Yoga for Migraine Headaches : Yoga Heavenly Stretch Pose for Migraines

Friends now we do the next asana called the
Tadasana or the Heavenly Stretch Pose. Heavenly because it is universally accepted pose for
migraine. Come into the Tadasana or the Heavenly Stretch Pose, stand erect with the feet 4
to 6 inches apart. Raise the arms overhead with the palms facing upward, fingers interlocked
and look up at the hands. Now lift the heels and feel as though you are being drawn upwards
completely stretch the body and slowly return the heels to the ground practice walking ten
times or ten steps at least. This was the Tadasana or the Heavenly Stretch Pose, which
is a real miracle where migraine is concerned. Must try this one.

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  1. Is one supposed to breathe normally during this pose? or hold the breath?
    additionally, i am trying to do all the poses u mention for migrane..but if it comes to doing the entire set..should one begin with breathing techniques, followed by finger and then such poses? advice please..thanks for posting this..!

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