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  1. Thank you for what you do.  I really felt like you were talking to me today.  Like you knew what I was going through.  I never had this happened but I actually cried during this session.  Thanks for bringing me back from that negative place.

  2. Thank you for your effort to make these amazing videos <3 I feel so calm when I do a workout/yoga with you. You're a beautiful soul!

  3. Thank you Juliana. This practice truly released negative energy, thoughts and tightness in my muscles. I found myself looking externally at situations in my life that have hurt me. But, it wasn't until I saw my hurting of my own self by my own actions that I truly felt a release. Tears came and it was a relief to face truth.

    Thank you for sharing. Thank you for the opportunity to find healing. Thank you for your joy which is contagious! Namaste

  4. I did this one a year or so ago and felt lots of pain in my knee afterwards, so i avoided it till now…well after following you since then, today i did it pain free. Feels awesome to know I’m getting stronger and more flexible. Thank you.

  5. Thanks as always, this practice made me realize to let go all the negative thoughts about my life and that it's important to not let them affect me everyday. I've started doing your practices a few days ago and finally sleep, I had insomnia for almost a month now, but after your practices I finally been able to start letting go. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, you help a lot of people. I send you good vibes ❤️✨

  6. dear Juliana,
    i love all of your videos and i only do yoga with the one from you. It always helps me to calm down and release the stress i tend to store in my hips, i am always nearly crying in pigeon pose. I hope to do some yin yoga soon with your amazing videos and positiv energy.
    I wish everybody beautiful rest of the day 🙂

  7. I really like the way that the stretches are held for an extended period of time. I really like that I get to follow my own pace and to release and stretch thank you

  8. I love this yin yoga class. It connects your body with your mind and your mind with your soul in perfect harmony. So calming and at the same time so refreshing … Thank you <3 much appreciated

  9. Thanks so much! I was so excited to get into my practice today and am so glad I came across this video. Fantastic practice, I have never experienced a couple of those stretches before. Feel so good! I'll check in with more of your videos. Watched a few and dig what you do. Your guidance and teaching on yoga is great. Maybe a few more cues to guide the transitions between postures. I find I need to keep opening my eyes to look up and check the video. A few more cues during transitions would be super helpful. All otherwise, keep on doing your thing. Subscribed!

  10. Thank you so much, my daughter had a car accident a few days ago – she suffered a broken collarbone and 3 fractured vertebrae, but is now home from hospital. I needed a gentle workout and I truly felt more positive and very grateful after your practice. The music was so uplifting too 💗

  11. Ive just watched the video (no exercising) and I am feeling relaxed. Your voice, the view and music… my pitta is quite high I need to learn to cool down, Sahara Rose video sent me here 🙂 she said yin yoga is the best for me – thank you (both) 🙂

  12. It's "really" "beautiful" of all your videos. However, quite overuse "really" and "beautiful" a lot. They popped out like every few seconds. 😕

  13. Wow…while being for the 2nd in time pigeon pose I just started to cry…all the tension, stress and unlove (towards myself) just came out.
    I love your videos so much, beatiful places, beatutiful words, beautiful voice, amazing yoga practices/meditations 😍😍😍 I do want to do the same, travelling to these gorgeous places while bringing love and contemptment to ppl and myself too 😘😘😘

  14. amazing video
    For the half split as a complete beginner, is it more important to keep the leg straight or to bend the leg in order to reach the knee with the head? as i can't do both (keeping a straight leg while touching the knee with my head)

  15. Hello! thank you so much!! How can I overcome the pain on my forehead when we were in position when we bring head to knee. My back doesn't let me to do it?))

  16. Ahh I loved this SO MUCH! THANK YOU!! You don't realise how tight and full of tension you are until you do those deep stretches! I can't wait to do this one again tomorrow! <3 xx

  17. My favourite yin video! Please make more like this with different postures if you get the time, I'd really appreciate it 💖

  18. Love u ..u are truly beautiful.i v been doing yoga with you since a month now and what I I v gained is a profound love and gratitude towards my body. I m so blessed to connect with you.

  19. You are a blessing of Universe thanks for being in this earth. I have always think you are an angel set to teach us self love and peace. ❤️❤️❤️ Namaste 🙏🏼

  20. I am so grateful to have found your channel! Quality videos, great team work, intentions are set, beautiful locations and a wonderful teacher. Keep up the great work. Its so healing! 💝🌍💝

  21. This is a fantastic class … a masterclass in how to go from stressed to chilled in 29 mins. Thank you so much Juliana & Mark!

  22. That was absolutely spectacular. Thank you for good clear guidance. I really value your dedication that you share with us. Much Love

  23. I true use your videos for practice. Never gone to a class and I don’t feel like I have to go to a class. I work 12 or more hours
    a day and don’t usually have time. So your videos make me feel fantastic after I do one of your any classes of Yoga. Love your vids, and you change my life making it better, making me a better person, to help others have a better life and help others and so on, and so on and so on

  24. I always smile after your yoga classes. I fill myself with positive energy. It feels very good inside! Thank you for that ❤

  25. Dear Mark and Juliana,

    with you, I discovered Yin Yoga and how good it is for me. Thank you so much for that! I would really love a yin class focused on the upper body, my pain and contractions are stored mostly there…

    Lots of light and love <3

  26. Juliana ur a treasure. thanks so much for these yin yoga videos. they've truly added great value to my life. Ur doin the good work. keep it up.

  27. Thank you for this, and for all your videos! 🙂 I personally carry a lot of stress in my upper back and shoulders – I wonder if you have a routine that focuses on this area?

  28. I noticed that your new videos have been geared towards working out, fitness which, dont get me wrong, I love. I am just here to say please keep posting yin practices!!! (Also vinyasa flows with advanced postures). Thanks Julianna for all your lovely content ❤

  29. I love so much your videos, guys, it's incredibly nice, soft and gentle, the music is amazing! Thank you, thank you, many thanks!

  30. I do this at least every other day. It helps with my lower back pain, but also the quality of life as it helps on so many different level. As a Self-Love Coach, I also strongly recommend yoga and meditation to my clients, and this is the video I always send them first. Thank you so much!!

  31. One of my favorite classes… your words are spot on. I’m definitely doing this one again. Thank you Boho Beautiful 😊

  32. Beautiful yoga practice… very soothing and relaxing- love the cow roaming on the beach at the beginning- wish all cows were that free and happy:-)

  33. Very possibly the best way to relieve stress and tention. The perfect combination of yoga and meditation. Thank you for your videos. You're amazing ❤

  34. MAKE YOURSELF!!!! aaaaahhhhhh…honestly, this quick flow is almost humbling, in the best sense of the word. I began this practice looking for a quick way to check off my daily dose of self health. Somewhere between the first child's pose and the first yin pose, I surrendered to this week, this day, this minute. Very grateful for the calming, nurturing energy this video gave me.

  35. Amazing practice, it brought me to tears. You talking me through my emotions and beyond them was so well done. No other youtuber on here has the kind of talkthroughs you do, its incredible. ❤

  36. I love your video! I love how it makes me feel during and after doing it: grounded… Thank you for this amazing energy! ✨

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