Word Stress: How to Stress a COMPOUND NOUN – American English Pronunciation

welcome to the minute of speech this
stress rule is a request from a Japanese client how do you stress a compound noun
compound nouns are two words that when said together make a new noun for
instance when used alone drive means to operate a vehicle and way means a path
but when used together driveway means a place to park your car outside of your
house to say these words combinations correctly link them together basically
don’t pause between each word and stress the first word let’s try it drive way driveway ear phone earphone Sun Rise sunrise tooth brush toothbrush I promise to use my toothbrush before
sunrise try it people will notice the difference

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  1. thank you for the video . your videos really useful
    please make a video how to pronounce the word "definitely "

  2. All of your videos are really helpful for ESL students.
    I'm from Indonesia.
    I wish you could make a video of how to pronounce "delete"
    Because it's a common mistake in my country.
    Thank you in advance.

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