Woman Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder Says, ‘I Can Get Myself Into Big Trouble’ When Off Medicati…

My mother has claimed to be bipolar all her life. People don’t understand bipolar. You have your highs, you have your lows, you have your manics. Remember, I go off and spend a lot of money. I come back home feeling bad, put it in the closet, not telling my husband about that. Sometime, I take your debit card, and I go and get what I need because I don’t have the money to get it. But I’m scared to tell you I did it. But I’m not stealing, I’m not stealing. I guess I am stealing. It’s part of bipolar, so I’m telling you now. Several times, she has used her mental illness to excuse her behavior. Bipolar is no joke. When I’m off my medicine, I’m promiscuous, and I go into things where I can get myself in big trouble. And after I do it, I feel so bad, and I look at you, and I say, it’s not sexual, right? That’s part of that bipolar, too. There is a big difference between being mentally ill and being evil. My mother is just plain evil. Nobody understands me. Well, Kevin is joining us in the audience. Kevin, thank you for being here. I appreciate it. You believe that your wife has a mental illness. I know she does. You believe she has. I’ve been to the psychiatrist many times. They’ve explained bipolar to me. I know I’ve been with my wife 36 years. I know it inside, I know her inside out. I know all of ’em inside out. And all of my children need help. I’ll explain it all to you when I get a chance to. So when you say that she has bipolar, do you think that explains the behaviors that she has done over the years? It explains it, but it’s not a free pass. But you learn to cope with it. You learn how bipolar works. Bipolar is, they say that my wife is a monster. No, bipolar disorder is a monster. And I’ve managed to go through 36 years with this women, putting up a wall the things that she’s done. My sons and daughters are not gonna decide for me what I’m gonna do. I choose to stand in there for my wife. I understand the illness. I’ve gone to the psychiatrist. I’ve gone through all of the, and they’ve explained to me how it works on the brain. Let me ask you something. I hear what he’s saying, and I heard you in the tape saying, “When I’m off my medication, I’m promiscuous “and I do crazy”–
I’m off the chain. Then why do you get off your medication? No, ’cause I had no money. We had no money. Me and my husband, we had no money. I was–
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Honestly, I went to see Dr. Promi, Dr. Phil.
Phil. Dr. Phil. (audience laughing) Dr. Phil, I’m not lying to you ’cause I’m an open book. I’m not lying to you. What happened was that I was 17 when I was diagnosed with bipolar manic depressive and other things, okay? 17, I was taking my medicine and everything. I met my husband, we moved away in the service. We got a little bit of help there. On and off different medication, Dr. Phil. Sometimes, we couldn’t pay for that stuff. And y’all, nobody understands what bipolar will do to you when you’re off your medication. You got your–
Hey, hey, talk to me. You’re not, this is not an election. You got. I do understand bipolar.
I know you do. I know you do.
I do understand bipolar. And I understand that it is a mental illness. It is not an excuse. It is not a dodge. I don’t–
It is not a way for you to explain behavior that you go out and do so you don’t have to be held accountable for it. That is an insult to people that have bipolar disorder because people with bipolar disorder–
No. No, no. No, listen to me. No. No, listen to me. Not that part.
No, you need to listen to me. You’re not gonna insult the entire bipolar population of the United States because these are people that are productive, they’ve parents, the live lives, they hold jobs, and they don’t do the things you’re doing. And that medication is available.

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  1. honestly, it's tiring to see people trying to excuse their behavior on the mental illness.
    like you're simply bipolar, not demented. take your meds and everything will be under control.

    and let's not talk about how much the husband enables her behavior.

  2. My stepmom is bipolar but she doesn't use it as an excuse for anything she does,she puts me and my brothers first even when she is having problems,she has never acted like this towards anyone

  3. I have bipolar and while I have money issues, I don't claim it's because I'm mentally ill. My husband just took away my debit card because I gave my granddaughter 200 without his approval. I take full responsibility for this weakness. I think she has more issues than just bipolar. She's using it as a shield and that's sad.

  4. Yeah I’m not a doctor but I do have bipolar and I’ve never heard a symptom of it is cheating on your husband.

    Edit- YES! Dr Phil hit the nail on the head with her disrespecting everyone with bipolar acting like that gives her a right to cheat on her husband!

  5. Thank you Dr Phil for telling the mom that what she is doing while blaming it on being bipolar is an insult to others with the disease. I have bipolar and so do both of my kids. I am a single mother taking care of things almost completely by myself. My boys are always held accountable for thier actions. Bipolar can be a "reason" but it is never an "excuse"!!

  6. I have bipolar disorder I have someday r good day and some day and I made mistakes but I own up too and yes what she said is true

  7. I’m a young adult with bipolar, which can possibly cause even more distraught behaviours than her, but I’ve never behaved ANYTHING like her?!?! Mental illness shouldn’t be an excuse for your badly controlled behaviours. Even if you’re off from medicine, it’s still your choice to not take it. Take your medicine, grow up and be responsible for your own actions. Period.

