Yoga Poses for Headache Relief : Yoga Bridge Pose to Relieve Headache

ELIZABETH ROSE: Our next pose is Setu Bandha
or the Bridge Pose. So you’re going to be careful with this pose. This is an intermediate
posture and you really shouldn’t practice this posture if you have high blood pressure
or certain spinal injuries. Please check with your doctor. So, here’s how you do it. Your
feet are going to be placed on the floor and you’re going to come to your back. If you
have a ponytail on the back of your head, you want to move your hair out of the way,
so that the back of your head is on the floor and you don’t overextend the muscles of the
cervical spine. Arms are just going to come down by the sides and you’re going to take
a breath in, and as you inhale, you’re going to tuck the pelvis under, contract your glutes,
and start to lift the hips. Make sure the knees don’t splay out. Make sure the feet
remain pointing forward and parallel. You’re just going to lift the hips as high as you
can, feeling the back of the head and the shoulders the contact points on the floor.
If you wish, you can bring the hands underneath to the lower back and support. Just breathe
here, in and out through the nose, and then when you’re ready, on an exhale start to come
down one vertebrae at a time, tucking the pelvis under so that the tailbone is the last
to descend. Repeat this for about three to five times as many times as you’re comfortable,
and then come back to sitting to move on to the next pose.

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