her car in any way no have you bugged her cell phone in Norway have you been monitoring her in any way not in any way have you got a half a million dollars that if you get near her the two of you are going to burst into flames Wow hopefully that doesn’t happen anytime soon because that’s no that’s that’s not true no I not know or something I don’t know what you’re supposed to do but I didn’t I haven’t been in it on any contact with you for two years something wrong with your brain or your head no why did that guy in Cuba when that guy that rager palm in Cuba said that touch no guy that read my palm in Cuba you don’t remember the guy that raid your palm in Cuba right nope no he told me that there was something wrong with your brain and you had less than five years to live and when I asked you about it when we got home you gave me a sort of a troubled look yeah I guess so I probably would be give me a troubled look but you haven’t had amnesia or anything no no I’m pretty pretty much good now you saw him in Mexico you’re sure of that I thought so were you down in Mexico when I was there you want to see my passport you brought your passport my real last well somebody’s been messing with me okay now let’s look at the stamps on the passport here because your passport has travel stamps on it and it has one and it’s not Mexico why don’t you why did you put the Soggy Bottom boys mean old dirty Frisco blues up on your YouTube account I don’t I don’t know what you’re talking about oh hold on a minute hold on a minute now stop you need to look at me for a minute okay it does not matter why he put what where the question was has he been communicating with you for the last two years through songs and on your radio and you said if he tells me he has not I will let it go it doesn’t matter what he put on his Facebook it doesn’t matter what he played on his radio it doesn’t matter what color he painted his house he’s lying about what he said to me did you tell her you were gonna come back with a limousine and flowers no you didn’t use lying about that too well I’m not lying about it he said I’ll be back in two days with a limo and a big bouquet of flowers I was going thousand miles away to go to work so well why would you send that to me then are you do you have you don’t remember these things you’ve said or because my memory is pretty solid I don’t think I’ve ever been able to afford a limo and were you not in my house did you not fix my door no I’m magnet on my door no did you not make a piece off of my toys people haven’t been hiding me either did you not break the flushing thing off my toilet and then put it in my were you ever living in Edmonton in the last couple years no never have never I’m sorry there’s your apology I’m sorry none of this has happened and I hope you can accept that and take whatever help you can get from dr. Phil and move along

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