  8. I know someone with Bi-Polar and she does act like this. Everyone's mental illness can be different. I feel very sorry for her and her family. God bless her husband.

  9. my mom has been bipolar ever since i was born, it was difficult to understand her up and down moods. she’s never acted the way this woman has. my mom IS productive, kind, a great mother and wife and very responsible and sensible. this isn’t the effect of just a bipolar disorder

  10. I feel like he's afraid of her and saying what she wants to hear lol she was giving him the death stare while he was talking

  11. This woman reminds me so much of my mother ugh 😑 yes hear bipolar life growing up not easy and still as a grown woman trying to have a relationship not easy but she is very good to my brothers and the stupid thing is .. no matter how screwed up she is towards me I will always come back for a relationship.

  12. I call Borderline Personality Disorder here… Often times people with BPD are misdiagnosed as bipolar. She is clearly very attention-seeking, which people with BPD can have.

  13. If she actually has bipolar disorder and says she cannot function properly without the medication, than she’s not an adult and not taking care of her mental health. Period.

  14. She is a fake bipolar disorder is where is one minute there fine and the next they're angry and then they can go from being angry to being sad I should know I got it she sounds like she has got munched housing

  15. Honestly I do see mental disorders as an excuse for behavior. Our brains literally control how you are and every action and reaction since birth.

  16. She stole 4000 she had money to buy her medications. She is just lying and using its an excuse. Stop using it as an excuse and be accountable you terrible, terrible woman

  17. Just my opinion, she's on the wrong medication for bipolar, the dosage needs to be increased or another antidepressant need to be prescribed along with she is taking.

  18. What does she mean when she said “nobody understands what Bipolar Disorder does to you?” There are plenty of professionals and victims of the mental illness that do! Narcissism at its finest.

  19. I'm bipolar and I know when I'm doing wrong, mental illness doesn't give you a free pass to act like you don't have no home training.

  20. She's lying through her teeth and buck eyes! If he's military then they have Tricare and Tricare will pay for your meds. They may not pay for a brand name but your doctors will work with your insurance to get you meds.

  21. This is an insult for us bipolar people, it shouldn't be used to justify your actions. I always apologize after my bursts and try to make it up somehow. Please don't romanticize mental illness, Ms.

  22. This lady is disgusting. My mother suffered from bi-polar, an extreme form of bi-polar with a bit of schizophrenia wherein she halucinated without medication.

    This woman is not bi-polar. She is a narcissistic sociopath!!

  23. This is bipolar and narcissistic all at once enabled by the husband. Her kids have to get out of this relationship as soon as possible.

  24. I have bipolar disorder, the medication is so widely available and reasonably priced. even if you suffered with the disease and had to take multiple medications without being on insurance. its still set at a price that is affordable. So the excuse that she couldn't afford medication is invalid because medication is so widely available. She's just doing the "symptoms" of bipolar and blaming it on the disease rather than her own actions. I'll say now, If I cheated on my girlfriend because I was hypomanic, I still cheated. My illness fueled me to cheat but it was my own will and integrity to do so. I would never cheat on my girlfriend and I would never blame my illness for something that I did when I was sick.

  25. This woman is a liar. Typical to act like everybody else is lying. Manipulates everybody to get her way. Husband totally believes every lie she tells him what is abuse. Totally caught in her web of lies and cheat. Steals money. Definetly a personality disorder but not bipolar. More like bordeline with narcism

  26. I have type one bipolar. I make terrible mistakes when I’m manic, but that does not excuse my mistakes. I admit my mistakes, apologise, and try to get better. My bipolar doesn’t excuse my actions, and mental illness in general should never excuse unacceptable behavior.

  27. I don’t believe she is bipolar. I work in mental health and no one who comes into the clinic I work at who have been diagnosed as bipolar act like this. Sounds like narcissism.

  28. This would make a great Dave Chapelle/Charlie Murphy skit
    I would love to know if something traumatic happened in her childhood because honestly I see Multiple Personality Disorder. One of her personalities may be bipolar but this isn't just bipolar🙁

  29. I takes money for “what I needs” I take your card I I buy things I hide things in the closet, I’m not stealing I’m not stealing I guess I am.

    She’s avoiding responsibility to her actions.

  30. I'm a manic depressive and was diagnosed when I was 18 after several breakdowns….. But I have never cheated I haven't stolen I don't do bad things I am just up n down and I cannot control my moods and reactions to things…. Seeing this has annoyed me !

  31. Everyone that says "i have bipolar i don't act like that" i wonder.. type 1 or 2? because a severe manic episode is cray cray and make you do cray cray things and even between episodes you're still a ticking time bomb. haven't seen the hole episode thou. and got to mention that bipolar 1 without medication very very often ends up at either the police or in the hospital. bipolar 1 here, haven't been as in denial as she seems to be. maybe she's borderline bipolar, that's a rare thing.

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