Yoga for Migraine Headaches : Yoga Breathing Tips for Migraines

Now I’m going to talk about the dos and don’ts
for practicing these Pranayams or the breathing techniques. See that the bladder is empty.
The best would be to have a bath after evacuating the bowels. And then sit and do the Pranayams.
Always do the Pranayams in a cool place. Also it should be well ventilated so that there
is a steady supply of fresh air. Never do a Pranayam on a full stomach. There should
be a gap of at least four hours after the meal. Wear loose comfortable clothes, preferably
cotton while doing Pranayams. Pranayam can be done before the Aasanas or after the Aasanas
but before any meditation. Pranayams should be done leisurely with no force and never
ever in a hurry. Take your time and see the benefits. Always do the Pranayam on a folded
blanket or a rug. These were the dos and don’ts for Pranayam.

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