X Factor Celebrity 2019: Megan McKenna’s exit sealed as Nicole exposes her downfall?

 Megan McKenna gave a heartfelt performance of one her original songs for the quarter-finals of X Factor: Celebrity So far in the competition, the reality star has yet to sing a cover and has sang one of her own songs every time she has stepped onto the stage Despite being praised for her performances in the past, viewers and Nicole Scherzinger criticised the star for signing another similar slow number  Nicole Scherzinger praised the reality star but added she would like to see her perform a more upbeat number in the future on the ITV show  She remarked: “Tough chick to stand up there and sing A Cappella like that. “I will say this, I do look forward to the day when I can hear you doing something more up tempo because I feel it’s a little too much of the same for me ” But Louis Walsh defended Megan and praised both her song and the sentiment behind it   READ MORE X Factor Celebrity: Simon Cowell gets rids of Safe Seats  “You just stand there and sing and move everybody and that’s your own song,” Louis said  “You don’t need dancers. What I love about you, you’ve got a strong message, it’s always from the heart ” However Nicole wasn’t the only one who wasn’t happy with Megan’s song choice. One viewer wrote: “Meghan on #XFactor has a good voice but I’m bored by her already same o same o songs.”  “#XFactor Well that was weird #Megan,” another wrote. “Original boring song again,” another commented and a fourth remarked: “More slow songs…” Another added: “It’s actually like so pretty and so amazing tho like low-key underrated tbh ” “Wow Megan’s song . so simple but relatable #XFactor,” another tweeted. “As much as I like her original songs I really really really wanna hear Megan actually sing a cover #XFactor,” another commented   Later in the show, Dermot O’Leary announced Vinnie Jones and Kevin McHale would have to sing for their chance to go through to the semi-final  Vinnie took to the stage and gave an emotional performance of a ballad which was a stark contrast from all of his previous energetic numbers he has done on the show   After Kevin had finished his impressive performance, Vinnie took the microphone from Dermot and confessed he wanted to step down from the competition   He told the judges he was proud of what he achieved on the show but wanted to let Kevin through to the next round of the competition as he felt he was the better singer Trending READ MORE X Factor Celebrity 2019: show final in Strictly clash chaos  However Simon Cowell asked Vinnie to let the judges make the decision and then ignored his plea to come home by sending Kevin home  Fans were stunned by Simon’s decision as one tweeted: “That X Factor is truly fixed man Vinnie Jones doesn’t even want to be there, even offered to step down and they’ve decided to keep him in and send away a proper singer with an actual talent? Pure shame #XFactorCelebrity ” Another wrote: “As much as I like #VinnieJones & I take my hat off to him for what he said about stepping down but I think @SimonCowell should’ve accepted, after all this is a signing competition with a record contract in the taking #XFactorCelebrity ” “Awful!!! KEVIN IS SO MUCH THE BETTER SINGER!! Just a joke show now,” another exclaimed   X Factor Celebrity returns Saturday at 8.20pm on ITV.

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